Cream Pie Brown Eye!

Anal cum dumpster

Cream Pie Brown Eye

Last night I decided to make a bet with my friend. Who can be the biggest Anal cum dumpster? Who can walk around with the most loads dripping out of their filthy little asshole. 

I am a competitive little slut and would do just about anything to win. With that in mind, I went to the truck stop and put up a sign for Cream pie in a brown eye for $20 bucks a shot. The response that I got was ridiculous. The line was at least 20 guys long and I knew I needed to knock them out fast. So I headed to the shower stahl and told them all we were going to run a train.  

Man after man fucked that little asshole of mine. Stretching it out and pouring their cum deep into it. I had at least 25 loads in my cum dumpster when I showed up to my friend. I bent over and pushed, letting it all pour out for her to see.

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