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Anal Cum Dumpster Aurora


Anal Cum DumpsterAre you ready for a kinky, nasty fuck session? Come on down to the Truckstop and visit your favorite anal cum dumpster, Aurora. I’ve always been a filthy trucker whore and I like it that way. Pleasing men is what I’m good for. Being used feels so fucking good to me. Last night I was getting my pussy pummeled by my favorite trucker. He’s a really dirty, scruffy guy. And he’s always wearing a flannel. He knows that orgy phone sex is what really makes me cum. My trucker has a few friends and we like to get pretty rowdy together. I’ll get passed back and forth and used like the nasty cum-guzzling trash that I am. They even use me as a human urinal which really makes me wet. I love the feeling of piss spraying on my naked MILF body. After they’re finished pissing all over my naked body, they’ll finish inside my wet twat. They’ll give me a hot, cum filled cunt.

BBC Sex Stories : The Blossom Train

BBC Sex Stories

I love it when I get cat called out on the street, I often use it as an opportunity to get my cunt filled with cum! I remember one time I was walking to work from my trailer park and I heard a group of black guys laughing loudly and talking as they were waiting for the bus, as soon as I walked by they stopped, all of their heads turned and I heard one of them say “Damn her ass is phat!” Thinking of all the hot BBC Sex Stories I’ve ever heard, I tuned to face them giving them my sexiest look, it bent over a little so they could see my ass better and they all started staring. I let them follow me to the nearest motel and I knew it was dangerous to let them all fuck me but I couldn’t control my thirst for cock. I first told them to take their Big Black Cocks out, they immediately started surrounding me and getting hard. I keeled and let them all take turns slapping my face with their fat dicks. I was getting wet as I began to feel the length of their cocks with my hands, I couldn’t wait to get my holes stretched out! I didn’t have any lube so I had to get their cocks wet with all my spit, I slurped and sucked each cock before they began probing my holes. The first cock slid into my wet pussy and filled me completely, I looked up at this dark skinned sexy man and I almost creamed instantly as he began fucking me. I let the others put a cock in my hand and In my mouth, my eyes rolling back as they fucked me. Soon enough I felt a fat dick pushing at my asshole and I almost screamed as he ripped my ass open to fuck me even more. Feeling two BBC’s thrusting together as they double penetrated me was the most amazing feeling I have ever had, so full of cock I could have died right then but instead I squirted, My little cunt and open asshole began pulsating like I’ve never felt before! I blacked out from how hard I came! When I woke up alone I knew I had to miss work because I couldn’t even walk.

Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerA big dick sucker like me never has a problem getting laid on a Friday night. I went down to the truck stop to party with the truckers parked for the night. Before I went down, I got a text from my ex-husband. He is an ex for a reason. And that reason is his shrimp dick. I told him he was barking up the wrong tree because my days of acting like his tiny dick is the best thing since sliced bread are over. I hung up on him, put on something slutty, and went to the truck stop to find some real men. My ex kept sending me pictures of his tiny dick. I no longer must see that pathetic thing. I was feeling a bit squirrely, so when I hooked up with Big Mike, I made sure to take a picture of me sucking his cock to send to my annoying ex-husband. I am a lot lizard sex whore and a size queen. I know what big dick is and I know that my ex does not have the kind of cock I need. He does not have the kind of cock anyone needs. I slurped on a real cock and took pictures to send to my ex. Hey, if he can send me unsolicited dick pictures, I can send them too. Seeing is believing sometimes. Some men just will not get it. Size matters. I am a mature BBC whore. I have had plenty of big black dicks and some big white cock too. I will no longer settle for shrimp dicks. Not when there are so many big dicks out there who want to bang a trailer trash whore. Women need to wake up and make tiny dicked men their cuckolds because they deserve sexual pleasure. My stud cock enjoyed posing for some pictures to shame my ex-husband with. The pictures sent him a message, but I am sure he will be back sniffing around soon enough.

Blonde Phone Sex

Blonde Phone Sex

My name is Aurora and I’m a beautiful, dirty whore who loves having blonde phone sex. What can I say? I grew up surrounded by drugs and sex. It’s the world that I live in and I fucking love it. I have a regular who frequents the truckstop and whenever he’s in town we always have a really good time. The last time he was in, he pulled me into the back of his eighteen-wheeler and told me he had a little something for me. He pulled out a bag of coke and made me get on my knees for it. Of course, I complied. We both got nice and high and then he put a little line right across his monster cock and I sniffed it right up. It made me feel so good and so fucking horny! He grabbed my long, blonde hair and yanked my head down in front of his shaft. I took his dick in my mouth and drooled all over it like the good cum dumpster that I am.

