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Big dick suckerI really love being a Big dick sucker for a nasty man who needs to cum hard. Getting my throat stretched open with cock is what I do best as a small town girl. There is never any fun going on in this shitty place; might as well make it fun and get my face fucked. George has lived here for years and has a wife he barely sees. He drinks a lot and gets fucked up on meth so he always needs a whore to fuck. When we met back at the strip club a few months back he offered me blow for a sexual exchange; ever since then we always work something out. 

Basically if I am a good Cum Guzzling Slut for him I get as much coke and alcohol as I want. I mean it’s a win win in my book; so I always make my mouth readily available for him. He loves a rough blow job so I always know when me and him get together I will most likely gag and not be able to breathe. I have practiced fucking my own throat for a bit so I can take a good face pounding from him. Plus he appreciates it and always loves how nasty I get; sometimes he gives me way more drugs and alcohol if I do a real good job. It’s the way to get what you want as a nasty town cock slave!

His wife is some red head bitch who won’t fuck him or suck his cock anymore so he is always so built up with a heavy load. As he rams his cock in and out of my wet mouth he always says how much he loves Blonde fucking sluts more than anything. As pumps and growls he always says how slutty nasty little blonde white girls are for dick. That’s why he loves using my holes and violating my throat with his meat rod and cum loads. I am all for it; like you all know I am a skank for any male attention!

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