Lot lizard for the day

My friend mentioned that I can extra money being a lot lizard. I had no idea what that was till she took me to a truck stop and showed me the ropes. She told me to wear a really shirt skirt to show the bottom of my ass cheeks and a tiny top. When I got out she told me I looked perfect and she already seen a truck driver eyeing me. I walked over to him and asked if he wanted a good time. He just turned and said follow me I never seen the inside of a cemia before. He just told me to bend over and let him slip is hard cock right into my ass with no lube. His cock was so big it hurt so bad him shoving it in there. He spit on the tip a little to make it slightly wet. And he grabbed my hips and just thrusted hard in and out of my tight pink asshole. He did a couple strokes then came all in my asshole. He took my head and shoved it on his cock and told me to suck the rest of the cum out of his cock. It wasn’t that bad for my first day as a lot lizard.

Lot lizard sex

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