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Turkey with a side of Creampie Slut! Happy Thanksgiving!


Creampie Slut

I just love being Daddy’s desert at the holidays, we have this tradition where I get to be his extra special little creampie slut. He loves making sure I’m covered in all of his “cream.” There’s no better feeling than knowing that I’m making him happy and making his cock just want to erupt inside and all over me!

You see, every holiday he takes me up stairs to get something he says we forgot. And he always bends me over his and Mommy’s bed and just absolutely fills me with all of his cum. Then always instructs me to return downstairs without cleaning up so he knows that his cum is just oozing out of me. This year he announced to everyone that he made his very own special “Cream pie” for everyone to see. And laughed as he saw my face turn as red as Rudolph’s nose!

You should have seen how confused everyone was when they asked for the pie and Daddy told them they had to ask me for it! Because I took it all!!

Young Teen Phone Sex Slut Gets Jealous: Impregnated In Class!

Young Teen Phone Sex

Today was sex education for my class at Westlake Academy. Miss Smith’s all-female class arrived after lunch and we were surprised to see our sexy young redhead teacher standing naked at the front of the class with the school’s studly gym teacher.

Miss Smith had a firm, fit body with pale skin from head to toe and what looked like D-cup breasts and pubic hair cut into a small heart… The girls in front could reach out and feel his excitement. Mr. Johnson had a strong effect on most girls. He was muscular and tanned from head to toe, with sun and chlorine-bleached blonde hair and barely any body hair… His cock was completely erect and producing pre-cum Not only were they naked, but the class realized they were putting on baby oil to make their model bodies shine like satin.

Miss Smith explained that we will now start the laboratory part of the class. Which is to demonstrate how a man correctly impregnates a woman. “By the way, you all got a dose of sex hormones during lunch, and that should trigger an uncontrollable feeling of arousal. Don’t worry, that’s just what we want!” She said with excitement to the class. She loaded a sample of Mr. Johnson’s semen onto a microscope attached to the projector. Some of the girls started to openly grope Mr. Johnson while he was occupied with his task. The screen lit up, and the girls oohed and ahhed at the cloud of strongly swimming sperm. Miss Smith explained to the class how to do a sperm count.

Together we verified that Mr. Johnson had well over 300 million motile sperm per milliliter. Mr. Johnson handed a list to Miss Smith, who called my name Stacy and had me strip in front of the class. Stacy was a very athletic blonde girl who played soccer for the school. She had a lean, toned body and muscular legs. For 18 years he was a real specimen. Once undressed, Mr. Johnson took out the bottle of baby oil and lovingly applied it to Stacy’s breasts and pussy.

As she shamelessly fondled Mr. Johnson, massaging his balls and stroking his cock, which profusely leaked cum all over her. She pointed his cock to press against her pelvic area and looked him in the eye She seemed to know what was going to happen.

“As Stacy is ovulating, she will now mate with Mr. Johnson to demonstrate human reproduction. She will carry the baby to term and deliver by the end of the school year.” He pulled her aside in a kiss, one hand on her bottom and the other on her stomach, where a baby would grow, he savored the sentiment of the future mother.

When they broke the kiss, she just bit her lip as he led her to a bed set up at the front of the room. Stacy sat on the couch, lyingSloppy wet pussy with her buttocks on the pillow. She guided his cock as he moved into position with his legs over her shoulders and slid his 8-inch cock into her pussy. He put all his weight on her pelvis and leaned down to kiss her as she hit rock bottom. He was already a few strokes away from orgasm. He just slowly rubbed their smooth bodies together and reveled in the initial penetration. Her asshole tightly flirted with her cervix. He then slowly stroked her from root to tip several times before freezing inside her.

Stacy observed that his cock grew a little and started to contract, but no cum came out. “Miss Smith, is Mr. Johnson really making me a child? Doesn’t Mr. Johnson already have a lot of children? Stacy asked.. “Yes Stacy, you are indeed going to be a mum…

And it’s true, Mr. Johnson loves raising. He wants to have as many children as possible with young girls like you. “Well…oh… “Well… oof…If it’s really that good to have a baby, I think I’ll give it a try. Stacy gingerly agreed as Mr. Johnson continued to plow her.

