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Dirty Phone Sex: I’d do literally anything for a load of cum…

Dirty Phone SexI get that every guy has a dirty phone sex fantasy that they are too worried to share with their girlfriends or wives. Some men are so intimidated by their own sexual perversions that they choose never to have a mate, but a life of hookers like me instead. However, that is what makes phone sex with the dirtiest street filth the best. We have lived and played with all the dirtiest of sex fiends. My young beautiful hooker body has been used and abused and it has done nothing but bring pleasure to me. 

One kinky fetish that turns me on is whenever a guy brings his favorite fur friend along. Sometimes it is just an excuse to get out of the house. To walk man’s best friend never will tip off the wife. Other times it is because they just want to see if I will do it. Either way, the dude brings his four-legged buddy into the ally and I get down on all fours and start taking care of him instead of the John and it is actually an instant turn-on. Not to mention an additional cost is owed to me for doing double duty. 

Another naughty adventure that makes my dirty whore pussy dripping wet is when we get to play like I am Daddy’s little girl. My small frame and rosebud titties are perfect for any ageplay roleplay. I know just how to make Daddy so happy and be his prized little girl. After all, I learned from a young age just how to take care of dear old Dad. I can make a mature stud blow in his pants at just the thought he was tapping his sweet young loved one’s tight ass. 

Lastly, but not at all limited to it will always make me horny whenever someone wants that force fuck fantasy deep in all of my hole. I will fight with all my pretty little strength for you to just let me go. Although, I love just how upset and turned-on you get with every fight. Hit, punch, kick, and force your throbbing hard fuckstick deep into the back of my throat till I throw up. I can take as much punishment as you are willing to give. After all, tonight I am your dirty little girl who deserves to be fucked up for whatever she who hurt you did. 

Seriously though, there is no limit to the perverse conversations we can have on this naughty line. I really am an eager gutter slut just looking to show you such a great time.

Getting Down and Extra Dirty Watching Druggy Porn!

Druggy PornMy young pussy craves the sweet penetration of a needle in my arm or smoking some speed just as much as a good fuck. I am practically a druggy porn star with the number of men who have picked me up nice and high and had their way with me. There are no limits when it comes to a young gutter slut like me. Never ever will it be considered force for you to find my passed-out druggy body and have your way with me. If fact, if you find me especially out of sorts, just know that a bald wet cunt like mine is down for you to call all your friends for our good time. The more the merrier after all. Perhaps you are just sick and tired of that mundane business life that you have to deal with and you are looking for a good time with a happy ending. Let’s smoke some up and fuck for days as we hit a meth bender taking that year’s frustrations out on my young whore puss ready and waiting for your frustrated pounding. For a little extra, you can even set your tripod and camera up so you can keep memories of the good time we have had for your own enjoyment. Druggy porn will expose just how downright dirty you can get whenever you truly let every one of your inhibitions go and enjoy your real sexual desires.

Gangbang Whore: Loves To Get Down And Dirty!

Gangbang whore

A gangbang whore like me has no limit when it comes to the number of men who can run a train inside of my gutter slut cum hole. So when those lame college guys slime on down to the slums to pick the perfect whore for their sigma bull shit fuck fest I always wind up holding the bag. I love taking throbbing hard cock from men looking to just cum dump and walk away. My pussy drips with a combination of my own slut juices and horny boy nut as they continue to line up their cocks and plow me down. Their goal is to start a new frat record. However, they have no idea just how big of a roadside slut bag I am cause their double digits are not close to my triple-digit daily record. Truly I love being a gangbang whore, the bag I score whenever I take more cum loads at once has me rolling in my own bed like I am Scrooge McDuck. Then, when I am done and they drop me back off on the corner they picked me up from I will just flag down another john. Men tend to think I am just extra into them when I am dripping with another man’s cum. 

Creampie Slut Heidi Wants All The Cum!

Creampie SlutBeing a young blonde creampie slut really turns men on. I love being able to serve my hot youthful body up to men on the street to be used for all their gutter slut needs. There is something super special about taking the cum loads of desperate men looking to get off inside of a hot juvenile babe. My perfect bald slit looks so good whenever it is wrapped around a girthy mature cock. The way a stiff hard boner penetrates my teenage body is a way, no old woman could ever satisfy. Young babes like me know just how to please and stoke old horny cock and take every last drop of their thick cum, bareback inside of my barely legal hairless cunt. 

