Cum Slut For Life

Cum eating phone sexI got so happy when I saw Troy walk into the strip club. He always busts the biggest load of cum and it always tastes so damn good. I headed straight for his table and gave him a free lap dance. I rubbed my ass against his cock and felt his huge erection. I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into a private room because I had to put him in my mouth. I drop to my knees on the cum stained carpet and put his whole dick in my mouth. He held the back of my head and thrust his hips forward fucking my face. I sucked his cock like a real pornstar making sure the blowjob was really sloppy with lots of spit. His moans made me wet and I held one hand on his dick and my other hand rubbed my swollen clit. I could tell that Troy was about to nut because he was losing his rhythm. He gripped my hair and squirted warm semen deeply into my mouth. I’m a cum slut for life.

Pimping my stepsister out

drunk girl fuckingI have been pimping out plenty of youngin sluts lately. I have done just about anything to get my hands on blow. My latest stunt has to be one of my lowest. I have a tot stepsister who I decided to pimp out. I was watching her and knew that she could be my cash supply for the summer. I put up an ad online, and the perves came like bees to honey. It was better than I expected. I got my step sister dressed up. I put some makeup on her and got her looking like a mini slut. It was going great. I promised her I would take her on a shopping spree. I am hoping I can leave a bit for her if not I will trick her and start her early and give her a bit of blow. It’s becoming a cycle I can’t get out of, but I won’t stop. I have been the drunk girl fucking for a couple of lines, and I am now the coke whore pimping out ankle biters. 

Therapy cum keeper

cum filled cunt 

Tony my therapist makes me keep his cum in my pussy. I admit I love having a cum filled cunt. I squeeze my legs together to keep it in. I love the way it feels when he shoots his ball juice right inside me. He has been seeing me now for about a year. I see him once a week I don’t have to pay cash just pay him with this pussy. I wear my short skirts for easy access I have to be quiet when we are in his office out of respect for others in the office, I am pretty sure they already knew so I told the girl in the office to join us in a three sum. She looked at me with a stank face, so i told her you can judge or you can have a great fucking orgasm. You pick! so this week she payed us a surprise visit in Dr. Williams office.

Cuck Call Me For That BBC

Druggy Phone SexYou really a pathetic cucky, and I am waiting on amazon GC loser. So where is it? While I wait for you to get that to me. I thought I loved sloppy seconds right out of a cum filled twat. But you love that BBC fresh loads of cum right in your mouth as they are seeping out of a pussy like sap on a tree. I was waiting for you and I decided to drink a couple Zima beers and I started to get super horny so I was rubbing the bottle up and down my pussy until I put it in. I know we both have that addiction for that nose candy and your pin prick clt is the perfect size to do a line. I love the feeling of this bottle with that candy stretching me open. The ridges on it are deep and it’s body is as thick as a nice BBC with big testicles. I can’t wait to share this big penis with you and compare and laugh in your face and make you lick this nice chocolate shaft while wearing panties, so pathetic.

Cum Dumpster at a Party


cum dumpsterA cum dumpster will always be the life of the party. I have a girlfriend from the right side of the tracks. She married well. Growing up we were from the same side of the bad tracks. We were thick as thieves. She and I shared many a cock over the years for money. We used to tell older men we met at the mall we were sisters. We were both blonde and blue eyed and buxom for our age. Guys gladly shelled out money to get head or hand jobs from two teen sisters. She married a wealthy businessman and moved on up like the Jefferson’s. She never forgot her trailer trash whore roots and friend, however. I am invited to every party she throws. The one this weekend was a classy one. I stuck out like a sore thumb in hot pants and a tube top. She doesn’t care. She invites me because some of her male friends need a good ball draining and their stuck-up trophy wives need a wake-up call. I am the kind of woman who does what your wife won’t do. All the guys were glued to me. I was glued to the bar. Guys were pouring me drinks and chatting me up. My friend kept the wives away with a tour of the house. Suddenly, it was just me and 10 married men whose balls had not been drained since Regan was president.  It didn’t take long to blow them because when your dick has not been sucked in forever, the first touch of a tongue makes you ooze. I am sure you know what I am talking about. My tube top came off and these classy men were shooting their loads of cum all over me. I managed to clean myself up and have a few more drinks before my friend even came back from the house tour with the wives. Honestly, I bet those wives wouldn’t even be upset that I blew their husbands. I just saved them obligatory head for another decade. I am a cum guzzling slut. I love the taste of cum. I am happy to blow any man, even you.

Punished by My Mistress

No taboo phone sexYou came by today for your appointment. I have been parting a little hard and did not realize that I was booked with you. Normally I make sure to have eaten plenty of fiber the day before so that I can produce my scrumptious creamy chocolate pudding for you. Unfortunately, I was not able to today and you were so mad!

You called my mistress and told her that you pay good money for your sessions with me and you expect me to be able to preform. Whether you wanted a golden shower, scat, or for me to just suck your cock dry I should be ready and willing. Not the hung over hot mess that I was today. She assured you that it would never happen again.

