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Lot Lizard Sex for the Pavement Princess

lot lizard sex BethanyLast night, I was just wanting to get some good, nasty fucking from anyone I could find, so I went over to the local truck stop. Those boys know they can find some of the skankiest hos in the area over there, but it’s also the best place for lot lizard sex.

I didn’t really care what I got, I just needed some cock. So, when I got to the truck stop, I walked up to the first closed can I saw and banged on the door. No one home. Same at the next one. The third cab opened to me to reveal a scrawny trucker chowing down on a burger.

“Ya got anything to share?” I asked him.

“Sure do, but I’m not putting down my meal.”

“You don’t have to.” He swiveled in his seat, I unbuttoned and unzipped his fly, and pulled out his hardening cock. I swallowed it down, greedily gagging on it in my haste to taste that delicious cum, and I barely noticed when I felt hands prodding at my skirts at my rear.

The stranger behind me pulled aside my thong and stick a rock hard pecker into my pussy. He practically lifted me up, which made it easier to keep sucking on the first guy as he contentedly finished up his burger.

Then I heard a deep, ominous voice, “What are you two doing to that fine lady here?”

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With a one-two-grunt, the guy fucking me spent himself – over so fast! – but the dude I was sucking went limp at the sound and pulled himself away from me. I was dropped like a hot potato.

The man who had spoken was a big, burly man, heavily bearded. He beckoned to me and said, “C’mere, pavement princess, we’ll get you cleaned up.”

Somewhat miffed at my fun being spoiled, I followed him, back to his truck. At the cab, he opened the door to the passenger side, hidden from view, lifted me up easily, and sat me down on the seat there. He then reached under my skirt, slid off my thong, and spread my legs. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked him.

“Cleaning you up,” he replied, diving his head down and licking out the cum from my previous occupant. Then he hitched his pants down, picked me up, shoved me against the side of his truck, and fucked me hard, bouncing me on top of him like I was riding a pogo stick.

When he was done, I could barely stand, so he gave me a ride home. I had my husband suck the rest of the cum out of my dripping pussy before going to bed for the night.

cum dumpster Bethany

Big Daddy Daycare and Ellen

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Big Daddy Daycare is my pimp. He loves to wear purple and sing songs, Kinda like Barney. He takes real good care of his hoes, as long as we bring in the money he is happy. Our relationship is not the best. I tend to skim some money off the top. He gets crazy! But he doesn’t like to hurt his hoes too bad. Before we can go out and make him money he wife’s us up for a month or two. He beats the pussy up and us up.

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He breaks us down and then builds us up. He showed me the meaning of nose candy and I fucking love it. I will suck a dick that is green and smells like shit for some coke. My first client Bid Daddy Daycare was in the room with me. The John wanted to piss all over me. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I thought it was nasty as fuck. BDD took me to the bathroom. He smashed my face into the counter and told me I was gonna drink piss if I was fucking told to do it.

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I was crying and upset and BDD made it all better with a kiss on the forehead and some  blow up my nose. After I was pissed on and cum on My first John was done. I didn’t have a chance to shower before my next john but he didn’t fucking care. I was high, covered in cum and piss and making money for BDD. 

Taking the Train

Anal Sex WhoreI had to work late at work supervising a bunch of construction workers. And after I drained each and everyone of there cocks It was time to go home. I took the train so I could sit and play with my pulsating cum filled pussy and relive all the fun I just had! I didn’t even care who was watching me. I was lost in my own world. My legs were spread wide with two fingers shoved in my waiting cunt. I was so close to cumming! It was building and building when I felt someone grab my hand and pull me up. It was some gang banger’s on the train. I didn’t even see them get on. They were all talking at once calling me a whore. A slut! I told them to shut the fuck up and fuck me! I don’t was being pulled every which way. My tits squeezed and my clothes ripped off! Then I felt all their cocks at once! My asshole, my mouth, my cunt all being filled! It was pure heaven! Right there on the train. Being treated like a dirty whore. I have never cum so much in my life! I am going to have to start taking the train home every night!

Fucked Till Unconcious

So after I got high last night I tried to make it back home. I guess the guys who gave me my smack had other plans. They all gathered around and started to push me into each other, soon I was on the ground. They spit on me calling me a stupid whore. They all pulled out their dicks and started to slap me in the face with them. One grabbed my jaw Pissing Sex Silviaand said open wide as began to piss in my mouth. He slapped my face and told me I spilled some than rubbed my face in the ground making me lick it up. I felt my clothing being torn off of me and soon I had a few pairs of hands on my tits and pushing into my ass. I tried to beg them to please let me go, I had paid them the cash they wanted, but they laughed and said inflation was going up and I was their fuck slut tonight.

