New Recruit

Trailer Trash WhoreI am always looking for new little whores to recruit for the truck stop. And just the other day in our trailer park I seen a sassy little red head tramping around. I asked her if she was busy and told her to come on down and apply for a job. Once she arrived I already had a few truckers lined up ready for the fresh meat. I don’t think she quite had this position in mind but boy is she a natural. A little red head reminded me much of myself. A mini fire bush! I explained to her what her duties would be and she began to perform them right there on the spot giving me an example of what a good little whore she is going to be. Sucking both men off at the same time she did not skip a beat. At one point she had both cocks crammed in her mouth at once. She then bent over the counter and guided one dick in her pink little pussy and another into her tiny tight ass. These men pounded her like no tomorrow and she took it better than some of my seasoned whores. Once they broke in her little fuck holes she hopped down off that counter and finished them off by sucking them each deep into her throat one at a time. Milking those cocks with her sweet lips until they creamed all over her face and in her mouth. She is a good little cum dumpster and I hired her on the spot.

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