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Working It

phone sex line deannaI’m feeling pretty good about my job and life in general when I get a visit from the manager of the club. He tells me the owner isn’t happy with his decision to promote me. They think a lowly stripper cant efficiently assist in managing. I ask him what I need to do in order to keep this job. He tells me I’m going to have to qualify for it the old fashioned way. As most women do, I’m gonna have to sleep my way to the top!
I’m really not finding a problem with that. Since I’m not stripping nightly, I am not getting nearly as much cock as before, and I am really pretty fucking horny! I had met the owner once before. I would have to fantasize about some other stud, because he really wasn’t all that, but I could handle it. The manager tells me they are waiting outside my door. They? I thought the club was owned by one person? It is, but his two sons help him make all business decisions, you tell me.
He opens the door to the fat, balding owner of the club, and two of the most gorgeous hunks to ever make entrance into my office. No small talk is exchanged. They simply walk in and tell me to get out of my clothes and show them how much I want this job. Out of my clothes, and onto my knees, I find the first of the three cocks I will service this night shoved in my face. Even though its the Daddy of the two and not the hottest of men, I am impressed with the size and girth of his cock. Unceremoniously, he pushed that thick cock into my mouth. I am happy to suck on this fat sausage, but he quickly slams it into the back of my throat, making me gag. The two sons only laugh as he skull fucks me to the point of my nearly passing out. The oldest son lays down and I crawl on top of him, still having Daddy’s cock crammed into my throat. I lower myself onto an even larger cock than the one that is in my throat. My pussy is dripping so it goes inside me easily, filling me up. Not to be left out, and not even giving me a chance to establish a rhythm between the two cocks I am handling, the younger son comes behind me and begins fingering my back door. With a dick in my mouth and in my pussy, and a finger in my ass, I am in heaven. Only a minute passes before he removes his finger from my ass and replaces it with his large cock. Oh my God! At this point, he easily has the largest tool ever to be shoved into my little asshole, and it isn’t even able to stretch fully due to the cock filling my pussy. I feel as if I am being split in two! The three take no mercy and I barely hang on to consciousness as they use all of my holes. Finally, I feel as if my ass has opened enough to accommodate the intrusion and the pain is being replaced by pleasure. I have no idea how long I was fucked back and forth between these three cocks. Once the pain became pleasure, I came the hardest I had ever come in my life! The three didn’t slow down. They had amazing stamina and I vaguely remember them changing places. Through my brain fog, I’m not even sure who ended up where. I must have actually passed out after my orgasm because the next thing I remember I was waking up on the couch of my office. I was still nude and my body was covered with cum. On my desk, I find a paper with a short note.
Enjoy the promotion. Same time next week!
This was the first gang bang for me, but it looked like it would not be the last. I must admit, I am looking forward to next week. Damn, just how big of a cock slut am I?

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Big dick sucker

big dick sucker

Have you ever craved a niggers cock? It’s so dark and deliciously huge! See I only go after 13 inches or bigger since I love me them foot longs! I have this guy friend coming over by the name of Talib and let’s say he really loves his white meat. He is everything I’m craving at the moment hard big dick and all. We have this routine where he has to get naked as soon as he steps into my home rush to my room where I am on all fours waiting to get my cunt fucked by this giant nigger dick.

As he runs towards me grabbing me with his giant hands bringing me closer to that giant head of his, I can’t help but scream in anticipation  waiting excitedly has he begins to spread my cunt lips with his massive cock. As I feel his shaft penetrating deeper and deeper in to my cunt hole he smiles at me since he can feel me oozing all of my sticky warm Precum  all over his dick  causing it  to slide down  to his balls since I am so turned on.

