30 guys…1 bus… 3 holes

The big cheer leading competition is this weekend. It is always the week after school gets out I am so excited. This means a whole 3 days with all the male cheerleaders and the football team. I just douche to get the guys cum out of me from last nigh! I am ready. On the way to the competition I was sitting in the back of the bus with all the guys of course. I was sitting between two sweaty linebackers when I lifted up my little skirt showing my cunt. They looked at me and started shoving their sweaty fingers in my pussy.

I don’t care about the sweat I told them to use it as lube for my cunt. I put one leg on each of there laps spreading my pussy wide. The other guys started surrounding me looking over the seats of the bus. Then on of the guys spit on my fucking asshole and shoved his sweat covered fingers in my ass. On guy stood up and unzipped his pants and put his smelly cock in my mouth. That’s right fuck my face with your big cock! I love when a guy has been out in the sun all day and his cock has that smell and its all sweaty.

I am a nasty little cheerleader whore. I let them fill my wholes as I looked up at the driver who had his cock out jerking it too. I have always wanted 30 guys cum all over my and my filling my holes. I am a fucking cum dumpster and I want you to unload all your stress and tension out on me! So they kept fingering my pussy till I squirted all over the seat and anyone standing near me. The whole time all of the big sweat dripping guys where jerking and at that point they shot there sweet loads all over me. I got as much in my mouth as I could. Nothing goes to waste when Megan is around.

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