Paid Date Nights

Dirty phone sex

I every now and again get guys who want the girlfriend experience, date nights, spending time together, sometimes having sex. I have met guys who have want the GFE but never wanted to have sex. Paying all this money to not even get in my pussy, but hey that is some of the easiest money I can ever make. Though there are a few sweetie pies that I wish would want to go all the way. I have a few sweet heart, loving guys though who take me out to nice dinners but still want to enjoy some Netflix and Chill. I really don’t mind those nights either. I like a nice date then a good rough fucking. Being put on my hands and knees and really pounded, made to really moan and cum. They appreciate me and my body, they want me to want to be there and I really do. I love the time I spend with these guys, they make me feel less like a whore and more like a person and I enjoy that sometimes. I really like giving the girlfriend experience.

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