Miss Smith placed a vibrator on Stacy’s clitoris which sent her into a chain orgasm within seconds. The aphrodisiac was overwhelming Stacy’s reasoning skills and making her enjoyment easier now. “Well, I was hoping you would say that. Mr. Johnson is going to try to impregnate you now. When you feel him stiffen like before, squeeze his penis as hard as you can to make his cum squirt inside you. We don’t want to waste a single drop.” Mr. Johnson closed his eyes and his whole lower body shook. A heart-rending orgasm gripped him as he deliberately impregnated the high school girl below him.

Stacy cried out that she could feel her entire crotch and lower stomach throb against her buttocks as what felt like a garden hose was pounding into the back of her pussy. Mr. Johnson throbbed inside her like this 8 or 9 times before her orgasm started to fade. His reproductive organs completely drained into Stacy. He stayed inside her to stop the sperm and let it finish seeping into her. “Remember girls, you need to let a guy’s cum flow out the back of your pussy and stay there for at least twenty minutes.” Ms. Smith explained: “That’s because the sperm comes out as a gel, which makes it difficult to remove. Then, after ten minutes, it liquefies to allow sperm to flow deep into the woman’s tubes, where the egg is usually fertilized.” Ms. Smith explained to the class.

“Am I pregnant now Miss Smith, do I have a baby in me? Stacy asked.

“Your egg may be surrounded by sperm, being fertilized as we speak. If not, it will be soon. Miss Smith responded by pointing to Mr. Johnson’s semen sample. After some days Stacy start vomiting and sleeping always, and she was brought back into the clinic where it was detected that Stacy was pregnant !!!!

I’m so Jealous that I wasn’t chosen, I saw the list later in the trash and I was literally the second one on it after Stacy! Maybe next time will be my turn! It was so exciting seeing Stacy being used in front of the class I couldn’t imagine how wet it made her! I was soaked just watching, and have been dreaming about being used by Mr. Johnson ever since! I’m sure I will fantasize about it for quite some time.

Trailer Trash Whore Fights For Her Spot In Her Daddys Bed!

Trailer Trash Whore

I love being Daddys favorite little Trailer trash whore. It’s not the easiest title to keep though, I’ve had to physically fight to stay at the top of Daddys list. Making him as happy as I possibly can, he likes his little drugged up whores to be a bit handsy with eachother. All of Daddy’s little Trailer park sluts battling it out to be his favorite.

The feeling of being the most special girl Daddy fucks, is amazing. I’ve won every fight so far, so I’m kinda curious if anyone could beat me for his attention. You see, every time I win I get some extra special drugs, and a good dose of Daddy dick. Now, that’s something to work for.

Just imagine what it would feel like to have all the pretty little sluts figting over you, vying for your attention while they beat eachother up. I love it if I can give a girl a nice black eye to remind her that you’re my Daddy and not hers!

Teen Anal Whore: Daddy And His Friends Love It In My Butt!

Teen anal whore

All I’ve ever wanted to be was Daddy’s perfect little teen anal whore. The first time he ever told me he wanted to put his huge massive cock in my booty I was so scared. His cock is so big, I didn’t think there was any way he could get it in my needy little hole. He had played with it a bit and stuck his finger in it… but never his cock.

So last night he came into my room, totally naked… I kinda figured tonight would be the night, he’d been talking about sticking it in my ass lately.  Stroking his cock, he told me to stand up, and bend over the bed. That’s when I felt it, him sliding the tip of his dick right against my little puckered asshole. I cried out begging him to stop but he just kept pushing it right in as I screamed in pain.

Grabbing my hips he whispered in my ear telling me I was gonna be his little anal cum dumpster. As he continued taking me, making me scream and cry out with need as it felt amazing and so bad at the same time. So dirty, he was actually fucking my ass after all. I knew that this was exactly what I needed, that I needed to be used by my Daddy and make him the happiest Daddy, I could! It was such an amazing feeling.

