Juicy and Sweet just like the fruit I’m Valencia, a trashy prostitute ready to fulfill some filthy aspirations with you. You don’t mind sloppy seconds or thirds do you? I fucking hope not because I am a trash talking little cum dumpster slut out to drain you. You make of that what you will, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy every second.
I am a Bad Girl, a husband stealer and home wrecker. I will seduce father and son in the same moment. Your wife’s cunt is a useless flesh slot that you can’t even feel when you enter her sloppy wet pussy. My fucking cunt is tight and I know how to use every muscle in that cock trap that you won’t be able to stop coming to me.
My sloppy gooey mess filled cunt becomes something you have to have and you want to buy me. You would be willing to put me up in my own place and buy me the car I want. All of this you would do even though you have a wife and family to support.
What a pathetic man you can’t possibly afford me the way my escorting can. You don’t understand the filthier the fun the more they pay, and baby I do it ALL. No taboo phone sex is what you get with me. Your Juicy breakfast treat ready to squirt these sweet juices all over you.
So if you are in the mood for some sunshine and vitamin C (for cunt) then let your inhibitions go and dial me for desire. You can expect me to get nasty with golden showers, cuckolding, toilet sex play, anal sex, ass to mouth fucking. I’m a wild girl baby, and you cannot shock this cum hungry tramp of gangbangs and Mandingo bukkake.
I’ll be waiting with a sloppy hole or two ready for you.

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