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Gangbang whore: Taking one for the team!

Gangbang whoreI don’t think the football coach knew that the team made a deal to turn one of the cheerleaders into a gangbang whore for the away team. It’s almost like they actually knew that they couldn’t beat the opposing team. So instead they decided to make the deal of a lifetime! They offered one of the hot little cheerleaders up for the win. Turns out the biggest game of the season was actually won by the cheer squad.

We all ended up putting names in a box and drawing the two lucky girls who got to meet in the opposing teams locker room before the game. Even their coach participated! It was insane, and of course, yours truly was drawn. The other girl was this tiny little thing that looked like she wasn’t even meant to be in highschool yet. I had to do extra work just to make up for her, but that’s another story.

Come play, I’ll tell you more!

Feed Me Daddy Like A Cum Guzzling Slut!

Cum guzzling slutThere I sat waiting for Daddy to feed me like a cum guzzling slut. I just love the nickname he gave me, it made me feel proud to be his little trailer trash slut daughter. I’d do anything to make my Daddy proud, even if he made me sleep with all the old men in the trailer park!

Like he did one night when I was still in school. I was so shocked when I came home from cheer practice to find all of them in my living room! Their eyes were all on me as they were practically drooling with need. I knew exactly what it was they wanted. And Daddy was gonna make sure I gave it to them.

He bent me over the coffee table and let those men do things to me that I didn’t even think possible.

I mean who knew fisting was even a thing!

Dirty Phone Sex In Your Slutty Little Cable Knee Socks!

Dirty phone sex

Come little slut, go put on your panties and cable knee socks and let’s have some dirty phone sex. Yep, I’m talking to you! You know you love trotting around like the pretty little slut you desire so much to be. Proudly showing off your panties and socks as you dry the laundry on the line, forced by your favorite Mistress. Just a humiliating life for such a horny little slut.

I love the way you fuck your ass with your dildo right in front of me. Whimpering like the pathetic little whore you are as you take it deeper and deeper. Needing it more than you ever thought, being the dirtiest little slut in the whole world. For the few moments you’ve needed me more than anything my sweet words wreaking havoc on your mind as you pummel your ass into oblivion. Or erection whichever happens first.

Just a little cum dupster for Daddy and his dealer!

Cum dumpster

Daddy always told me that he had something super special in store for me, little did I know I was going to turn into the community cum dumpster! You should have seen the look on my face when he took me over to his dealer’s house for the first time and told me I was going to be working for him!

I had no clue what he meant until the guys started coming in. They would literally pay to do lines off my ass and stomach. It was the craziest experience of my whole life. The way they looked at me like I was some piece of meat! Not even asking how old I was or anything. Some of them looked like they could hardly even stand.

All of them were totally strung out, and I was expected to play with them! Every last one! I was super duper shocked when I realized that they were going to get to fuck me too, and all so my Daddy could get free drugs!

Everyone should try live phone sex at least one. You never know what you’ll find!

Live phone sex

I bet you’re sitting there judging, aren’t you… Have you ever had live phone sex? If you haven’t you should at least try it once in your life. If you have then welcome back! You know why I’m saying that! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked why anyone would wanna have phone sex when camgirls and other options are available. Yeah, those can be great options if you’re simple-minded and don’t want something super taboo and complex.

Just think about it this way, myself and all of my phone sex friends can paint vivid pictures that if you closed you’re eyes you could picture yourself in the scene actually doing the things we are talking to you about. When you see a cam girl, you only get what you see. Yeah, she’s a bad ass pretty girl that’s naked and playing with herself. But, can she take you on the journey of a lifetime, actually feeling your fantasy come true as you stroke that aching cock. I doubt it.

Phone sex is a different level of fun; people just don’t see it. There’s a reason it didn’t die over the years, we can rock your world in ways  that will totally shock you. That will leave you addicted and coming back for more. Phone sex addictions are real, and something that I love to deal with. Wrapping sexy ass men around my finger and making them come back for more and more is something I specialize in. Have you ever been so addicted to a girl you can’t live without her? All of your thoughts and dreams are about her. You can never escape her no matter how hard you try. That’s what you need, you just don’t know it yet.

Bet you’d never guess I’m a fisting phone sex addict!

fisting phone sex I just love the idea of being on a super naughty fisting phone sex call! I love the feeling of a hand sliding deep inside me, spreading me open, and making me moan like a dirty little slutty whore. It’s one of the best feelings in the whole world that I don’t even think I can give justice in explaining.  It’s something about being spread open, having it slide past the entrance that’s so taboo and just unheard of. Many girls don’t even want more than just a few fingers in their holes. While I on the other hand drip at the thought of a whole fist sliding into me. Pumping in and out and I feel it gaping my hole. Fuck, it turns me into a needy little drippy slut.