There isn’t a need to wine or dine a young whore like me either. All the drama that comes with dating older women is not needed when it comes to pleasuring budding cunt like mine. I truly have a craving for cum and feeling it dripping from my perfect bald slit into my panties is such a turn-on. I am such a creampie slut that sometimes I don’t even clean up between John’s. I just let them stack their creamy cum loads in my hairless cunt over and over till they are spilling out of my cunny with every fuck. The more loads the better. 



Anal Sex Whore Heidi Gets Down And Dirty With Dicks!


Anal Sex WhoreI have an anal sex whore hole that craves to be stuffed with the throbbing hard cock of Johns that need an intense release from all their weekly struggles. Most Johns just want their dick sucked. A lot of Johns wanna fuck my perfect young bald pussy too. They love reminiscing about the good ol’ days when they used to rail hot barely legal cunt. However, when you are willing to pay the good bucks you can fuck any youthful cunt your heart desires. Although some Johns love my juvenile cunt just can’t wait to take my young butt for themselves. Butt sex is so intense being full of hard throbbing cock that expands and protrudes my ass hole over and over. Screams of pleasure leave my youthful lips as the guy I call Daddy at the time pays me to fuck me so hard tears well up in my ass. My ass hole craves the rough penetration of mature cock. The client remarked at how young my barely stained ass hole must be before spiting on my pretty pink ass hole and forcing every inch of his girthy cock inside of my eager ass hole. After him, I will take more loads in my sweet young ass too. I just can’t get enough of being a dirty little anal sex whore. 

Dirty Phone Sex: Craving My Irish Kiss – Farting In Mouth

 Dirty Phone SexI was at the bar the other night with a group of friends when this guy came up to me and told me he would give me 50 bucks for an Irish kiss. I giggled and pecked him on the cheek holding out my hand to receive my prize as promised. He smiled and giggled and told me that was not what he actually wanted to be pressed against my mouth. I looked at him puzzled and he grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. I told him if it was anything sexual the price just jumped to 100. He laughed and simply stated, “make it a hundred then.” He opened the wide handicapped stall and held his arm out to usher me in and then sat on the toilet. 

I wasn’t sure what he was getting to as his clothes were still on. Puzzled he then asked me to lift the back of my dress and sit my pretty ass hole on his lips. It was a fart that he wanted when he said, Irish Kiss. I spread my cheek and bent at the knee and pushed hard letting a quick burst of air onto his lips. He offered another 100 dollars if I could just let out another. So I placed my hands on my knees and let it rip, allowing him to ingest every last bit of my butthole air inside of him. A quick 200 bucks for me and an intense moment of pleasure for him. 

Everyone Loves A Lot Lizard With A Cum Filled Cunt!

Cum Filled Cunt

It’s honestly a little difficult to service at a loves travel stop. You have to know where you are going, what cameras and crew to avoid and how to not look like a gutter slut. So when I decide to make my rounds at a loves now and then I like to dress up like a high priced prize. It not only increases my revenue and interest but decreases my likely hood of getting caught. However, after my first couple of Jon’s I was coming out of a truck only to be pulled aside by Love’s management telling me the jig was up and they would be calling the cops. I put on the whole act crying and begging him not to make the call. However, I could tell by looking at him he hadn’t been getting it at home and he really just needed some convincing to let me go. Down on my knees I went sucking every last inch of his cock. I would put in the work to get me out of trouble. It didn’t take him long either til he was blowing in my throat. I could tell it had been a long while since he got off. Even managed to collect a premium fee from him as well. Then back to another truck to rock his world. They left me alone for the night and a lot of men had a lot of fun. I was told by management I would have to go by morning, the day boss was a dykey cunt who hated pretty bitches like me. Although I am sure I could bring her around too. 

Dirty phone sex

Cum Guzzling Slut Loves Taking Unwanted Cum Loads

Cum Guzzling SlutI love being able to satisfy all the desires of eager men just looking to release their cum loads in a naughty cum guzzling slut. This time of the year is especially lucrative for a trick like me. Men, looking to curb their porn desires after committing to silly New Year’s resolutions settle with a paid gutter whore to relieve themselves. The justification is that they still have not pulled up the hub which means they ain’t got no problem in their minds. February brings the heartbroken to my street corner. There are those who want to build their stamina with quick blowies to impress their favorite gals. Then, there are those who are humiliated by the whole holiday and their lack of ability to get pussy they don’t pay for. They tend to be a little more aggressive in their fucks in an effort to show me they are a real man. Either way, I am satisfied with the increase. After all, I am a certified gutter hoe who looks forward to each and every cum load. No taboo phone sex

Creampie phone sex: Turn me into you personal cum container!