Would you like to come to play with me? There’s nothing I’d like more than to show you the best time ever too! To let you fuck me in the ass as Daddy did! I know that’s what grown men like you really like, isn’t it? To take little sluts asses while we whimper and beg you to stop cuz you’re stretching us just a little too far! Come let me be your hardcore anal sex plaything, I’ll be waiting for you all lubed up and in position!

Druggy Phone Sex: Don’t Tell Daddy I Do All The Drugs!

Druggy Phone Sex“Bend over, and take it” his raspy voice moans into my ear as he shoves me down against the desk, in Druggy phone sex. He’s there to collect on what he’s owed and he’s brought a few friends with him. You know, growing up I was always told that a woman’s body is golden and you could get absolutely whatever you wanted if you used it correctly. I think that one of my biggest and best mistakes was realizing that I could get all the Drugs that I desired just by batting my pretty eyes in the right person’s direction.

I have this habit of getting in debt to all of the dealers in my area because they will want me… But when they come to collect it’s usually quite a rough experience. So, I’m going to take just a moment to tell you about one of the most intense ones.

You see, I was fairly young when I got mixed up with this person who was selling some lucy. Lucy is my absolute favorite thing to do, and I would do just about anything for it, and he knew this! So, I agreed to let him and some friends come over one night when I was all alone at home. Little did I know I was soon going to be turned into their little Teen anal whore. It definitely turned into an interesting experience when he came in and pushed me down, slipping himself into me with no questions.

However, it didn’t stop there, his friends all thought that they needed a little taste as well…  And, one by one they each took turns, some of them not even waiting. Forcing me to be double penetrated while I sat there whimpering like a dirty little slut, practically begging for more. Now it’s all I think about, all the cock, all the time. Like a slutty little whore.

Can I be your dirty little whore?

Creampie Phone Sex With Hot Barely Legal Heidi

Creampie phone sex

Creampie phone sex is my favorite type of phone sex, with all of that ooey gooey cum just dripping out of my hot young pussy! Could you imagine filling me up, then looking down to see all of that yummy goodness just dripping right out? My favorite part is when you take a picture of it, and show me just how sloppy and slutty I look with all of your cum just dripping right out of me!

I would love to make all of your yummy cummy creampie dreams come true, allowing you to do anything you want to me as long as it ends in that super special treat for me! Maybe, you could even get some on your finger and slip it right into my practically drooling mouth! I really can’t begin to tell you just how much I absolutely love knowing I pleased a man enough that he gives me his super yummy load of cum!

Are you ready to cum give me yours?

Anal Cum Dumpster Takes All The BBC

Anal AaaaaAnal Cum Dumpster

Anal cum dumpster is a name I’ve worked very hard to achieve. It all started when I was really young, my Daddy would introduce me to all of his naughty friends. Most of them just so happened to be huge guys with Massive BBC’s. Could you imagine little me taking all of those 10+ inch cocks… When I’m only barely legal 18 now.  I defiantly learned how much I like to be filled with all that cum from all of those beautiful black cocks though! Let’s get together and I can tell you all about my BBC sex stories!

My favorite time just so happened to be when my Daddy invited his boss over, and a few of his other coworkers. When I got home from school he had picked out this super skimpy little bathing suit for me, with a note attached to put it on and meet him in the pool house. That’s when I quickly learned what an Anal Sex Whore I was. I love having all of my holes filled, especially at once. 
So there I was, standing there barely clothed when all of the sudden someone grabbed me from behind. Pushing me towards the pool table, I could hear them talking amongst themselves about how pretty I was and how tight they thought my holes were going to be. Just imagine how fast my heart was racing when all of the sudden there was a BBC phone sex cock in my face. It was amazing. 

Being forced to play with them like some little phone sex whore, was quite the experience. Having all of my holes filled, and gapped. While I just had to take it and be happy about it. I have so many more stories like this, I’d love to share them with you. And maybe get a little more graphic than this, I love sharing all of my naughty secrets with dirty men while they stroke their cocks to my young teen phone sex stories!