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I like women too

Cheap phone sexI like being a whore, I love getting paid to fuck and suck men. I also sometimes fuck women, though it isn’t as common. I have been paid to service five girls and each time was better and better. I love their soft skin and how they smell so sweet. The way they taste is even better, their sweet cum and their pussy juice is so delicious. I love getting the chance to have a female client and lay with her touching he skin, kissing up and down her body and making her cum. I love watching a woman arch and spasm in my bed. It makes me so wet and makes me want to spend even more time with her. I just love fucking women.

Techies Need Love

Cheap phone sexI have a lot of nerd guys who come and see me. I think cause it is hard for them to find a girl they don’t have to pay, but off the topic. I am very thankful for these guys because when my computer starts fucking up I can always count on them to fix it for me. Last month my computer kept freezing and so I called one of my guys, and he came over and got it working again. Well I paid him very happily, and he loved it. Once he got down fixing it I started sucking his cock and giving him a hand job. Once he was nice and hard I climbed on top of his cock and started riding. As I am bouncing up and down my tits jumping with me, right in his face, he grabbed my hips and shoved me onto the desk. He stood up and started slamming into me, hard. He finally hit his point and came deep inside my pussy. He left, happily paid in pussy, and I got to use my computer again. Don’t forget about your techies this week, October 3 is national techies day.

Wet Dreams

Cheap phone sexI woke up this morning and oh my god; I came so hard in my sleep that my sheets had cum on them. I had to wash my panties I was wearing as well as my sheets. I had this great dream all about fucking Channing Tatum, like Magic Mike XXL last dance scene of the movie. That sexy body of his all over me, grinding and fucking me really good. He moved his hips in ways I have never seen before, each time he wiggles and grinds I damn near cum. He teased my nipples and clit while fucking me really rough and fully. He felt so good, as things kept going I realized he was close to cumming and I asked where he wanted to cum. He said he needed to cum inside me and then begged to be allowed to. I told him yes because I wanted to feel his cum in my pussy and then feel it leak out of me. I then woke up, which I guess is because I felt my own cum drip out.

I love Spankings

Cheap phone sexI have a few customers who really love to bend a give over and spank her ass. I have some who love to bend me over and fuck me so they can stare and my ass and spank it. I don’t mind what so ever though because I like getting a nice spanking. I like being told I have been a naughty girl cause I know I am. I like hearing I am a god damn whore while I get fucked hard and rough while being spanked. I love the feeling of my skin stinging while a cock slams in and out of me making me twitch and cum all over the place. I want to feel the heat rise on my ass, and know that there is a hand print right across my ass. I don’t know what it is about that feeling but it always gets me in just the right way. I have cravings for it even, I love getting spanked.

Truck Fun

lot lizard sexI am not normally a lot lizard, I like to keep to my trailer park and the few clients outside of it, but hey I needed some extra money this week. So here I am standing in a parking lot waiting for a truck driver to hopefully pick me out of all these other whores. Finally one guy comes walking up and I am so glad, he says he has never seen me before and he comes through here a lot because he is a truck driver. Well I tell him I am not usually a lot lizard but decided to be today. He takes me back to his truck and hands me a huge wad of money and asks me if I will stay with him for a few days, he has missed sex but also just spending time around people. I gladly agree for all that cash, and then he gives me my first task, to give him the best road head he has ever had. I made him cum in two minutes and he came so hard he had to stop driving because he almost hit a couple of cars. Task one, perfected.

Paid Date Nights

Dirty phone sex

I every now and again get guys who want the girlfriend experience, date nights, spending time together, sometimes having sex. I have met guys who have want the GFE but never wanted to have sex. Paying all this money to not even get in my pussy, but hey that is some of the easiest money I can ever make. Though there are a few sweetie pies that I wish would want to go all the way. I have a few sweet heart, loving guys though who take me out to nice dinners but still want to enjoy some Netflix and Chill. I really don’t mind those nights either. I like a nice date then a good rough fucking. Being put on my hands and knees and really pounded, made to really moan and cum. They appreciate me and my body, they want me to want to be there and I really do. I love the time I spend with these guys, they make me feel less like a whore and more like a person and I enjoy that sometimes. I really like giving the girlfriend experience.

My Kind Of Party

Hooker phone sex

I feel like a goddamn escort, I got paid to come out to some nice party with these rich and fancy mother fuckers. Even though I am all dressed up and look the part I know I don’t fit in. They are all paying to be here I am being paid to be here. I am just some common whore while they are all good clean people. As I walk around outside I think I hear something, is that…moaning? I look up and sure enough a girl is being bent over the balcony and is having the shit fucked out of her. Maybe these people aren’t so different from me. My date grabs me and holds me close, he reminds me I am his date and I may only fuck the people he allows.

