Lick and Rim my asshole.

dirty phone sexI love being a toilet girl. There’s just something about that special taste of a man that makes my pussy melt. Being submissive and playing a human urinal, lapping those last few drops of salty lemonade from the tip of his cock, makes me giddy with desire. Maybe it’s being on my knees in a filthy truckstop bathroom or maybe it’s the fact that I love how hard your cock gets when you force me to do these things. I bury my face in your ass and take a sniff. You love my rim jobs so much. I tickle every wrinkle on your asshole and poke my tongue in deep. Tongue fucking makes you jerk your cock and it gets me off. When I move around to your oozing head, I don’t even mind the little flecks clinging to my tongue. I swallow that earthy taste of you and wash it down with a blast of cum. You know you love a dirty girl like me who makes scat play so much fun. Let me be your potty girl and we can potty all night long!!!

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