Druggy fuck pile

druggy phone sex


I usually like to go to the lake on the weekends with my friends and drink some beers, smoke some weed and have a good time. Last weekend one of my girlfriend’s brought some molly for everybody and it ended up being a huge fucking orgy on our buddy’s pontoon boat! About 30 min after eating the Molly everyone started making out and rubbing on each other. We cranked the music up really loud and it was so fucking fun, all of us girls started a strip tease show and were untying our bikini tops and swinging them over our heads and throwing them at the guys, then we started making out and groping each other’s tits and spanking each other’s round bootys.

Next thing you know we get water dumped on us and that was the cue to grab a partner any partner and drop to your knees and take a cock deep in your mouth. While I was deep throating this dude named Ryan I looked around to see all my girlfriends giving head to the guys and before you know it, we are in one big fuck pile rocking on the boat.

Dicks and twats and puckered pink holes were everywhere.

There wasn’t an inch of that boat that wasn’t thick with naked people. Druggy phone sex is so hot. I noticed at one point people on the lake on the other boats had their binoculars out and were peeping on our Sunday afternoon Fuck fest on the lake.

I could have gone all night getting my pussy drilled in rotation of different dudes cuz that molly was so bomb and made me want to do some crazy naked orgy fucking. I was getting face fucked on a rotation of cocks along with the other ladies. Everything felt so amazing trippin on the molly. I can’t wait to do it again.


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