Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

phone sex line evonneIt was the end of a hot and heavy fuck session.
As we laid there covered in sweat, I couldn’t help but notice a distant look in his eyes.
I didn’t question it, fuck buddies just don’t do that.
As with all the men I fuck it is a no questions, no strings, kind of thing.
That is how I like it and I find most of my fucks agree.
Suddenly he turned to me and asked a question I never thought I would hear from him.
“If I can trick my wife into coming here do you think you could teach her all the kinky things you do so well? I would pay you REALLY good money.”
I knew that if I could train her that would mean I would loose his weekly fuck and fee but the look in his eyes had me convinced that it couldn’t be done and would be a hell of a good time for me, fucking with a prudish old woman.
I agreed and he brought her to me the very next night. I had a couple of friends come over to help me with the task at hand. After all she would have to learn all aspects of our not so conventional sexual relationship.
Now that I have peeked your interest, you will have to call for the rest of the story or wait until the next blog to find out what happens.

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