She called me into the torture chamber and told me to strip. She told me that she expects her whores to deliver the best customer service always. Then she tied me up to her saw horse and started spanking my ass. I was screaming and crying before she stopped. Little did I know she was just getting started. She pulled out a vibrator and put it on my cunt. She punished my cunt with her vibrator and strap-on until my cunt was fucked raw. Then she just left me there all tied up and told me she would be back for round two!

Dirty Phone Sex Father’s Day

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex was popular on Father’s Day. Lot’s of P daddies wanted special time with their baby girls. My phone daddies weren’t alone. My husband was in for a treat yesterday. He is a few decades my senior. He could be our offspring’s grandpa. He is often mistaken for the girls’ granddad when we are out. That means people think he is my father! Sometimes we tell them, sometimes we just enjoy knowing the dirty truth. I got the girls up early, the boys too, so we could give daddy his gifts and have breakfast together. After eating, we gave daddy a dirty sex show. He gets hard still, but he just needs more time and a little visual incentive. Me and my girls started the Father’s Day show by playing with our wet bald cunts. I had all the sex toys ready for use. The boys jacked off because once daddy was hard and ready to fuck his daughters’ tiny pink cunts, the boys were getting some love from their sexy mommy. I have three boys and three girls. We have a big family. A big fucking family. After about 20 minutes of watching his slutkins get fucked with dildos and sex machines, daddy’s old cock was rock hard and ready to pleasure his baby girls. I love watching him fuck our daughters. It doesn’t happen as much as it once did because of his age, but he watches them fuck his clients all the time. Daddy is a pervert voyeur. My sons were equally as hard as daddy from watching his sisters and I masturbate. They can’t look at pussy and not get hard. While the girls fucked their daddy to wish him Happy Father’s Day, the boys took turns with me. At some point, I entertained all three boys in my mommy wholes at once because I am a trailer trash whore and a dirty mom.

Coke whore to the max

Drunk girl fuckingI got desperate, and I shouldn’t have done it, but I did, and I can’t take it back now. Well, I would do it again if I am perfectly honest. I was watching a youngin not much younger than me. Her parents didn’t trust her and didn’t want to leave her alone for an extended amount of time. They trusted cute hazel, They assumed I was a squeaky clean coed, but they had me all wrong.

I knew about their daughter being a whore I could see her sneak in guys at all times. I wasn’t going to judge I always do the same. When her parents asked me to stay there for a bit while I supervised, I thought it would be perfect. I had owed my dealer cash and wanted more blow. I had already given him and his entourage my holes, so that was getting old fast.

I knew tiny Taylor would be a perfect debt payor and would also help me score more angel dust. I got her drunk, and within minutes my dealer and his crew came along. Pretty soon she became a drunk girl fucking for my blow. It was too simple. I’m just a coke whore to the max.

I’m his only girl just like he likes it

Freaky phone sex

I am his only girl just like he likes it, I’m a southern belle and he loves that because he’s a country boy with a whole lot of land and financial standing to take care of a real woman if you know what I mean. He loves a real woman a woman like The smell of sweaty leather turns him on and so I don’t mind smelling like the musk that turns him into a monster. We sit around all day long sometimes buck naked by the fireplace kissing, hugging and loving on each other completely indulging in each other’s love and desires. He even loves my stretch marks they aren’t even inperfections to him that is perfect designs, he knows how to appreciate a woman so my stretch marks turn him on. A sexual desire, I’m a simple girl just like he is a simple man he likes to come home to the same woman he likes to spoil his woman and treat me like I deserves to be treated and I want the same man someone who’s accepting someone who knows what to do and willing to get to know me the same woman. I’m thinking about it right now this southern belle misses her Southern bow I’m yearning for him I hope he’s there and answers me too.



Watching Druggy Porn

druggy pornI love druggy porn. Guys ask me what that is sometimes.  It can be getting fucked up and watching porn or it can be fucked up and making our own porn in my mind. I have a few callers who like to watch porn with me. Sometimes, I get to pick, but most of the time they have something nasty for us to watch. I think my callers know I am the kind of no limits whore that they can explore their fetishes with judgement free. I’ve watched hardcore BBC porn with callers. I have watched barely legal girls getting a hardcore ass fucking from daddy. I have watched bukkake films. I have even watched scat and watersports videos. If it is kinky, I watch it and I enjoy it. Last night a caller had me watching milk enema videos. Have you ever seen that? Usually, it is young barely legal girls who get a milk filled baster up their pussy or ass from mommy or daddy then they spray it out. It was so hot to me that I invited my daughter over to try it. She has done them before with a sugar daddy. He put her in diapers and filled her asshole up with warm milk. A few minutes later she shit it out in his mouth. My daughter brought all the supplies because this was not her first milk enema. She had turkey baster for the milk. I lubed the baster up, filled it with warmed up milk and pushed it in her ass. She held it inside here for a few minutes then sprayed my face with her ass milk cream. We rolled around the floor licking it up and eating each other’s pussy. This trashy milf has a new favorite fetish. What is your favorite kind of dirty porn to watch?

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