Pretty Pink Slits and Cocaine

Druggy phone sexI needed blow and I needed it bad. I tore my apartment apart for little plastic baggies but came up empty. I spent the last of my money on shoes and it didn’t even matter because I have a hot body. I can use my sexy curves to get free drugs from any dealer. But Rico has the biggest cock and every time we fuck he destroys my pussy. He always has a house full of thugs and he makes me the free entertainment. I love being slutty in front of an audience. When Rico tells me to blow his friends, I do it without hesitation. Wouldn’t you like to see me on my knees with your cock in my mouth? I do whatever it takes for me to stay high. They put long beautiful white lines on the coffee table and watch me bend over naked to snort one. I want them to see my pretty pink slit because I want them to want me. Do you want me?

Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me

Live phone sexA cock in the stink and a cock in the pink all I am missing is a cock in my face hole. This was a druggy induced fuck fest that lasted for freaking hours. I got me some nice crack rock flowing thru my veins and a wet cunt to match. The minute that crack hit my veins I was jumping on some nice hard cock. I wasted no time in getting exactly what I wanted! I threw a guy down on the floor and shoved my soaked cunt around his cock. Then I started pleading for another cock in my ass. Sal jumped in and slammed his cock in my ass. I can’t enough of that feeling that I feel when I have two cocks sliding in and out of both my holes. Only that thin layer separating the two massive cocks pounding in and out of my sloppy holes.

Eat This Sloppy Wet Pussy

Sloppy wet pussyLet’s be honest I’m the kind of girl that gets around. If you met me through a friend or just a acquaintance it would probably be a safe assumption that I’ve fucked them. Most people I met have seen me naked and much more. I mean who can blame them, when I look at myself I feel like touching myself all over. I know when I’m sucking your cock the thought may cross your mind of how many other cocks have I sucked today. When I’m pushing you face first into my pussy I don’t think you’re really going to care. The idea of eating my dirty Sloppy Wet Pussy makes your cock throb. A part of you likes the idea of taking part of someone’s leftovers doesn’t it?

Hardcore Anal Sex Punishes Berretta

Hardcore anal sex

I have a client that always wants to role play the movie Secretary, but with a hardcore anal sex twist. You have me come to your office after hours when you knows we will be alone. You dictates letters for me to type up. You talk so fast that I can’t keep up. When I tell you I am not able to write as fast as you are talking.

You tell me that it is because I am not paying enough attention, but that you know how to get my attention. You tell me to bend over your desk and raise my skirt. You tell me to keep my hands flat on the desk. Your grab my panties and pull them down. You tell me to start reading to you what I have written down. For every word that I miss you slap my ass with the palm of your hand. Before long my ass is bright red and throbbing. I start to cry.


Cum guzzling slut

You tell me crying will do me no good. You tell me to pull my ass cheeks apart and then you shove a butt plug up my tight puckered ass. You tell me to pull up my panties and turn around. You hand me a paper and tell me to go type it up. My ass is throbbing from both the butt plug and the spanking.

I am unable to type up the letter in the time that you allocated. You have me bend back over your desk and you remove the butt plug. You then ask me what happens to whores that disappoint you. I told you that we get our asses fucked raw without any lube. You slammed your big thick cock into my tight puckered ass causing me to cry out. You pounded my ass until it was raw and bleeding. You pulled out when you came and sprayed your jizz all over me.

Poker night

anal cum dumpsterI have never let a dick go untouched or go with out a good blowing. I was playing poker with a couple of friends and it got late and a couple shots in and me teasing them go them riled up. Rum gets me hot and I always end up with my top off to be quite honest. I have some serious jugs and when you have men that are lusting after you it gets hard to say no. I was dared to be a bukkake bitch and I wasn’t going to say no. I was going to be more than that and I did become way more than that. I got to be the anal cum dumpster and I licked each of their dicks off and swallowed all the loads. Poker nights got much more interesting. I like being the center of attention and the main slut in the room for the guys.

