Bouncing on that cock

Big dick suckerLet’s get fucked up so I can bounce on that cock and gag you down my throat with ease. The more alcohol I guzzle down and the more hits of blow that I snort, the more numb my fuck holes will become! I wanna get face fucked by your hard dick while you suck on my throbbing clit and make the goosebumps on my inner thighs show. Rub your rough hands all over my soft skin and pinch on my fat nipples. My cunt is gonna be so fucking wet, you’re gonna literally be drowning in my vagina juice which is exactly how I like it to be! You’re such a dirty ass motherfucker and I want you to be even dirtier. Let’s see what you got in store for me, I think you’re holding back and I want you to unleash! Do some coke off of my juicy ass and eat out my butthole. I love that shit! I’m a big dick sucker but you already knew that! I just like playin with you and teasing the cum out of that yummy cock. Fuck me like the skank that I am, i’m such a dirty whore!

Freaky phone sex. Foot Fetish Fun.

Freaky phone sex

Freaky phone sex happens when we bring out our fetishes, both mine and yours. My last foot fetish call turned me on just as much as it excited my foot worshiping pet. Do you love to be a foot slut? Does your mouth water, your cock tingle when you see a pair of women’s feet!?! Old women, young women, sexy women, slutty women, they all have dirty, sexy feet that need to be worshipped. Will you crawl for a chance to smell, lick or maybe even suck those beautiful feet!?! A foot fetish call with Evonne will take you where you want to go.

Most Phone sex sluts love little submissive foot worshiping submissives! If you feel the need to both kneel down to worship and be used by a dominant woman, may I suggest that you present yourself to me as a potential foot worshiping slut. Oh, hush, you don’t have to whine so much about it, my feet are sweet smelling and smooth. Of course, now it is your place, your job and your responsibility to call often to keep my feet sweet and smooth. You do know the best way for a foot freak to indulge their love of feet, right? Talking to a dominant, pet lover like Trashy milf Evonne!

Freaky phone sex


Flo The Drug Ho

Druggy phone sex I got a great reputation that even when I am not looking for my crack it comes to me. Men just wanting to get laid know to go to “Flo the crack ho!” Eric stopped in and threw a little bag at me. I saw it was a really nice piece of rock it almost shimmered. This man deserved more than just my whore holes he was getting my daughters tight holes too. She is young and her curves are tight. She is a cute thing and the boys are all buzzing around her. I don’t let her fuck around with those young bucks tho. I am turning her into a crack whore and only letting grown men have her tight young holes. Those young men can’t offer her anything but quick dick.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutI love being a cum guzzling slut. Honestly, I drink cum all summer long. I drink cum no matter what season it is, but it is nice to mix in my lemonade on a hot summer day. I make cum cubes. Like ice cubes, just frozen jizz instead. I plop one in my morning coffee, in my mid day beer and in all my cool refreshing drinks. I was running low on cum, so I went to the pool. In the summer, it is full of young boys who are happy to cum for a dirty old whore. I brought my pitcher with me. I told them I would let them all fuck any of my holes if they would first just let me jack them off in my pitcher. I explained that I am a cum dumpster who thrives on a healthy dose of jizz daily, several times a day. They lined up for me to jerk them off in my pretty pink pitcher then they made their second deposit in my pretty pink pussy. Of course, I pushed out the cum in my cunt into the pitcher too. Now, I have enough cum to get me through the next couple days!

The Price Is Right

cum dumpsterIf the price is right, I am willing to do anything to get your load. I have been an assistant to trust fund baby who wanted to use me and make me his cum dumpster. I knew his endless supply of molly and coke, and I wanted to get my hand on it surely. I accepted his invite and got all fucked up and even let his friends watch. I was being put up on live stream and even on social media. I knew my family and friends were all going to tell me about my nasty little habits. I did not worry about the world. I wanted to get high and fucked up, and that is precisely what I did. When I am deep in a haze, I could be careless what other people think.

Daddy’s Dirty Phone Sex Slut

dirty phone sexI love being daddy’s plaything. I am not so young anymore, but when daddy calls, I am ready. He texted me last night saying he was coming over with some friends. I quickly showered and shaved my pussy. Daddy likes a clean cunt. He arrived about an hour after he texted me. He never wastes time when he wants my pussy and ass. I was nervous. Daddy could bring one friend or 30. He brought ten. All black men too. Daddy said he owed some drug money to one of them and a way to even the score was by giving him and his friends my baby girl pussy. They all had monster cocks. Daddy told me to be a good BBC whore for his friends. I pulled out their dicks and they all seemed like forearms. I was gagging and slobbering everywhere as I tried to take those big dicks in my mouth. They got forceful with me. I am daddy’s subby bitch, so I didn’t complain even though it felt like my jaw was being realigned. As much as that hurt, it was nothing compared to what they did to my ass. I am still prolapsed. I got gang banged hard, filled with cum and even smacked around. But I am a good daddy’s girl. Daddy is out of trouble. At least for now.

