Cum dumpster called Melanie

Cum dumpster Melanie

As I was painting myself up, to go out to my corner, over a week ago my pimp busted in my place. He started screaming about me not paying him all he deserved. He slapped me around real hard. I have bruises now. He is damaging his goods and isn’t gonna get any money that way.

Well after all the yelling and hitting he left. Came back to apologize a few days ago, and acts all sweet. Brought me make up and candy and all that crap. I forgave him. Then he tells me he wants to pay for a night with me and I can keep all the money. I think bullshit but ok why not.

Last night rolls around he asked for a full night from like 4pm until 8am. That is the craziest I have ever seen a man ask for. Well he takes me to the movies to dinner all that nice shit. He want a real girlfriend experience so I gave it to him. Well he takes me back to his place and he gets me a glass of wine. We sit and drink and talk, we watch some show he likes.

Finally we go to the bedroom and he asks to go all soft and sweet. We are enjoying each other, he is moaning so am I. We are feeling each other. I cumming he’s cumming, it was amazing. Well I wake up this morning and it is 6am. He still has two hours left. He used them. He used them like I was hoping he would last night.

He throws me into his shower and while we are getting cleaned up he is fucking me hard and raw. We keep going, he carries me out of the shower. Ties me to his bed and fucks me so hard my pussy is dripping everywhere with his cum and mine. We went for those two hours. Oh my god, he was amazing. The end comes, he throws my money at me as I lay on the bed. He tells me to get dressed and leave. This man fucked me so hard I literally could not stand up. I tried and I fell. He just paid to use me for five more days. I can’t wait!

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