I looked up and saw this foot long dick being stroked above me and when he leaned down he put his knees on my forearms and lowered his pelvic towards my mouth. He was using all his body weight to hold my upper body down and soon was pumping that foot long cock down my throat. I can’t tell you how many times I vomited and had to swallow quickly or I would have choked to death on this dick! He would not stop! Pumping faster and faster, calling me his face slut. Telling me he could fuck my mouth for hours until I passed out from lack of oxygen. And that is what Extreme Phone Sex Silviahappened. I was dozing in and out. They were choking me and I realized they were making me pass out on purpose! They wanted to fuck an unconscious whore! They beat me with their belts until I was almost bleeding. Just to piss all over my face and in my mouth! When I came to this morning I was in an alley naked and being fucked by a group of homeless men They must have drove me while I was passed out, and I was in nothing but a ripped pair of panties. And I was so weak all I could do was cry….

Working Late at the Office!

Anal Sex WhoreI had to work late at the library today! And that fucking sucks! We are opening a new exhibit and I Had to supervise some of the workers. I was really hoping it would be done early so I could go out and party! I was sitting upstairs watching all the workers. There sweaty body’s working hard. I got so turned on I raised up my skirt and starting playing with my pussy! I knew they could easily see me and I really done give a fuck! My cunt is pulsating! And I need to be fucked. So I started moaning louder. Just to get their attention. And it worked like a charm! The guys watched me for a few minutes. Then they made there way upstairs to me! When they finally showed up I told them it was about time! I turned around and bent all the way over. Showing off my ass and pussy lips. I looked back over my shoulder and said “Who gets to fuck me first!” I didn’t bother getting their names! I dont give a fuck who they are. One by one I took each and ever hard cock and when I knew they were close I would scream cum inside me baby! And they all did! I am such a fucking cum whore!

Wet Cunt for a Cold Beer

Me and bestie decided to hang at the community pool today. I am loving this new warm weather. We took a cooler of beer, and had drank ourselves silly within a couple hours. There were families and shit at the pool, but we were just too fucked up to care and needed some action. The only guys there alone were quite a bit older than us, but again, the beer made everything seem alright. Thats the usual when I am with her.

We kept parading by the men, shaking our asses in our little bikinis as we did, and she even tripped a few times she was so fucking wasted. I laughed my ass off, but we finally had their attention. We had run out of beer, and so I asked one of the guys if I could get a beer off him. He asked what we would do for them for a couple cold beers and I gave my favorite answer: ANYTHING! He motioned towards the shed where the bathrooms were and told us to meet him and his buddies behind there.

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We went back there and they followed. Once out of sight of the pool, they reached up and untied our bikini tops and then spun us around to face the wall. They told us to shake our tight asses like we’d been doing all day. I had no problem with that, and neither did she, so we gave them a slutty show of some drunk hot ass. They couldn’t keep their hands off of us at that point and got their cocks out and up between our ass cheeks in no time. They fucked us both right there behind the shed, and I was so happy to get those cold beers afterwards!

Cum dumpster Stripper BJ

Cum DumpsterCum dumpster stripper BJ is the trashy whore for unloading in. Can we say trashy stripper milf? Yeah, that would hit the nail on the head. My blow jobs are hot but fucking my holes will make your jizz flow. Hardcore anal fucking is my kind of fun and more filled my holes get the hotter I fucking get. 

Sloppy seconds, thirds or even maybe you can take me last, after I take all your friends and the cum is oozing out of my slut holes. Pop in that stripper sex porn and then pop into my sloppy cum oozing pussy. There is not a position I love more than doggy style with a cock in every hole..hell I will take you and my son in my pussy or maybe invite your son along and really stuff me. Stuff me stretch me make my pussy sloppy wet and dripping spooge. 

Anal Cum Dumpster

I am not patient if you’re late I will have already left and found some party with plenty of black cock to stuff and stretch me. I want my cunt fucked good hard and deep and filled stretched and gaping. Maybe your pathetic and get off watching me get filled and stretched? I hope you plan on taking me after all this bbc’s had their way with my sleazy holes. 