Cum Dumpster Whore

cum dumpsterBeing a cum dumpster makes you the talk of the town. I live in a small Florida city. The men love me. The women hate me. The guys all know that the chicks that live in the trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks are the ones who do all the kinky shit their wives won’t do. This community is small, but the men know where to go for cum release. Normally, the high-class dudes from the right side of the tracks stay on their side of town. They hire escorts or go visit strippers in the city. My daughter and I were sitting on the porch when a couple guys in a BMW kept driving by. I figured they were lost, so I walked down to the road to see if they needed help. I had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and my ass cheeks were hanging out of my daisy duke shorts. One guy asked how much. Then I knew they weren’t lost. Poor dumb bastards thought if we lived in a trailer, we must be hookers for hire. I fuck for free, but these assholes looked like they were afraid to be by the train tracks, so I tossed out a number and added that it was for a mother and daughter. They came into my trailer with hesitation. I assured them they weren’t going to get mugged. Novices. Clearly these guys had never trolled for pussy before. Both were married, in their mid-thirties and looked like their balls had not been drained since Obama’s first presidency. My daughter and I know how to drain balls. By the nut explosion we took to our faces, I began to wonder if they were 30 year-old-virgins. Nope. Just married to women who shut their legs after they said their I dos. I couldn’t believe how full their balls were, but they got to taste some trashy milf pussy, so I know they will be back for more.

I think I could be a star

druggy porn

I was getting a bag from my main plug last night when the topic of amateur druggy porn came up. He had been wanting to try to get into the porn industry for a while now. I was like a fucking schoolgirl saying pick me pick me! He laughed because he knows I am always down for a good time. Especially when money is involved. I don’t know where these guys came from but they had tree trunks for cocks. I wasn’t intimidated though I love a challenge. These guys bent me in ways I forgot that I could bend but they sure knew how to hit my spots because I was squirting all over them. I think my friend was surprised that we didn’t need any of the lube he had set to the side for us. This was fun I enjoy being on film.

Teen anal fuck slut

Teen anal whore

 Being a teen anal whore feels just right. With that being said I have to make sure I dance just right on that cock. I take classes, pole dancing, and hip-hop dancing. When I twerk on the dick I want to make sure I bounce my ass perfectly. My coach actually has been giving me the sex me eyes. I could tell he wanted me so bad. He didn’t want to take his eyes off me. Or take his hands off my hips. We were dance partners and I just craved his cock. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about him and I. So, I invited him back to my place. I danced on him just like he taught me and he pounded my pussy the way it needed to be. I’ll let him suck my ass hole any day. Or, let him cum in my ass. I love cum and he was so warm and he had plenty to fill me up.

Sticky Wet Fucking

Cum dumpster is a very much a learned commodity for this filthy hooker. I love to get all sticky and wet with dick fluids and my holes pounded hard and deep. I’m quite partial to gangbangs and bbc for the ultimate orgasms. So, this weekends fun was of no difference from many past weekend’s of my whoring around town and visiting hotel rooms full of men jerking off all over my sweet face and tight hooker body. I can’t help but need to drain those balls all over this rack of fake tits and face. I was fucked into oblivion and left with such a gaping twat that I could barely walk right muchless sit normally for a few days. This is the norm for me though after the weekends that I have had of late.

 Cum Dumpster

Blowing our Uber driver

cum dumpsterMy friend Heidi and I were trashed and we both had been high and drinking like fish. We ordered and uber and were trying to get home. We both soon realized when it was time to pay up our app kept advising the driver their were no funds. I panicked and probably over reacted but I made Heidi and I proposition some good head to the driver if he let us go. He had seen our stash of coke and wanted to call the cops. The fare was the least of our worries. We didn’t want to go to jail so we used our oral skills to convince the old man to let two hot horny college gals give him the ride of his life. I like being a cum dumpster point blank period, especially if it keeps me from getting in any trouble.

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