Techies Need Love

Cheap phone sexI have a lot of nerd guys who come and see me. I think cause it is hard for them to find a girl they don’t have to pay, but off the topic. I am very thankful for these guys because when my computer starts fucking up I can always count on them to fix it for me. Last month my computer kept freezing and so I called one of my guys, and he came over and got it working again. Well I paid him very happily, and he loved it. Once he got down fixing it I started sucking his cock and giving him a hand job. Once he was nice and hard I climbed on top of his cock and started riding. As I am bouncing up and down my tits jumping with me, right in his face, he grabbed my hips and shoved me onto the desk. He stood up and started slamming into me, hard. He finally hit his point and came deep inside my pussy. He left, happily paid in pussy, and I got to use my computer again. Don’t forget about your techies this week, October 3 is national techies day.

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