Just a little cum dupster for Daddy and his dealer!

Cum dumpster

Daddy always told me that he had something super special in store for me, little did I know I was going to turn into the community cum dumpster! You should have seen the look on my face when he took me over to his dealer’s house for the first time and told me I was going to be working for him!

I had no clue what he meant until the guys started coming in. They would literally pay to do lines off my ass and stomach. It was the craziest experience of my whole life. The way they looked at me like I was some piece of meat! Not even asking how old I was or anything. Some of them looked like they could hardly even stand.

All of them were totally strung out, and I was expected to play with them! Every last one! I was super duper shocked when I realized that they were going to get to fuck me too, and all so my Daddy could get free drugs!

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