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Backseat Anal Lot lizard sex

Bent over and porked by a big black cock in the back seat on a side road was absolutely not what I was expecting when I took this most recent Lot lizard sex session, but it’s what I got. He wasn’t interested in my soaked pussy either, no he had an idea and he wasn’t going to let it go. His hands clapped onto my thick ass, squeezing hard and prying my bouncy cheeks apart so he could get at my stretched and ready asshole. His cock was lubed up and ready, and I was peering back at him from over my shoulder with as much surprise as embarrassment at the sudden unannounced decision. Here I’d been ready for a fucking but not the kind where he has to slowly push in and separate my asshole from its ready to be clenching natural state. “Oh, fuck yes!” I heard him groan as he slipped in, he was ready for Hot stripper sex. His slippery tip poked its way far deeper while he rocked himself and I focused on controlling my ass just right to give him a constant, valuable, lovable tightness and pressure that would create a story for him to remember. Anal isn’t something you do on a whim, it’s an experience without standard, an art form that changes every time and never really hits the same. Anal is a practice with a goal and a slippery, spunk-filled prize if you do it right. Anal can be so much better than fucking my whore cunt, but it all depends on how ready you are for an unfamiliar ride that’s just as strong and curvy as an old friend but with an all-new personality you’d never recognize. I was ready for ass busting, spunk pushing, anal creampie sex, was he? The cum in my Cum dumpster ass says yes.

lot lizzard fisting whore

fisting whore

It feels like my asshole is about to get ripped inside out! I’m sobbing and crying as I feel his hairy arm pulling and stretching my shit box as I moan from the painful pleasure. I’m too fucked up to get his heavy ass off of me but I kind of enjoy getting my back end assaulted by a strong, greasy, tatted trucker.
Most drivers need to get a load off after dropping their load off and lot lizard sex is the best way to do it! After I do too many uppers at the strip club I go out to the nearest rest stop. I can’t sleep anyway so why not try to make some more money selling this druggy black snatch. My sloppy drunk cunny had already been used a few times last night but I didn’t mind adding more cream to my pie. As I hoisted myself into his semi he grabbed me and sat me right on his. My ass sitting right on top of his raging fucking hard-on. I headed towards the rear and stuck my ass straight up in the air as he ripped my cum stained panties off. “You dirty nigger slut” he grunted with disgust. Most guys don’t mind my user pussy but he seemed to be completely turned off.
I started to get nervous because instead of hearing his pants unzip I heard latex snapping. When tried to look back but he shoved me face down on the bed. I was still able to get a glimpse of a white latex glove and a bottle of lube. Before it dawned on me I felt 4 fingers dig into my shit hole. I screamed as I felt his whole hand plunge into my cunt. “I’m not putting my cock in that used nigger pussy!” He exclaimed as he continued to make me his fisting whore. The girth of his arm in my rear was putting pressure on the inside of my snatch and sent me into a tizzy! It felt like he was going to make my asshole prolapse but I didn’t care! “ punch fuck my shit box baby!” I encourage as I throw my ass back on his arm.

Making me take his entire forearm inside of my body as he tugged and jerked on his beer can cock made him explode all over my ass and back!

Trailer Trash Whore Has More Than One Hot Box

trailer trash whoreThe life of a trailer trash whore is never boring. I do not think I have ever had a boring day in my life. Maybe when I was a schoolgirl, life was duller, but now, never a dull moment. I can turn even the most basic encounter dirty. That is because I am always horny or high, and usually both. My air conditioning went out last night. I woke up early, cranky and drenched in perspiration. I prefer to wake up drenched in cum not sweat. I will wake up a hot mess most mornings but today was the hottest of messes and not the good kind. I called an AC company and said I’m in my 50s and its in the 100s outside and I need some working AC immediately. They had some one who could come out a bit later. I got the fans out and waited. Usually, it’s a hurricane that takes the power out and that makes my trailer a hot box. I had two hot boxes this morning, LOL. I never mind a sloppy wet pussy, but I prefer it sloppy with jizz.