I can hardly even think straight just writing about it. Have you ever tried fisting? Tried sliding your hand or multiple fingers deep into a girl? Did she like it? DID YOU!? Fuck does it get my motor going, if I was a kitten I’d probably be purring like crazy. But instead, I get to sit here with an achy drippy pussy just waiting for someone to come take advantage of my weakness!

I know, I know, I can put my own fist in my  holes and play. But it’s just not the same, I get off so much harder and better when someone else is invovled making it even kinkier and naughtier. Just between us, I’ve always had this wicked insane fantasy about my Daddy or older brother fisting me! Shoving their hands so deep insdie me that I just cover them in my sticky warm ooey gooey cum! Fuck I want it so bad!


I was taught to be the best trailer trash whore in the family!

Trailer trash whoreEvery trailer trash whore just wants to have some naughty ageplay fun with her neighbor. I’ve always wanted to see what it was like to have a big massive black cock in my tiny wet little teenage pussy. My dream finally came true, I was so shocked that he actually wanted to play with me. Well, not so much that he did but that he would. You see, he was married and had children my age. His daughter and I actually hated each other, she was such a snob because her Daddy was some hot-shot rich lawyer. 

If only he had spanked her a few extra times instead of pampering her. That’s okay though, I totally plan on getting my revenge my own way. He deserves a tight young pussy and she deserves to be totally humiliated. I wonder what she’s gonna say when she finds out I’m fucking her Daddy… Honestly, I’m shooting for step-mom status but I don’t know if I want to put in that much work.

The happiest little cum filled cunt in the neighborhood!

Cum filled cuntI swear all of the grown men in my town know that I absolutely love walking around with a cum filled cunt. If my panties aren’t soaked and clinging to my hot little needy cunt it just doesn’t feel right. The attention I get from literally everyone is also a big plus. It’s like all the guys around town are dying to know what I’m wearing, and to catch a glimpse of my pretty white ass hanging out the bottom of my skirts!

Not a day goes by where I don’t have some mystery hand slipping up my skirt as I walk down the street, it makes my pussy drip just feeling them paw at me with need. I love that they see me as hot enough to be at their service. I mean I get it, it just kinda makes me the town whore, but I really love it.

Especially the really old guys, a hot old man taking me just do something to my soul. Making me warm and fuzzy inside, just filling me with the intense need to be filled with cum and cocks!

Sloppy Drunk Girl Fucking Her Way Through The Trailer Park!

Drunk girl fucking
Daddy loves to get me super drunk, and then we play a game where we get to see how many men I can fuck dying my drunk girl fucking adventures! So far, the count is fourteen, but I hope to greatly increase that by the end of the weekend. We’ve been plotting to take over the block party this weekend, a lot of the older men from the park will be there. All super smashed and ready to fuck anything that bends over in front of them!
Daddy has picked out the smallest skirt ever for me to wear, and has planned it all out! He told me to put on a good show stumble around like a drunk little whore and just bend over and take every load possible!

Calling All Cum Dumpster Sluts: Tornado Warnings Turned Freaky.

Cum DumpsterIt’s been storming like crazy here, so Daddy said all good little cum dumpster sluts need to head to the basement. I wasn’t really expecting the surprise I was going to get as soon as I stepped foot into the basement. You see we were never allowed into Daddy’s “Man Cave” he would often have his friends come over and they would all quickly disappear into the unknown abyss. The moment I looked up, the light flickering on to illuminate all of the obscene objects around the room. There were cages, and chains hanging from the ceiling. My mommy was actually strung up in the back corner, her ass red from what I assumed to be a lashing. Her feet and thighs just barely resting on the ground as she moaned in horror.

“I Thought we agreed you wouldn’t bring them down here!” she cried out. I could hear my Daddy scoffing behind me, as I stepped behind him. I could tell it was quite the uncomfortable situation. Clearly Mommy had no real control in the situation though. Her face said it all as she hung her head, Daddy motioned to the cages and put me in the little one closest to the  stairwell. I could tell that I just entered the Demons lair. My body started to tremble in fear, I was so scared.

Later that night the whole situation changed when Daddy’s friends showed up. They all poked and prodded through the bars of the cage. I could hear them talking in hushed tones about what they wanted to do with me. The vulgar things they were saying made me really really scared but super freaking horny at the same time. I’d love to share all the naughty details with you…