My Kind Of Party

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I feel like a goddamn escort, I got paid to come out to some nice party with these rich and fancy mother fuckers. Even though I am all dressed up and look the part I know I don’t fit in. They are all paying to be here I am being paid to be here. I am just some common whore while they are all good clean people. As I walk around outside I think I hear something, is that…moaning? I look up and sure enough a girl is being bent over the balcony and is having the shit fucked out of her. Maybe these people aren’t so different from me. My date grabs me and holds me close, he reminds me I am his date and I may only fuck the people he allows.

He pulls me further away and brings me over to some chairs where he lays me out and slowly undresses me. Once that is done he explores me with his hands finding what makes me twitch, moan, and scream. He fucks me right there and uses all he learned to make me scream as much as he can and I love it. This man really knows how to fuck me like the whore I am. He uses me for hours, not letting anyone touch me. Finally he lets one man help him in enjoying me, and that is amazing. Two guys fucking me perfectly at the same time, this is my own heaven. Once the night was over we all went home, or to hotels and enjoyed ourselves some more. I slept nice and hard after all of that and was very happy with how my evening went.

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