BBC Sex Stories I Might Have a Lot To Share with You

bbc sex storiesA trashy blonde whore can tell some BBC sex stories. In honor of 4.20 day, I went to the truck stop to get some weed. Of course, I wanted some coke too. Nobody gets better coke or weed than black truck drivers. Although Big D did not come through town last night, he CB’d this younger black trucker that I would fuck and suck for some good shit. So, when my skanky ass walked through the truck bays, Trayvon came looking for me. However, he did not appear alone.

I love it when a trucker brings a pal with him. The more the merrier for me. Devan accompanied Trayvon to learn the ropes. And I guess that training included tag teaming a druggy porn star. As I snorted some primo coke and puffed on some good ganja, those two black studs railed my ass and pussy. I could feel two big full ball sacks slapping against my ass at once.

Happy 4/20 Day with Weed and Big Black Cocks

Huge young black cocks snaked deep inside my fuck holes. Hell, I think they hit some spots that no one has ever found, LOL. I mean I felt like my body experienced an earthquake. All of me quivered. Perhaps, they found that elusive G-spot. I get a lot of big black cock. But it is not often I get two at once. This did not appear to be their first time sharing a mature whore.

When their cocks appeared drained dry, I brought them back to life with my oral skills. Like Mick Jagger sings, I can make a dead man cum. I am that good. And I did not care that their cocks looked coated in my cunt and ass juice. I wanted more BBC phone sex fun. So, I pumped those big black cocks back to life. And got tag teamed some more. By the time I got home, I smelled like a gang bang porn star. But what a great smell. And what a great way to spend 420 day.

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