The AC guy was hot as fuck too. Young, lean and buff. I was in my panties and bra. I apologized for my dress, even though I was not sorry at all. He had a huge tent in his shorts, and I helped myself. I was not even trying to trade services. I actually had the money to pay him this time. I was just hot and horny. He came in my mouth never protested the free head I was offering. He then fixed my AC and I fucked him in gratitude. My place is not completely cooled down yet, but at least my pussy is wet the preferred way now. I have a cum filled cunt and working air conditioning. Now that is way it is supposed to be.

Cum Guzzling Slut at the Truck Stop for Big Black Cocks and Cocaine

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. This weekend I swear I swallowed a few hundred loads of jizz alone. Maybe more than I ever have in any weekend before. I have likely consumed more jizz in my life than any other substance, even coke. I love cum that much. It was a busy weekend at the truck stop. I lived there all weekend long. Big D was in town, and I shacked up in his decked out cab partying. He loves to watch me in action. Big D and I have been hooking up for almost 15 years now. He is married to a black woman, but he loves some white pussy, especially some white trailer trash whore pussy. He thought it would be fun to put me in a dog collar and attach a leash. He paraded my skanky ass up and down the truck bays telling his fellow truckers to use me like an old whore. The truck stop was packed more than usual too. It was like the pre-Covid days. I hope that is a sign that the economy is bouncing back quickly. Big D needed some money. He has never whored me out before, but I am not against being whored out. I trade my sloppy wet holes for cocaine all the time, why not cash to help a lover out? He did not charge much, but he did make a few grand off my fuck holes. I did not need the money. A lot lizard like me can always trade favors. I just wanted some of his coke and some of his big black cock. Big D is always generous with both. He enjoyed watching me down on my knees servicing other truckers with my white holes. I was the epitome of a lot lizard sex whore this weekend. I came home waddling like I just got off a horse and covered in cum. Those are just the earmarks of a good time for a trashy whore like me.

Lot Lizard Cum Slut

lot lizard sexHi there, you depraved perverts. It’s your favorite lot lizard sex slut here to take you on yet another wild ride. Do you think you could handle a romp with me? A lot of men think they can, but once I get started, they know that they’re dealing with someone that could out fuck them any day of the week. See, I’ve always been a kinky bitch, so when all the men down at the truck stop started trying to tell me they were into kinkier shit than me, I had to shut that down really fast. There’s no way there is anyone out there nastier than me.

Do you think that you can out kink me? I sincerely doubt it, but I’d love it if you call me and give it a try. Or maybe you just want me to tell you about all the nasty things I’ve been doing with the truckers lately. Trust me, there has been some shit going down that I am dying to tell someone. I’d tell you here, but I love it more when I can actually hear your reaction to my debauchery. Make sure you’re ready to see stars!

BBC Phone Sex at the Truck Stop

bbc phone sexIt was a BBC phone sex night for this blonde whore. I love the truck stop on Friday nights because it is like black trucker night. I am serious too. All the black truckers hang out at the Love’s on Friday night looking for lot lizards like me to party with and fuck. I love big black cocks period. Add coke into the mix, and I am in my happy space. Black truckers share their cocks and their drugs. I was low on coke and low on funds to get coke, so the truck stop it was. I am a druggy whore. I trade my holes for a fix. First cab had two black truckers sharing the ride. They take turns driving to get across the country quicker. They had a decked-out cab complete with a disco ball. They had some old school rap on the radio and invited me in when they saw my lot lizard sex whore ass shaking in between the truck bays. I partied with them for a couple hours. They pumped me full of cum then I went to the next cab with brothers down to fuck and party with this old whore. There were a bunch of new faces I had not seen in a while. That excited me. I do love new black meat. The second trucker was Trey. He was 32 and built like a running back. Broad shoulders, wide body and huge fucking cock. Honestly, I was not sure I could take his monster meat up my snatch. Enough coke and I did not feel anything but his pulsating monster hammering my white pussy. He had some stamina too. He did lines of my big tits then turned me into his private dick spinner. I could feel his monster cock in my stomach because he was just that big. I left his cab dripping like a cum dumpster. I had a big smile on my face and a baggie full of coke. I woke up with a swollen snatch, but it is a hurts so good kind of thing.

