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Anal sex room mate sluts

anal sex whore

I’m an Anal phone sex whore and I love it. I’m not afraid to get my behind dirty with seed nor do I care if my anal fuck slot is dripping jizz by the money shot. I’m an adventurous girl who’s in this business to make men happy and I don’t shy away from even new or somewhat degrading acts. The fact that tonight’s fun got my roommate excited was only a bonus, and I enjoyed making things loud and squishy so she’d have lots of material to jill off to while I watched. I made sure to scoot on over and lick out that delicious pussy the moment I saw her will break and she opened her legs for me.

I didn’t even wait to stop being fucked in my stretched-outasshole, a Phone sex whore is always looking for new ways to have fun and I definitely managed to find a new way today that sated both my roomie’s lust and my own need to explore and learn from whatever’s in my way. I left the window open just the slightest so the other dorm rooms could hear her blissful moans and wet orgasm. I got great pleasure out of teasing everyone around with my roomie’s dripping pussy sounds and the man behind me his powerful grunts as he unloaded rope after rope of cum into my packed ass.

Then when I was done making her a greedy slut for my tongue and lips and exploring hands, I got back to being the center of attention for my Submissive phone sex partner and letting him drill me harder and harder by the second for my indiscretion. What can I say, it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Especially the part where I found myself covered in pussy juice and hot cum and luxuriated in the feeling of my own personal sex bath.

Golden Shower Slut


golden showers sex heidi

Working in phone sex has made all my slutty dreams come true. Not only do I get to talk about all the nasty shit I do as whore who loves to get fucked…but I get to hear about all the dirty shit callers want to do to me.

When a hear about how the guy I’m on the phone wants to fuck my ass with his throbbing cock or shove his dick deep down my throat making me gag, my panties get so wet.

I usually have to start rubbing my clit while I’m listening. I love to be humiliated and told what a skank I am and how I deserve to get pissed on all over my body or into my mouth. I love swallowing the bright yellow hot water as it’s sprayed all over my face and lips.

More I say as he will describe holding his thick cock in his hand and standing over me positioning the stream of urine just so it hits me right in the eye and up my nostrils.

Next the caller sometimes tells me he’s going to hold my nose pinched close so I have to have my mouth open to breathe and then get a load of piss as well. If that’s not enough to get me off …usually hearing about getting my pussy tongue fucked will send me over the edge. Thinking about glazing this dudes face with my pussy juice sends shivers up my spine and makes my toes curl.

Once I’m ready to cum I’ll start just letting loose and moaning hard and breathing deep so he can hear what his words do to me and my cunt. I love to hear the smacking sound of him jerking off to hearing my moans. When he starts grunting I know he’s squirting his jiz everywhere just for me.

Being a phone sex whore is the best fucking job on the planet for sluts like me.

Druggy fuck pile

druggy phone sex


I usually like to go to the lake on the weekends with my friends and drink some beers, smoke some weed and have a good time. Last weekend one of my girlfriend’s brought some molly for everybody and it ended up being a huge fucking orgy on our buddy’s pontoon boat! About 30 min after eating the Molly everyone started making out and rubbing on each other. We cranked the music up really loud and it was so fucking fun, all of us girls started a strip tease show and were untying our bikini tops and swinging them over our heads and throwing them at the guys, then we started making out and groping each other’s tits and spanking each other’s round bootys.

Next thing you know we get water dumped on us and that was the cue to grab a partner any partner and drop to your knees and take a cock deep in your mouth. While I was deep throating this dude named Ryan I looked around to see all my girlfriends giving head to the guys and before you know it, we are in one big fuck pile rocking on the boat.

Dicks and twats and puckered pink holes were everywhere.

There wasn’t an inch of that boat that wasn’t thick with naked people. Druggy phone sex is so hot. I noticed at one point people on the lake on the other boats had their binoculars out and were peeping on our Sunday afternoon Fuck fest on the lake.

I could have gone all night getting my pussy drilled in rotation of different dudes cuz that molly was so bomb and made me want to do some crazy naked orgy fucking. I was getting face fucked on a rotation of cocks along with the other ladies. Everything felt so amazing trippin on the molly. I can’t wait to do it again.


Truckers plus drugs equals a fucked up Heidi

hooker phone sex

In order to get quick cash for drugs, I’ve started working the truckers as a lot lizard. There’s plenty of fat, dirty nasty truckers wanting a quick fuck or bj for a little cash. These losers are really fucking cheap. They think getting pussy should be like ten bucks! I am some self-respect and “I’m not doing shit for less than at least 20 bucks! So that’s how it usually starts, me wearing short short dress or mini skirt for easy access for those dirt bags to get their dirty fat fingers into my twat to finger bang me for a while. Then I’m usually forced by the nasty trucker to have my face into his lap, giving him a sloppy wet drooling drippy blowjob, as my spit runs down his dirty dick, I can start to see streaks of pink as my saliva washes his nasty dirt covered cock appears! All veiny and hairy the wiry dirty stinky pubic hair mound he’s got between my legs is forcefully smashed into my face giving me a big whiff of crotch rot. His pubs are so Wirey that they stab and tickly my nostrils and scrape the inside of my nose giving me jagged red streak across my face. If that wasn’t enough to have all that big bunch of pubic hair getting forcefully slammed into my face, I feel a callously thumb getting shoved into my poop chute without lube! I usually protest but If I’m broke enough and need to get high bad enough I’ll get dry anally fucked by one of those tight wads for these extra cash. They always are blasting Hank Williams jr., David Allan coe  or Brooks and Dunn thru their stereo, yee hawing and whoop whoopin into their cb radio telling their trucker buddies what a hot piece of white trash ass I am, and they will tell them what my “20” is so they can haul ass down where I am to get a piece of this hooker phone sex Heidi lizard lot action. No shame in the game though, right? I’m just making my way getting a piece of the action to fund my high. I’ve got the body to do it at least for now. Plus, I get lucky, and a lot of these fuckers have a pipe full of shit and will let me smoke some of their crystal with them before I have to get back out there and serve up my ass and pussy to more trashy truckers.



