Drug infused cum

Druggy phone sexFucking with a drug dealer is a guaranteed constant high, that’s why I fucking love having druggy phone sex! Snorting lines off of one another’s sexy body, taking shots of hard liquor like there’s no tomorrow, smoking cigarettes by the pack, the more fucked up I get, the hornier my cunt gets! I stay dripping fucking wet, just how I like to be! Spreading my legs open as wide as they can spread while slipping my fingers in and out of my sloppy pussy as my sexy dealer watches me turns me on so fucking much! Making my drug dealer’s cock explode with cum multiple times back to back to back only gets me higher and hornier since he has tons of drugs in his blood system! It carries over into his cock juice so the more cum that he dumps into me, the more fucked up I become! He tastes so fucking delicious, I can’t get enough of guzzling his dick cream down my throat! You could bottle up his cum and sell it as a drug all by itself, that’s how twisted I get off of it!

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