I Love Getting Peed On And Being A Pig

Golden Showers Sex

I love being treated like the cum dumpster that I am. I am a piece of trash, no good for anything but well I’m not sure. My neighbor and I went through back page and we picked out the most perfect whore. I put in some of the money for the dumb bitch and we had rented the nastiest little motel that rents by the hour. Kind of scary I was even going to put my ass on that bed. My neighbor had brought her over and since she is a whore she has to do what we want, we put in some good cash for this slut. We had also gathered about 8 other guys and they were their naked ready to do their thing.

They started hovering around her and they were jacking off. I told that bitch to open her mouth, and I grabbed her by the back of her hair and I held her head back. She opened her legs and was getting pounded while getting cum all over in her mouth. I am such a pig for sloppy seconds. I love them so much I got in on it and opened my mouth and some of the guys starting peeing on us and wanted us to drink it. I was in heaven and I did. The other cunt was crying and I was laughing and started spitting some of the pee on her. They were peeing in our hair and I was rubbing it in. If you want to know more and I do mean nasty shit call me and I will gladly tell you.

Cum Dumpster Mother and Daughter

cum dumpsterI raised my daughter to be a cum dumpster like me. I guess you could say there is a long history of cum lovers in my family. When I would help my mother service her johns in our trailer, she told me repeatedly, “always swallow and act like you love cum.” I loved it the moment I first tasted it. I was so young, I can’t even tell you the age here. When my daughter was nursing still, I would put cum in her bottle. I wanted her to love cum as much as me. She does, but honestly, I don’t think it has anything to do with drinking cum out of a bottle or a sippy cup. She is a natural, like me. She invited me to a party at her place over the weekend. My daughter isn’t home much these days. She is on those sugar daddy sites. Usually, she is travelling with some fat cat older man. If I was a hot young  22 year old, I would do the same thing. Those kinds of sites weren’t around when I was young. Of course, neither was the Internet! When I arrived, she had a pitcher of margaritas for us to consume as we waited for her friends to arrive.  They were cumaritas. Like me, she chugs cum out of a glass. Her stash was running low, so she wanted her gangbang whore mom to help her drain the nuts of 50 guys she invited over. Game on. I had the blow which helped us put the bang in the blow bang! High, we can suck dicks like the Energizer rabbit. Her young friends were happy to have a dirty old cougar and her daughter suck all the cum out of their hard peckers. By the night’s end, we had her freezer full of cum again, not to mention our bellies.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

I have been getting fucked all night. My ass is full of at least three guys cum. It feels nice and sticky in there. I am flying high looking for another to fill my ass and mouth with that cum that I am addicted to, ha just like any kind of drug I can get my hands on. I love drugs and cock, and sometimes pussy. All I want to do Is feel good as my ass hole is used.

My tight rosebud ass being filled up and fuck hard. I am the type to be ridden hard and put up wet.  I can take the biggest cocks down my throat and still have one in my ass and in my pussy if I am lucky.  Get me high and let’s fuck dirty nasty and anyway you, please.

Nasty Dirty Whore

Druggy phone sexHey hunny you looking for a great gal to take home to mommy and make sweet wonderful love too? Well hunny I am not her! Unless you got nasty, dirty thought in your head. Don’t fucking call me! I want the callers who want to party, get fucked up and cum with a nasty white trash whore like me! Can you dig this? Can you handle it? Can you treat me like the piece of shit that I want to be treated like? I am loose caboose train and anybody can ride. But you can’t ride missionary style. No fucking way. Use me as the fuck toy that I love to be. Fill me full of your cum and then dump me like the stupid ass cunt that I am!

Fake Love

Hooker phone sex

I was looking for love and he was looking to drill his next cum dumpster and spill his load in. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me I always seem to give up my fat steaming hot juicy pussy to a guy who will never need me deeper than dropping his cock load into my cunt hole. Just like Frank of whom I was wishing that I could slobber all over his cabbage head stroke monster and swallow his cum and somehow it was going to turn out him loving me and not treating like the slut trash my momma raised me up to be. I rode his cock reverse cowgirl my wet pussy was sliding up and down his man meat and his toes were curling and twisting everyway. He even fucked my asshole raw and hard as fuck. I couldn’t stand up after he was finished ramming all of my wasted holes. I told him I would do whatever he asked me to because he was the love of my life and he told me he was going to stop the wedding that he and my best friend were supposed to be in today but like everything in my life it was a fucking lie. So that’s why I am about to fuck these 10 guys in a gangbang I don’t give a shit anymore.