Cum Guzzling Slut Needs Cock

Cum guzzling slut


Making a man cum all over my face, or deep inside my sweet tight cunt happens to be the life goal of this cum guzzling phone sex whore. If only I could put into words how often I think and dream of being someone’s dirty little live in cum pet. Just constantly filled to the brim and oozing with hot warm sticky cum. It makes my cunt drip just thinking about it. To bad it’s not your cum dripping from me…

Day dreaming of laying up in bed, spent from a few hours of fucking. Dripping, cum oozing from me in that creamy creampie. As a cum eating phone sex whore, I Just can’t wait for it to be licked from my finger after I let it glide right through the mess.

Cum has always been an addiction for me,

something I’ve been hooked on from first taste. I bet yours tastes amazing too. I can’t tell you how bad I just want to lick you; I can’t stop thinking about it even writing this blog.

Pics are a plus too! Pictures of your cock or cum, are always welcome during, before, or after a call! Just remember I’m a busy cum guzzling phone sex horny girl, with an inbox full of dick pics! So, if you send some don’t get upset if I don’t respond instantly. Just know I probably wandered off to play with myself and look at them shortly after you sent them! Just like I’m about to do now, you better come play with me before you miss it!

Feed me baby, I’m dying to feel and taste every drop!

Gangbang whore: Taking one for the team!

Gangbang whoreI don’t think the football coach knew that the team made a deal to turn one of the cheerleaders into a gangbang whore for the away team. It’s almost like they actually knew that they couldn’t beat the opposing team. So instead they decided to make the deal of a lifetime! They offered one of the hot little cheerleaders up for the win. Turns out the biggest game of the season was actually won by the cheer squad.

We all ended up putting names in a box and drawing the two lucky girls who got to meet in the opposing teams locker room before the game. Even their coach participated! It was insane, and of course, yours truly was drawn. The other girl was this tiny little thing that looked like she wasn’t even meant to be in highschool yet. I had to do extra work just to make up for her, but that’s another story.

Come play, I’ll tell you more!

Feed Me Daddy Like A Cum Guzzling Slut!

Cum guzzling slutThere I sat waiting for Daddy to feed me like a cum guzzling slut. I just love the nickname he gave me, it made me feel proud to be his little trailer trash slut daughter. I’d do anything to make my Daddy proud, even if he made me sleep with all the old men in the trailer park!

Like he did one night when I was still in school. I was so shocked when I came home from cheer practice to find all of them in my living room! Their eyes were all on me as they were practically drooling with need. I knew exactly what it was they wanted. And Daddy was gonna make sure I gave it to them.

He bent me over the coffee table and let those men do things to me that I didn’t even think possible.

I mean who knew fisting was even a thing!

Dirty Phone Sex In Your Slutty Little Cable Knee Socks!

Dirty phone sex

Come little slut, go put on your panties and cable knee socks and let’s have some dirty phone sex. Yep, I’m talking to you! You know you love trotting around like the pretty little slut you desire so much to be. Proudly showing off your panties and socks as you dry the laundry on the line, forced by your favorite Mistress. Just a humiliating life for such a horny little slut.

I love the way you fuck your ass with your dildo right in front of me. Whimpering like the pathetic little whore you are as you take it deeper and deeper. Needing it more than you ever thought, being the dirtiest little slut in the whole world. For the few moments you’ve needed me more than anything my sweet words wreaking havoc on your mind as you pummel your ass into oblivion. Or erection whichever happens first.

Just a little cum dupster for Daddy and his dealer!

Cum dumpster

Daddy always told me that he had something super special in store for me, little did I know I was going to turn into the community cum dumpster! You should have seen the look on my face when he took me over to his dealer’s house for the first time and told me I was going to be working for him!

I had no clue what he meant until the guys started coming in. They would literally pay to do lines off my ass and stomach. It was the craziest experience of my whole life. The way they looked at me like I was some piece of meat! Not even asking how old I was or anything. Some of them looked like they could hardly even stand.

All of them were totally strung out, and I was expected to play with them! Every last one! I was super duper shocked when I realized that they were going to get to fuck me too, and all so my Daddy could get free drugs!

Everyone should try live phone sex at least one. You never know what you’ll find!

Live phone sex

I bet you’re sitting there judging, aren’t you… Have you ever had live phone sex? If you haven’t you should at least try it once in your life. If you have then welcome back! You know why I’m saying that! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked why anyone would wanna have phone sex when camgirls and other options are available. Yeah, those can be great options if you’re simple-minded and don’t want something super taboo and complex.

Just think about it this way, myself and all of my phone sex friends can paint vivid pictures that if you closed you’re eyes you could picture yourself in the scene actually doing the things we are talking to you about. When you see a cam girl, you only get what you see. Yeah, she’s a bad ass pretty girl that’s naked and playing with herself. But, can she take you on the journey of a lifetime, actually feeling your fantasy come true as you stroke that aching cock. I doubt it.

Phone sex is a different level of fun; people just don’t see it. There’s a reason it didn’t die over the years, we can rock your world in ways  that will totally shock you. That will leave you addicted and coming back for more. Phone sex addictions are real, and something that I love to deal with. Wrapping sexy ass men around my finger and making them come back for more and more is something I specialize in. Have you ever been so addicted to a girl you can’t live without her? All of your thoughts and dreams are about her. You can never escape her no matter how hard you try. That’s what you need, you just don’t know it yet.