My Daughter’s 4-Legged Bitch is a Creampie Slut

creampie slutIt is no secret that I am a creampie slut. But you know who else is too? My daughter’s 4-legged friend. I am watching her furry best friend for a week while she is out of town. It is no secret I am a size queen, so furry dick has never really been big enough for me as a black cock whore. Plus, my daughter’s furry bestie is a bitch in heat. I came home late last night from the truck stop. My pussy was drenched in cum. It was running down my legs. I was drunk and high when I stumbled into my trailer. I sat on the couch and played with my cum filled cunt. I love to feed myself fresh jizz out of my fuck holes. I was not looking for any freaky fun, but my daughter’s 4-legged beast was. She came up between my legs and started licking my bald snatch. You would have thought my cunt was covered in peanut butter not cum. She buried her tongue between my legs and helped herself. I did not stop her of course because I am a nasty freak and it felt good. Her tongue was like sandpaper against my cunt, but in a good way.  I started cumming and cumming hard too. I was fucked up, but not fucked up so much I did not understand what was going on. I knew what I was doing. I think my furry girl knew what she was doing too. I am gonna have some fun with a bitch in heat shacking up with me for a week.

Slutty Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutes

You might think I’m just a naughty truck stop whore but there is way more to me than that. I am one of the most sexy prostitutes you’ll ever meet in your life. Sometimes I like to go downtown to where all the fancy hotels are and pick up a big whale or two. Hey, sometimes I’m so good that I make them cum too fast and I can go back out and find another man to fuck. Those guys are always rich as fuck, and they always make it worth my while to be a nasty fucking slut for them.

Like, one time, a guy wanted to use me as his human toilet. Listen, for as much money as he paid me, he could have turned my body into the entire plumbing system. Plus, it really made me realize how nasty I am because I actually loved it. That is just one example of how dirty I can be. And I’ll be honest – I’m kind of hoping you wanna hear more of my stories because I’m surely in the mood to tell them to someone. And you bet your ass I’ll be rubbing my dirty cunt while I tell you everything.

BBC Phone Sex is What I Love

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what I do best. I am a nigger loving whore and I mean that in a respectable way. I am not racist. Many white men are and when I am faced with that racist bullshit, I like to teach them a lesson. I was minding my own business yesterday. I went to the truck stop to pic up some black cock, when this white trucker called me a race traitor and a nigger lover. I let him know he was just upset that he had a small dick that women did not crave. Why would we? One of the black studs I was hitting on stood up and bitch slapped the white man into the next century. He picked him up like he was inconsequential and tossed him into the back of his cab. His other pal tied him up. I did not know this guy. He was just some angry white guy who could not handle the fact that I wanted some big black cock. As if I would pick a white boy over two black studs. I am a trailer trash whore, not a suburban soccer mom. I rode those black dicks in front of him. I would not have kidnapped the dude, but it was fun to help teach him a lesson. He was  some jealous man who likely cannot get any pussy. He thought he could race shame me into fucking him, I guess. Wrong. The joke was on him. His plan backfired. He had to watch me devour two big black cocks at once. He had to sit there unable to touch his worthless dick while I got pumped full of nigger seed. I have no problem with white boys watching me ride some big black cocks. It helps white boys understand just why I am a black cock whore.

Lapdance Special

Fisting WhoreIt’s a wild ride being a white trailer trash cumdump like me, sometimes all I can do to make myself happy is take a strangers cock into one of my holes. When I am strapped for cash to get food, liquor or drugs I have a gig at a local dive bar as a stripper. I work the pole every chance I get because I get paid and laid! One time a flashy biker came in and chose me as his favorite girl to give him a lap dance. I got him so hard he paid the owner extra to take me in the back room and use me like a good little cum slut. His cock stretched my ass and fucked my throat until I swallowed his load. He was so Impressed he invited his whole gang down to the bar to fuck me, they fucked all my holes until I was covered in cum. I definitely went home with all my holes sore and leaking with my purse full of cash!

Nasty Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut

It seems like holiday weekends really bring out the filth in the guys down at the truck stop. I’m not exactly sure why, but I am thankful for it. The other day, I was just wondering if all the guys were tired of my used-up cunt because it had been slow lately. But I really shouldn’t have worried because this weekend has been legit. On Friday alone, I got fucked like 12 times. Well, at least that many…I lost count after a while because I had much better things to do than count the cocks that fucked my sloppy holes.

I was planning on going down there all four days this weekend, but today I’m just gonna stay home and phone fuck you guys! Listen, I’m a whore but even whores need a day of rest. Don’t worry, I’ll still be fucking my cunt for you when you call me. You know I can’t resist masturbating with you! Maybe you’ll even want to hear about some of the nasty fucking I did this weekend. And you know this cum guzzling slut is more than willing to describe it to you in explicit detail. Trust me, you’ll be emptying those balls in no time! Maybe even more than once!

Druggy Mommy Sells Her Sluts

Sexy Prostitutes

I like to keep my pussy soaking wet with a hearty combination of cum, my own juices, and the high of my druggy self. But, let’s be honest, buying a constant supply of weed, or coke, or shit even pills is expensive as fuck. My pussy gets worn, and I fuck as much as I can, but I had to think of something smart so I could live this sort of a lifestyle.

Well, considering I’ve got eight brats at home, something sinister slipped into my head. Why can’t I just use those young, tight bodies to get a little cash!? Brilliant! I rushed home from the truck stop to go get them dressed right. I’d bring about half tonight, and switch them on and off. Well, I never expected them to be as popular as they were.

It was only half an hour before all four of my young sluts were off in their own truck cab getting their unspoiled bits played with. I was rolling in the cash, and took the time to celebrate with a fat line off the cock of my favorite John. Work smarter, not harder. This was by far the High light of my life.

Hooker Phone Sex

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