He pulls me further away and brings me over to some chairs where he lays me out and slowly undresses me. Once that is done he explores me with his hands finding what makes me twitch, moan, and scream. He fucks me right there and uses all he learned to make me scream as much as he can and I love it. This man really knows how to fuck me like the whore I am. He uses me for hours, not letting anyone touch me. Finally he lets one man help him in enjoying me, and that is amazing. Two guys fucking me perfectly at the same time, this is my own heaven. Once the night was over we all went home, or to hotels and enjoyed ourselves some more. I slept nice and hard after all of that and was very happy with how my evening went.

Let’s talk payment

Cum dumpster

This summer heat has been killing me. I have had no relief from it, even at home/work. I have begged the AC man to come out day after day. Finally he is here. Of course he would show up twenty minutes after my pimp comes and steals all my money. What am I to do now? I guess I gotta figure out a way to pay the man. This isn’t going to be easy.

I offer him alcohol, no, crack, no, food, no, finally I give in “What about sex?” I ask him. He stands there thinking about it. Oh thank god! He nods yes to me. I ask him want he wants and he says he wants to fill me up with cum, mmmm sounds good to me.

I take him to the bedroom where he strips me down, bends me over and slams his cock into my tight wet pussy, he fucks me so hard and rough, I cum over and over, finally his cock shoots it’s last into my pussy.

He then slides his cock up to my little asshole and without much warning slams in hard. I scream out in pain, but once he gets going I beg him to never stop. He cums even faster this time. He decides to take my ass for round to and fucks it hard and rough some more. He cums again.

He flips me over pretty quickly after that and forces my mouth open. His cock is covered in my pussy and ass juices but I don’t care though. I want more of his cum. I suck his cock until his knees go weak. Then I lay him down and suck more. I watch his legs twitch from how much he is enjoying me sucking him. Finally he shoots his load in my mouth. I play with it and taste it in front of him. He shoots another load during this and gets it all over my face. I don’t mind, I lick it off.

Once everything was settled he gave me his card so he could fix it if anything happened again. Sean is his name, nice to get to know it. I hope my AC breaks again soon. I like our kind of currency. Especially when I can feel it leaking between my legs.

Cum dumpster called Melanie

Cum dumpster Melanie

As I was painting myself up, to go out to my corner, over a week ago my pimp busted in my place. He started screaming about me not paying him all he deserved. He slapped me around real hard. I have bruises now. He is damaging his goods and isn’t gonna get any money that way.

Well after all the yelling and hitting he left. Came back to apologize a few days ago, and acts all sweet. Brought me make up and candy and all that crap. I forgave him. Then he tells me he wants to pay for a night with me and I can keep all the money. I think bullshit but ok why not.

Last night rolls around he asked for a full night from like 4pm until 8am. That is the craziest I have ever seen a man ask for. Well he takes me to the movies to dinner all that nice shit. He want a real girlfriend experience so I gave it to him. Well he takes me back to his place and he gets me a glass of wine. We sit and drink and talk, we watch some show he likes.

Finally we go to the bedroom and he asks to go all soft and sweet. We are enjoying each other, he is moaning so am I. We are feeling each other. I cumming he’s cumming, it was amazing. Well I wake up this morning and it is 6am. He still has two hours left. He used them. He used them like I was hoping he would last night.

He throws me into his shower and while we are getting cleaned up he is fucking me hard and raw. We keep going, he carries me out of the shower. Ties me to his bed and fucks me so hard my pussy is dripping everywhere with his cum and mine. We went for those two hours. Oh my god, he was amazing. The end comes, he throws my money at me as I lay on the bed. He tells me to get dressed and leave. This man fucked me so hard I literally could not stand up. I tried and I fell. He just paid to use me for five more days. I can’t wait!

Cock, cock, cock

phone sex line MelanieAll I have every really known is cock. Yeah I went to school but I know a cock better than any math equation. I don’t need book smarts though, I got everything I need right in between these legs. My pussy drives men crazy. I haven’t met a man I can’t make cum in a minute or less. They always tell me this is gonna be a long hour, I last all day. Then the shoot their load in me within 30 seconds.
I guess my pussy has the magic touch. I can understand though, when you go from your loose disgusting wife to my sweet tight pink wet pussy you are gonna nut faster. I don’t blame them I am everything they could want or need and they only have an hour to prove they are what I need.