Stripper sex stories by Petal

Stripper sex stories by Petal

Such a sweet picture isn’t it? That was me this past Christmas. I am sitting on the rug of my Santa. I don’t even know his name. The only time he ever came to the club was that night. Christmas a lot of people are lonely, including me. I work then, I strip and play the whole day away. Well Mr. Santa comes in and is staring me down from moment one.

He sits by the stage and watches me dance. Later one of the other girls dances for him and I figure he changed his sights to something else. She comes back after the dance and says he wanted me. He just kindly paid her for a dance since it wasn’t her fault the mix up happened. He takes me to the back room and he wasted no time.

As soon as that door closed he locked it. He pulled himself out, ripped my panties off and set me on his rock hard cock. He put me against the wall and bounced me on it nice and rough. Then he sat down with me still on him while I rode him. He then put me on all fours on that dirty floor and rammed me from behind.

We were screaming and moaning so loud the bouncers tried to bust in. I begged them not to. One finally got in and saw how he was using me and kicked him out. He threw my money to me as he left.

After my shift ended I went out to the parking lot to find none other than Mr. Santa. He asked me if I was still wearing my red little “bra” and I told him yes. He asked about the panties and I said I didn’t have any others. He moaned and rubbed his clothed cock, then begged me to go home with him.

We went to Mr. Santa’s where he gave me everything I wanted this season. Alcohol, a big cock, a thousand orgasms, and a nice stack of cash. I told him I wasn’t a prostitute. He said it wasn’t like that, he wanted to spread joy. Well he did, in my pussy, my mouth, on my face, my stomach, anywhere he could get it. His joy was the best I had ever tasted and I was glad to take it.

I hope to see Mr. Santa this Christmas too.

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