Trailer trash Amara’s Trailer is a rockin!

Trailer trash whore

When The Trailers A Rockin 

The best thing about being a Trailer trash whore is that it is always on display. When you live in a sardine can aint nothing a secret. 

When there is a big giant cock stuffed into my twat every single person in the trailer park knows it. Not only can you hear my moans and screams right through those metal walls, but the whole house shakes with every thrust. Making each thrust harder than the last. The whole house shakes and vibrates like my pussy.

I love knowing that my neighbors know I am a nasty little skank. Knowing that they are listening in while my cunt is getting used as a cum dump makes me cum so fucking hard. I often wonder if they fuck while they listen to me. I see the way they look at me. The men want to fuck me and the women want to be me.

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