Stripper sex stories : A Girl’s Night Out

stripper sex storiesDo you love stripper sex stories? Well have I got one for you! It was girl’s night last night and Constance, Cassandra and I had a fucking blast! We’re all nasty sluts and you know as well as I do that sluts like us are never going to have fun just having a couple drinks at a regular club. No, we had to go where our people were so we headed to the local strip club where they were having amateur night! None of us have any kind of problem taking our clothes off… in fact we kinda prefer it if we get the chance to be naked so we were really excited about stripping for all those horny guys. We figured that even if we didn’t win any money, we could still win us some nice hard dicks to play with.

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The strip club was packed when we got there, man I have never seen it that full of horny men before! Still though, none of us were nervous while we were waiting our turns, we were just really turned on by the idea of stripping naked! First up was Cassandra, she started off dancing on the stripper pole but very quickly ended up doing a lap dance instead and riding an entirely different kind of pole, if you know what I mean. *wink wink* Constance lasted a little longer on stage but soon she too was riding a flesh pole instead, what can I say, sluts always like lap dances way better than pole dancing! As for me, I didn’t even get on stage at all. How could I when there were two of my favorite sluts right there in my face getting fucked?? I was too horny to strip so I just found me a cock to dance on instead. We may not have won the prize but damn we sure did have a lotta fun anyway!!

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