The Cum Dumpster In The Parking Lot

Cum Dumpster HadleyTruth is I was fucking bored waiting for him to show up when I saw the two black guys looking at me like I was a cum dumpster. This bar was full of black men and I found my cunt wet, so wet, each time I realized I was being watched. I saw the two get up from their table as I entered the ladies room. I dumped a small pile of white powder on the rim of the toilet and almost fell on my ass trying to snort it. The thought of dirty cunt on that toilet seat made me even wetter as I choked the bitter drain down my throat and pinched my nipples hard as I felt the meth hit my bloodstream. When I opened the door they were waiting for me and I told them $100 each for my services, and found myself dragged into their car.

They pulled my shirt up and my shorts off. One sucked and bit my tits hard and the other rammed his fist inside my pussy so hard I yelled out in surprise. They slapped my face and told me to open my mouth only to take their black cock. Soon that was shoved down my throat hard. Fucking from both ends I felt my cunt quiver with each orgasm BBC Phone Sex Hadleyand they were not stopping any time soon. I could feel my holes being stretched so wide and they said the first load would not be the last. These two loved calling me a whore and before I knew it, I was being pounded hard from behind. Draped over the front seat with my legs stretched I saw the car door open and a new guy entered. I was unable to object since my mouth was being fucked pretty dam hard with more than one cock. I was just a white trash cum dumpster in this bar parking lot and the more they fucked me the more I wanted. Cock after cock took turns on all my stretched out holes. And by the time I was done I believe I had fucked the whole bar! They laughed at just how much I looked like a slut with all that cum dripping from my face and hair. In the end I made almost a grand, and they drove off leaving me in the parking lot. I looked up and noticed a few guys smoking outside the bar next door. “Time to make some money” I thought, as they approached grabbing their cocks through their pants.Crack Whore Anal Hadley

This Cum Dumpster Cums With A Price

cum dumpster phone sex evonneThe girls brought him home last night. We worked his ass over good, fucking him inside and out. he loved having three hot wet pussies all over him at once. He got more then his monies worth out of my little sluts and the bonus was my hot wet pussy joining in. We were so full of his fucking cum by the end of the night that we really were cum dumpsters. Our cunts were full of it, our bellies were full of it, our asses were over flowing, even our hair was full of his cum. He was so happy that he took us all out to eat breakfast. Stopping at the ATM to get some money I slid up behind him. Seeing the amount of money this old coot really had made me cum right there in my panties. I silently went back to the car, he never even knew I was looking over his shoulder. Sliding into the front seat  I barely gave him time to turn the key before I was bent over and sucking his cock. The girls in the back seat leaned over and kissed his neck and sucked his ears while I worked his cock. All the while purring about how I couldn’t get enough of his dick and what a great lover he was. Wrapping him around my little finger was going to be fun. Milking him dry was going to be easy.

Greedy Cum Dumpster Cougar Beverly

Cum dumpstertrashy cougarI’m proud to be a cum dumpster. I was bottle fed on my daddy’s cum. And I bottle fed my brats on their daddy’s cum. My daughters and I still like to play with cum. It’s our secret to looking young. I’m known in my trailer park as the cum dump cougar, so when men need their balls drained, they hunt me or one of my bukkake slut daughters down, sometimes they get lucky and get us both like today. My daughter was over this morning hanging out when there was a knock on my door. It was the married guy from a few trailers over with an ugly bitch of a wife. Poor guy probably has not been blown since Regan was president.

I told him I knew exactly what he needed. What every man needs. Cum release. I’m happy to take the cum from any living creature! I stripped naked, got on my kitchen island and let him fuck my ass. I love cum running out of my asshole. So does my daughter. She has been sucking cum out of my fuck holes since she was a wee girl. My neighbor’s balls were so swollen. My girl got under us to suck his aching ball sac as he drilled my ass like the energizer bunny. For a guy who has not fucked in way too long, he had amazing staying power.

anal cum dumpster cougar whoreI let him dump his load in my ass knowing my daughter would clean me up. Watching me shit his cum out into my daughter’s mouth got him hard again almost instantly, so I let him take a turn in my cunt. He fucked me longer this time, which was great because his cock was really thick and long. As he was pounding my puss my daughter was fingering his ass to massage his prostrate. I taught her the trick to drain a man’s balls completely. I’d like to say I was concerned about men being totally satisfied and healthy being drained, but it’s really more about my greed for cum. I want all I can get!

But I am not so greedy I won’t share spunk with my cum whore daughter. I pissed out the cum he left in my cunt into a bowl, then I spoon fed it to my daughter just like I did when she was a wee one. She loved it then, like she loves it now. Do you like cum? I’ll let you clean me up too. Maybe even spoon feed you jizz out of my pussy.

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