With in seconds I feel this huge cock stretching out  the inside of my pussy causing me to scream like a crazy bitch as he smacks my ass cheeks hard while at the same time wrapping my hair around his hands  pulling my hair fucken hard making me say that I love his nigger dick. As Talib continues to fuck my nasty dirty cunt with his nigger cock I feel my cunt hole become raw from being stretched  and pounded on like an animal. I then feel Talib hold my head down as he dumps his load all into my pussy. I can feel his hot thick slimy cum drip down my pussy down to my legs. Right when I think it’s over I am sadly mistaken since he decides to try anal. I begin to scream trying to free my self from his grip but I am to late.

I begin to scream in agony while his nigger cock tears my asshole open. As I lye down face down on the bed with my ass up I just hear his cock sliding I’n and out of my asshole his pelvis smacking my ass and the smell of cocoa butter and shit! I can feel a sharp pain in my ass hole as he continues to work it going faster and faster! My ass hole begins to feel raw and sore as he begins to moan and thrusting his hips deeper and deeper into my ass, filling my ass hole with his nigger juice. I guess it’s true once you go black you can’t walk

What more could a girl ask for?

phone sex line carolineI asked for your stories and you have been so great about calling me. Now that I know I am not the only one with these feelings, things are so much better. I think about little pussies and cocks all day and I dream of them at night. I guess I am obsessed! I just love sucking on my girl’s sweet little pussy while she is doing the same for me. She has gotten so good at it, too. She knows just what to do to get me to that point and I gush all on her sweet little face. Best of all this week was when you brought your son over to play. He is so well hung for a young one! Lying side by side while she took care of your hard cock and he fucked my pussy with the energy only youth can have – oh my gosh, I didn’t know I could come so hard. I just wish it wouldn’t have ended when it did. If I could have gotten his little cock in my ass, and yours in my cunt, I know I would have been in heaven! You said you will be back this week. I can’t wait!

Big Dick Sucker of BBC

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker is a sure fire way to warm an old broad up on a chilly day. Especially if that dick is a big black cock. Something about those anacondas that just warms every inch of my body. Yes, I love black cocks and I cannot lie; so today when I woke up to frigid temperatures, I knew just where to go. The Loves truck stop off route 66. All the black truckers hang out there, and well, you know truckers. Any port in the storm will do. I could be some skanky looking two tons of fun old whore and those cocks would line up for my fuck holes. Luckily, I am a skinny hot old blonde cougar so those niggers couldn’t wait to give me their personal loads. I got in the back of my favorite black trucker’s cab and started chugging black trucker cock. They skull fucked this cougar whore like they hadn’t gotten a blowjob since the 70s. I swear from the moment the first big black dick hit my lips to the time my belly was full of cum, I felt warmer than I had in a long time. That’s the power of black cock. Luckily, I always know where to go to score the biggest and blackest dicks in town.

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Drugs & Cock

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I am not afraid to admit that I am a slut. No, that’s too modest. I am a super slut. And honestly I do not see what is so wrong with that. Some people like bananas, I love cock. Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, I even told myself I would stop doing drugs this new year but I haven’t been able to stop that either. Drugs and cock is all I need for my guilty pleasures! Take away the guilty and mine is just pleasure. And it makes other people happy too! Whoever it is. I would be classified as a super slut because I will fuck just about anyone. I have no boundaries I just love to fuck!! I still have my preferences though don’t get me wrong!! I really would like for at least one guy and one girl to be in my slutty fun. That’s not too much to ask, I think it’s reasonable and everyone should do it that way. It’s beneficial because not only is there enough to go around, there’s more ways to fuck and more parts to play with! Why wouldn’t I want to eat a girl out while getting fucked in the ass by our guy? Or maybe I could flick her nipples while she gets fisted by him…the possibilities are endless. I don’t care what people think – being a slut is fucking awesome.

Make me break that Resolution.

