Pantie Lovers

phone sex line cleo1Panties are so erotic. They spend the entire day between my legs filling with the musky scent of sex. Every girl loves panties and I have so many pairs I can wear a different one every day of the year. Today I am filling every pair of panties I can get my hands on with pussy juice and cum. I wish I had a man here to fill my ass with cum so I could put a pair on and let all the cum flow out of my ass and into the panties. But I guess I have to make do with what I have. My cum filled panties have so many uses. I love to stuff a dirty pair of panties in my mouth while I am getting fucked or fingering my cunt for fun. Not to mention the extra money I make selling my panties to horny old fuckers that like the smell too. I also have a couple of guys that like to use my cum covered panties to jack off mixing their cum with mine on the silky crotch. Wanna cum watch me while I dirty my panties?

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