Creampie phone sexAlright, so as a creampie phone sex slut I am used to being underestimated in my skills. I grew up in and still live in a trailer park to this day. So I could see where with just that fact in itself where I could appear not so intelligent. However, Mama taught me lots of ways in which I should be able to impress a man. I am not only a sexual Goddess, hellbent on bringing promiscuity to the surface for all ages. I am also quite altruistic as well. I love donating my time to helping others. So when the little brats from across the way stopped by to see if I would donate any baked goods to their school sale my eyes lit up with joy. I not only volunteered to make a few pies, but I also decided I would donate my time to helping at the event. 

Surely, you can imagine at first I had nothing but pure intentions. I can be quite the good little girl when I want to be. I assure you of that. I spent the next couple of days making loads of fruit pies and even a couple of chocolate and coconut pies. On the day of the sale, I made sure to dress my best, load the pies up in my friend’s minivan I borrowed, and set up a table for the school parents to come and purchase my goods. However, my presence was not welcomed at all. Mothers covered their sons’ eyes and wives pulled the hands of their husbands trying to distract them from my delicious pies. I tried not to let it bother me, my table still covered in the goods I spent so much time making. The principal came over and began complimenting my baking skills. 

I felt very accomplished as he bought one of my pies. Suddenly the gym teachers joined my table speaking to me while also purchasing a pie. My loneliness was cured as men lined up to purchase my pies. The PTO Moms looked at me with side eyes. I hadn’t the faintest Cum Dumpsteridea of what their problem was. Probably that their husbands preferred my delicious juicy pie to their dry tasteless cakes. A man approached my table disappointed, said he was the super attendant and had heard how wonderful my skills were, however at this point I was all sold out. I felt bad, offering to make him a pie and bring it by his office sometime. He put his hand on my lower back and walked with me toward the offices at the front of the building. “Why wait when you could just write that recipe down for me and we will count it even,” he chuckled opening the door and directing me inside. 

Grabbing a piece of paper and pencil he encouraged me to share with him my secrets. However, once his fly began to unzip I knew that apple pie was the last thing on his mind. He fucked my face hole till he was so hard he could barely fit in my throat any further. Flipping me over his desk he tossed my skirt up and pulled my thong to the side. He grabbed my hips and penetrated me deeply. I couldn’t believe this was the hospitality that the school staff was giving to their volunteers. No wonder he didn’t need my fruit pie recipe he would be making a cream pie out of my cute little cunt. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized what all the mothers were staring at. Apparently, in the light, my top was rather see threw, and I didn’t even wear a bra. 

Cum guzzling slut

A Cum Guzzling Slut Never Has A Full Belly

Cum Guzzling Slut

I have been obsessed with male ejaculation for as long as I can remember. Truly I am quite the cum guzzling slut. Always on the hunt for ball barf any way that I can get it. That is what makes me such a good whore. My consistent hunger for male buttermilk is something that can hardly be matched. When I was younger I would dress as scandalously as I could so that I could get thick cream from men who wanted to use me. I would sell myself to boys my age just so that I could be covered in their fun gel all over my sweet little face. 

When I work the streets receiving the gentleman’s relish is my only wish. I am willing to work as hard as I have to so that I can receive their happy trails of thick erectoplasm down my eager whore throat. There is no limit to the number of jons I can take care of in an evening either. Nor is there a limit to the quantity of liquid silk loads I can suck down my gob at once either. In fact, depending on how hungry my man chowder gobbling throat is you might be able to score yourself a group discount. 

My night is not complete unless I have filled my quota of jizz required to make my small figure look impregnated. However, it will not be a strong swimmer that made it from some man’s nut butter into my uterus. No, it will be from a full belly of man seed that has been stuffed down my windpipe till it is practically coming out of my ears. Penis colada is all I want to relax on the weekends. I am a true lover of warm, thick, ropes of pole milk and I couldn’t be prouder. The perfect gutter slut for you to give all your jizz to.