BBC Phone Sex Party

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something a trailer park slut excels at. There are two types of women in a trailer park. Racist, confederate flag loving whores and black cock sluts like me. I love some big black cocks, but they love me right back. I am slim and stacked, and I can take a pounding. I crashed a lot party last night. I was out seeing what kind of trouble I could get into. The power went out around 7 pm from a storm that rolled through and I was in the dark. I decided to get out and see what was going on. I saw a group of brothers out on a porch drinking Colt 45s and smoking blunts. They had an old school boom box playing 90s rap. They seemed interested in this trashy milf. They asked me to join them. I grabbed a beer and they grabbed my ass and tits. I sat on this one guy’s lap. He shared a big blunt with me. I did not know them. They are not from around here. Just in town visiting the stripper who lives in the trailer. I know her. She must have been at the club dancing. I partied with the brothers. By the time the sun went down, I was already full of black cock spunk. Head to toe. They passed me around like a rag doll. I bounced on one big black dick for a while, then hopped onto the next big black cock. Musical big black cocks is one of my favorite games. I was enjoying getting to know these brothers. They like to party and they like to fuck a blonde fucking whore. I was with them for several hours. I never once missed having power because I was distracted by beautiful big black cocks.

Sharing A Cock With My Favorite Tranny!

Freaky Phone Sex

Last night I shared a thick 10 in cock with my favorite tranny whore, Alexa! I’ve always thought tranny women with cocks are so sexy and powerful, it’s been a longtime fantasy of mine to have a threesome and share a cock with a tranny slut. Last night I had a client request that I find a beautiful tranny and share his cock with her, he wanted us to dominate him. When Alexa arrived to the hotel room we were both impressed with her beauty. Long dark hair, perfect tits and long sexy legs made her so inviting and warm. We started out sucking the john’s cock hard, his 10 inch cock was throbbing and leaking precum by the time I started stroking Alexa’s cock, making her throb in my hand. Just seeing this gorgeous tranny with her cock hard for me made my pussy soaking wet! I had to try it, I slid my cunny down on the johns cock and Alexa forced her thick dick in my tight little asshole. The pleasure from being stretched out was amazing, I squirted all over both of them as the fucked me, I could feel the john cumming violently in my pussy as Alexa filled my ass with her hot load as well.

BBC Phone Sex whore

bbc phone sexI am a BBC phone sex whore. I love black guys. It goes back to my young teen years. My mom was a hooker for black men. She would see guys in our trailer when my dad was on the road. He would not let her have a job and he was very stingy with money. It started off as just a couple guys, but they told two friends and so on and so on. She started making great money. I loved it for her because she bought me nice clothes. I would spy on my mom and masturbate. I used to fantasize about those big black cocks. Eventually, I started helping my mother with some of her clients. That gave me my first love for BBC. It is a love I still have today. I have not seen Big D in months. He had surgery on his back and has not been on the road for a bit. But he came through town last night and wanted to see his favorite blonde fucking whore.  I was excited to see him again. He has the best coke and the best cock. I told him to park his cab in my lawn and spend the night. He can leave after some rest. Although he did not get much rest because I was greedy with his cock. Big D has a beautiful black cock. It is long and it is thick. And it loves white pussy. He did not think I could handle him when we first met. But he did not know my history. I was already a seasoned black cock whore when we first met a decade ago. I rode his cock last night. No fancy fucking since he is still recovering from surgery.  He felt amazing back in my pussy. We did not miss a beat. He turned me into a cum dumpster like no one else can. I was his druggy whore most of the night. He had to get back on the road, but he left me full of his seed and with a big bag of coke. Just like old times.

Latina phone sex with a nasty cum slut

latina phone sex

Hi, there. Happy scrolling! I know you are enjoying the blogs here at the fornication station. We are some nasty wild girls. I want to express my love for getting high and fucking, and why I like getting high on the phone.

I enjoy getting high with my callers because it makes my cunt so wet. Whenever I have a regular and they tell me to snort some lines or hit the bong, you know I will do it gladly.

The feeling I get when the drugs hit me is out of this world. Let’s get perverse together tonight. Want some Latina phone sex and want it tame you know I can do that for you. I’m versatile, but I like a marathon of hot porn and lots of wild fun. I’ve got an array of toys and all kinds of goodies. 

I enjoy dirty playing games with my callers and roleplaying all kinds of dirty stuff. Enjoy these summer nights with me, papi.

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