Hot Lot Sex

lot lizard sex

Even though I’m a kinky ebony freak I also like taking trips to the truck stop to find some good dick and a fun time. I noticed that guys give lot lizards the filthiest fucking! We just slither around in our skanky outfits drunk and highed up looking for a Rick with a big dick. Haha! As you can see I have a hot sexy body that deserves to be flaunted and showed off. When I wear my black dress I know that all the truckers are going to want to fuck me. I get some of their cocks so hard that they bend me right over their bumpers and bang my hot twat right out! Some drive in pairs so I give out a two for one deal! I’m a cheap but really good fuck and my pussy is tight and wet so guys line up for a piece of this. Deep into the night other hoes beg me to go home so they can have a shot at making good lot money. I only leave when I have money stuffed in my pockets and cum dripping out of my cunt and ass!

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