I’m a stripper. I dance under the name of “Petal.” I’m that stripper you’ve always wanted to fuck and OMG, I want to fuck YOU.
Let me tell you all my naughty and nasty stripper sex stories.
The day I ran away from home (and never went back!) is the same day I walked into a strip club for the first time … and when I did, I knew I was home. The music, the noise, the smell … all those fucking horny men and beautiful women and ME, just a little blonde fucking whore. I didn’t know it ’til that day, but it was what I always wanted. I danced for money, totally fucking naked, that very same day … and that night I fucked a totally hot guy who just HAD to have three lap-dances.
I’ve been dancing and fucking every day since. I LOVE THE WORK. I love the SEX. And I love to be the beautiful girl that all these men secretly love and actually get to fuck. And Fuck. And FUCK. It’s like a fucking dream, and I get to live it 24/7!
You want to hear all my filthy fucking stories? You want to be next?
I’ve been a little blonde fucking slut my whole life, and now I’m just doing the job I was born to do. Dancing on stage is when I come alive. Honestly, I don’t even feel like myself when I’m not at the club. Sometimes I wish I could live there. And the party doesn’t stop, not even when I finally go home … because almost every night I take home some lucky customer (or two! Or THREE!) and we keep going and going and GOING. I love to suck cock. I love to BE sucked. I love to feel a cock between my tits and up my ass, and cum all slick and hot all over me. And multiple partners where everybody can watch and join in … shit, that’s what I live for. I love to perform.
I want to perform for YOU, baby. If you can’t make it to the club, call me and let me be the stripper you’ve always loved that you can FINALLY fuck, as often as you want. That way we can both get off during some hot phone sex, over and over, just like we would in the club and in your car and in my bed. And on the floor of the fucking kitchen. EVERYWHERE.
I want to be the stripper for your dreams. Let’s make it happen! I cannot fucking WAIT!

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