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His cock tasted so good that I forgot all about my New year’s Resolution. What was I thinking? No more sucking strange cocks. Right!!!! That’s like asking me to give up air or water. I’ve been sucking cock since I was just a brat in a schoolgirl outfit. I wake up every day wondering what kind of cock life will be sending me that day. Cock juice is like caffeine. And I do love a good cup. Being on my knees, worshipping a thick, meaty jerky stick is one of life’s joys to me. My pussy aches when I see a bulge. I want it and I usually get it. I’m a shameless whore when I see one I want. I once blew a man in a dressing room while his wife waited outside. I’ve left my dates waiting in clubs while I got me some fuck sauce in the bathroom. And don’t get me started on BBC. I’m like a whore on crack when it comes to black!!!
Don’t you just love a dirty little cocksucker? Let me describe in detail how I would pull every last drop of jizz from your throbbing dick. You will almost feel my soft lips caressing your nuts as I rub my pussy and share my expertise with you. I have some great roleplays in mind to keep it hot. Bring me that hot, creamy load and make me break my resolution one more time!!! I’m open wide and hungry for you, lover.

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The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men

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Every year on January 12 I go to the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men. I love looking at these hot sexy men. The work out, they live wild single lives. They fuck as many women that they can pump there cock in. Most of these Wild men want something new sexually. They need something to spice things up. They do nasty shit to see if they can get off on it. I make tons of money and do so much coke while I am there. I get gang banged, I suck cock, I eat cum. These guys was to rub our dick together. Some want to taste my thick sexy tranny cock. I lick and eat men’s assholes all day long. I don’t care if they are clean or dirty! These men want me to take charge. They want to be taken down by an alpha male and forced to have a big thick cock fucking their tight assholes. I love the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men. 

Filthy Whore

phone sex line hadleyI am a filthy fucking phone sex whore and not at all ashamed of that. My daddy and uncles taught me when I was young how to be such a good fucking whore. I am looking for some nasty phone sex right now. The nastier the better. You can do anything to me I just want that cock inside of me. In my mouth, my pussy my tight tight ass. I want to be pounded so fucking hard. A gang bang would be great. 3 or 4 big cocks fucking every hole making me cum over and over. I can go for hours even days. I love taking 3 cocks at once. Put one in my mouth one in my pussy and one in my ass and fuck me silly. It has been 6 hours since I have had hot filthy phone sex so call me and let me make you cum by doing whatever you want and shooting your load in me. I want you so bad, Im so lonely. My pussy is already wet so I am ready for you now.

Don’t Fuck with a Trashy MILF Gangbang Whore

Trashy MILFTrashy MILF is what I am known as among many of the parents in my soccer mom gated community. They look down on me. Think my husband is some saint who took pity on a younger woman. They think I married him for his money. Little do they know that my wealthy church going, white collar hubby is a total freak and that is why I married him. The stuck up bitches in my neighborhood would freak the fuck out if they knew my perfect husband paid my parents good money to fuck me for years when I was just a school girl. And, that he bought them from me. Not because he wanted to keep me as some sex slave, but because they would never let me go without sizable money. I was their cash cow. My husband and I have a kinky open lifestyle, but all the community bitches see is his trashy younger wife in her too short and too tight clothing. They think I am a slut and a gold digger. Well they are half right. I am most definitely a slut.

I decided to show them that I am not only a slutty MILF, but I am a gangbang whore too, with their sons and husbands. Friday was some student teacher conference day so most of the boys in the neighborhood got off around noon. I had my sons invite a few of the boys whose mothers are the most catty and bitchy towards me. My boys know how I operate. They knew when I told them the boys to invite over what exactly I was up too. I had a house full of young teen boys. I got on the couch naked, twerked my hot MILF ass and they lined up with their stiff dicks in their hands ready to fuck their friend’s hot mom. You remember when you were a horny teen? I bet you would have died to fuck that one friend’s mom. I got several loads of boy cum in my fuck holes. Even taught those boys the joys of a good blow job. I sent them home with the scent of a woman on them and a message to their mommies: “Your husbands are next.” I’m a street wise dirty MILF. Women should know better than to fuck with me.

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