Druggy phone sex

It was so weird to clean up and dress nice.

I like being a ghetto whore with thongs, jeans with easy access, jerseys. Whatever was comfy and easy to get off.

I was told though that a high roller wanted a hot side piece and that I had been volunteered.

Well fuck… Not only did I have to get cleaned up, dressed up, but I had to act nice.

Be on my best behavior while I pretended I didn’t want the after party in the hotel room I knew I was going to have with this rich pervert.

I do have to admit though, I’m fucking hot when I try. I forgot what a curling iron and some makeup could do. They even got me this sexy outfit to wear and I couldn’t stop staring at myself.

Yeah, I’d fuck me and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Well, we went to this boring ass party. With boring ass people. Who wanted to do nothing but talk about the boring ass charity. So I didn’t say much, I just smiled and stuck close to my date.  Who wasn’t bad looking! He reminded me kinda of a Bruce Wayne which made him that much more sexy.

When the boring ass party ended. I was so glad to go up to his room. I knew he had plans and they were the ones I loved the most. The door barely had time to click shut before he groaned “Finally, I thought I was going to fuckin’ die.” he grumbled. Grabbing me and pulling me close. I giggled as he kissed me, it becoming a moan as I pressed my body to his. His nimble fingers found that little tiny zipper thing that I needed help to even get pulled up and I felt the tickle of it on my spine as he pulled it down.

“Now it’s time for the real party to begin.” he grinned, making promises I knew he meant to keep. He guided me out of the dress, taking his time to admire how I looked in that black lace and had me lay on the bed. Licking his lips as he pulled out a baggy with a white powder in it he poured a line along my ribs to my belly button. Careful with a plastic card he pulled out as he made the line of powder. He took a straw he had prepared and with one long breath snorted that line… Impressive… He ran his tongue up from my bellybutton to just below my breast and I saw his eyes dilate as he gave me a hungry growl.

“Hey, what about my line?” I pouted.

He just grinned at me, standing up and carefully making a line on his hard cock. “Come and get it.”

I liked this man I think. He made my pussy wet and already knew my favorite way to do a line. I think this will be a very fun night.

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