Size Queen Here

bbc phone sexI’m such a fucking size queen.  That’s why white men like you call me for BBC Phone Sex.  You know that you white men with your pale puny pricks could never satisfy a trashy whore like me.  Not like these big black men do.  You must be intimidated by looking at their huge meat sticks and knowing that yours could never measure up.  Don’t feel bad.  You like hearing how small your cock is compared to these black studs.   Hearing how they fuck me til I can barely walk.  How they fill all my holes at once.  Pleasing every part of me.  Grabbing me  by my hair while they fuck my face.  Slamming their black meat hard in my sloppy wet cunt.  Their massive balls slapping against my ample ass.  Cumming over and over in my pussy.  Stretching my tight asshole and leaving it gaping wide.  Yeah, I’m a fucking size queen whore.  Call me and I’ll tell you all about it.

My Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fucking

I love teen sluts fucking, especially when they are my sluts fucking. I cam home early from a play date with a client. My fuck trophies were not expecting me home yet. They had a party while I was gone, assuming I would be gone all night. I usually am with this client. He buys me for the night, but he had a work emergency and cut our time short. He still paid me for 24 hours. I had the option of staying at the hotel or returning home. I took option B because I was horny for my kinky brood. I thought they would be missing their dirty mommy. I walked in on a party. There were a ton of cars parked in the driveway. Music was blaring. When I walked in the house, I tripped over beer bottles. When I walked into the living room, what I saw would have pissed off most mothers. I am not most mothers, however. I am a trashy milf. When I saw a bunch of school boys and girls having an orgy, I took off my clothes and joined them. I saw new meat. Nothing livens up a high school orgy like a dirty MILF. I showed young girls how to drain balls and young men how to eat pussy. I am so glad I didn’t stay in the hotel. I had much more fun fucking high school boys and eating teen pussy. I told my sons and daughters that the next time they throw a party to make sure I am home.

BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sex

I’m such a BBC Phone Sex whore.  I’ve had more black cock in me than white cock, that’s for sure.  I don’t know what it is about big black cocks that I love so much, but I always have..   I can remember when I was in High School and I started noticing that all the black boys I went to school had so much better bodies than those scrawny white boys.  Then, I started noticing that their dick imprints in their pants were MUCH bigger as well.  I decided then and there.  Fuck that shit, all I want in my pussy is some big black cock.  I wasn’t sure how my parents were going to react and all, so I hid it from them for a while.  My mom kept asking me why I didn’t go on any dates with boys.  However I was always getting all dressed up to go out with one of my girlfriends.

Little did she know that I was giving half the defensive line on the football team head before each and every game.  Hell, if we won the game, I would even let them run a train on me.  Seeing all those huge black cocks made my pussy so wet.  I was of course a cheerleader and they would come by me during the game and brush up against my titty walking by or slap me on my ass.  I would giggle and tell them to hurry up and score!!!!  The closer it came time for the game to be over, I would get more excited just thinking about having my hands, mouth and ass filled with all that BBC.  I guess that’s why I’m such a BBC phone sex whore now.  You know what they say right?  Once you go black, you never go back. It’s soooo true.



Fuck Me in My Ass

Cum eating phone sex


I have been searching for the right guy to drive his fuck stick deep into my pouty asshole and make me scream out in pure pleasure. I want him to be a dirty fucking cock slut and I yearn for him to slam his donkey gun into my pulsating fuck hole. I need it I’m a ticking time bomb ready to burst into cum sparkles all over the fucking bed. I’m here on all fours bent over ready to be an anal cum dumpster trash whore you can drill me with your cock rod like your drilling for oil. Dig in my ass so deep and so hard that I can’t stand up when you are taking your first break. I just need my toasty cock feeder filled up with a load of jizz juice. I will even gladly take two thick girthy big blaster cocks at once in my slut hole I mean I love the feeling of being gang banged like the cunt trap ass gaping lot lizard I am. When your all finished I want you to know I need a nice helping of cum to drink up.


I like it nasty!

live phone sexI like it nasty, what can I say? Why should I settle for some boring ass vanilla sex when I could have something better? Why settle for one guy when I could fuck 20? Shit, I want all the dick I can get so sign me up for the gang bang every time! I want a cock in every fuck hole, I want to have cum dripping down my thighs and filling my belly, I want to be the dirty little fuck slut that you use over and over again! I swear I can never get enough either, I could fuck a bunch of guys one night and then wake up horny the next morning, I just can’t get tired of it! I want to fuck all day, every day, don’t you?

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