I Love Bad Boy Sex


Cum guzzling slut

My old man came around, and he wanted to fuck, but I think he is fucked up. My old man is a loser, and he won’t work he has no money at all, so I’m going to get me a sugar daddy, and he’s going to sweeten up my pot. I need to fuck hard and be a slut. I’m the one who wants it in my tight round ass, I want my ass caved in like a motherfucking freaky bitch. I can suck a cock all the way to the balls; it doesn’t matter how big it is I have trained my throat to work so well. I need a dick that is not like my old man’s dick because his cock is a nothing it’s only 4 inches long and it cannot satisfy me. I think I know what I have got to do. I’ve got to fuck his brother and give him a head job that he won’t forget forever. I’m a bitch; I am a fucking slut. I like a cock to be driven in me like a car going fast smash the gas make me feel all pressure. I’m horny. I’m always hot. I really love being fucked like a slut do your worst make me feel what I want. I like bad sex it’s the best where I’m treated like an object I want to be treated rudely I need it so give it to me. I want to lick your ass really well I stick my tongue right inside and out swirl it around until your cock goes crazy. You know you need me I’m the one who can make your cock cum hard I’ve got the gift, and I will use it on you tonight. So come get me good, make me feel like I’m in a porn. I’m begging I’m pleading I want it I need it please babe give me your big fat cum-filled cock.

My Family of Sexy Prostitutes: Daddy and I are so Proud

sexy prostitutesMy family of sexy prostitutes keeps growing. My husband and I, with the help of CPS, are going to adopt another little whore. One that we can raise as a whore from the beginning. My three girls are all different, but they were born for the sex industry. That is why I wanted my husband and I to move to a community of like-minded individuals. My daughters are my property. My husband and I make the decisions of how they should be raised, not society, not the law, and not the schools. We believe in family fucking and we believe in making our girls the best whores around. Even Melissa, our obstinate daughter is beginning to come around. She understands that not only am I her mommy, but I am also her pimp. She needs to earn a certain amount of money per day or she can’t come home. She came home late last night but she had her quota and what she was short the night before. She smelled of pussy too. My husband and I wanted to know all the juicy details. She stood in front of us looking like a glazed donut from all the lesbian juices coating her body telling us of all the women that fucked her. Some paid to fuck her with a strap-on. Some paid to eat her cunt, but most paid to squirt on her young face. Melissa the Muff Diver. She eats carpet so well, her nickname at school is Hoover. Everywhere she goes, women look at her with a smile. They have either paid for her schoolgirl cunt or they are thinking about it. My husband and I still have a lot of training to do with our young hookers for hire, but they are making us prouder by the day. Why have little girls if you can’t enjoy them for yourselves and make a profit off them too, right?

Druggy phone sex. Forced Intox

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex and forced intoxication is No joke. I take it very seriously. both in my life and on the phone. There’s this forced intox fantasy addict I talk to that absolutely is about the most fun ever. That’s why I have a blast hanging out with him. I love pushing and prodding him deeper and deeper down his path of deviate danger.

Come take another hit, another big big gulp. Take it, drink it, smoke it, pop it for this hot cougar phone mistress. Mindlessly now drink drink, as if you’ve been brainwashed to follow my every direction. Without question regardless of how high you already feel, drink drink drink. Sure, why not? You never could say no to me. Just the tone of my voice, my quiet command, my demands. The seeds I’m sowing in your mind will grow and grow.

During our Drunk phone sex I like the way you hide out in a hotel for this drugged out sexcapade with me. You know that I admire your dedication. I will do anything. I have more plans than you think. I’m considering being a kinky accomplice on our next get together.

It’s my job to both embarrass you and entice you into more and more intoxication. Drink up asshole, it is not something you can question. Dressing in sexy undies during forced intox sessions just helps you lose control. So put that sexy lingerie on and get the fuck over here! Next time we are going to get your fresh young niece involved in our No taboo phone sex.

Druggy phone sex

Nasty and Hot Period Phone Sex

period phone sex

This gangbang slut loves some period phone sex. I was showing my ass-ets off at the local pier today. I was a hot and horny high whore. Even more than normal because I got my Rag. I still wanted to check out the meat market at the beach so I shoved a tampon up my twat and put on my red bikini. I wasn’t going to let a little blood stand in the way of me and some hot cum! I found my target with just some red speedos on and oiled up to the gills! I showed off my fat ass and well, oops my tampon string was hanging out. He walked up to me put his hand between my legs and pulled out my tampon and handed it to me. He gave me his key card and said he wanted me exactly as I was and to meet him in his room in 15 minutes. I opened my hand and there was $500 dollars in my hand with my bloody tampon. I was happy to walk to the hotel bleeding down my thigh a little. When your a fucking hot coke whore with huge fake tits nobody dares say anything to you. I mean a couple of women pulled me aside and gave me a tampon, I assured them I was going up to my hotel now! Little did they know I was a paid whore at that very moment! I arrived and this hot hunk threw me on the bed and ripped my bikini bottoms off. His face was in my bloody snatch and his moans were so loud. He ate me out to orgasm My pussy was cummy and bloody as he took out his cock and started fucking me. His face was bloody and I kissed him licking off my period juices. I love the nasty phonesex tales of my life. Cum play with me!nasty phonesex

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