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lot lizard sexThere is one thing I had never tried before and that was lot lizard sex. I’ve been paid for my pussy before, just never in a truck stop and for a white trash hooker like me, that is practically a crime! I got all dolled up and went to the big truck stop a few miles from my house, there were always a lot of truckers parked there so I was sure I could find a willing customer with no problem. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, I kept thinking do I stand here and wait to be noticed or start knocking on truck doors but the problem resolved itself because I was only there for 5 minutes before a guy approached me. He told me I was beautiful and asked if I was a working girl and as soon as I said yes, he led me back to his truck and gave me a hundred dollars to bend over and let him fuck me doggy style. That was the easiest 100 bucks I have ever made!! I will definitely be doing this again!

Gangbang Whore Gets Pimped Out

As a true sex addicted trailer trash whore it’s no surprise my date ended up being a whacked out pimp. He picked me up and took me over to a house on the East side of town. The neighborhood was sketchy and I felt like the only white piece of ass there. Once inside the house a whole new perspective came to light, this date was a hoax. 

Gangbang Whore

I found myself among a bunch of hookers for hire and was told that I will be part of a prostitution porn. This was not some offer or such it was a fucking sleazy ass order. I was the only blonde there as the majority of the hookers were of other descents. Evidently playing suave to lure me in only to turn into psycho pimp daddy once I was in his “territory”. They were already filming and I was being sized up by a group of black men. 

It came to be that I was already preapproved and stalked for this production by the main black man of that group. My date turned pimp made it clear to me I was now owned by him and will do what I am told to do. He motioned for the guys to take me back and get started. This was really weird as he claims he owns me but I have a feeling he was owned by the big dirtball nigger that started groping at me and slapping my ass and tits with his huge black hands.

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Once the guys were all naked and standing around me stripped with red hand marks on my tits and ass. These guys started touching and groping me as I was force fed big nigger cock. They fucked my cunt, ass, and face with a fucking vengeance and cumming in every hole. Once I was getting good and stuffed my “owner” came in and he was wearing a fucking pair of womens panties with a hard on that looked like it would bust anytime.

Pimpman got in on the action like a submissive cuckold mother fucker. He got his face under my cunt as these big black dicks were invading my snatch and filling it with cream. The crazy mother fucker was so turned on by all that cock invading me he started sucking my pussy and tongue fucking all the cream out. This was one whacked pimp that really enjoyed taking the big nigger dick also and really guzzled that cum down.

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They say pussy knows everything. I laugh. I have the best of both worlds. Great big TITS and a nice big COCK!

I know what men want and I am more than willing to get dirty for them.

As long as I get some crack, Ill do anything.

Today I had a big cock shoved in my ass.

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He pushed his cock in my ass so hard that I shit on him.

He fucking loved it.

He grabbed a piece of the shit and rubbed it on my cock.

He told me to start jerking off as he fucked more shit out of me.

As I was rubbing my big dick, I started to feel more and more shit flow out of my gaping ass. 

This fucking guy had a big cock and was stretching me open.

I didn’t care, I charged him extra anyway. 

That means more crack and maybe some food for me. 

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Hookers For Hire and for Sire

hookers for hire dirty MILFThere is this crazy pimp in my neighborhood that I do my best to avoid. Not crazy cuckoo, crazy sick. But, he has the best drugs in town. My husband and I are throwing an orgy for some high end clients of his so we need the best dope we can find. This cat carries every flavor too. He is an old school 70s pimp. Name is Maurice, old enough to be my daddy, and just as twisted. I went to meet him, exchange money for a large stash of coke, X, smack, weed and pills. I had the money, but this crazy mother fucker didn’t want my money. He wanted my oldest daughter’s anal cherry and to breed her. He heard that I was a dirty mommy. He heard right, but even I was unsure about her ass being popped by an old black pimp with a rumored 16 inch cock, let alone bred by him. She just started her period.

He was adamant that he was not doing business with me unless I gave up my daughter. I told him I needed to think about it. Gave me an hour to make up my mind. Best party favors in town to violate my daughter’s ass, then knock her up so he’d have a cute little bi-racial nugget to whore out. What the hell, my daddy bred me at that age, sold my little ones off to support us. I went home to get my daughter. She looks just like me, younger of course, darker hair, slimmer, tits not as big yet, but knock that slut up and her boobs will be round and full like mine.

trashy milf young pussy for hireI told her she needed to help mommy out. “You can study later,” I told her. I dressed her up in a slutty little school girl outfit and went back to Maurice’s lair. It was all tricked out. Shag walls, floors, a disco ball, serving trays of coke, whores galore everywhere. He insisted I watch. I kissed my baby girl’s forehead, “Make mommy proud,” I said. She did a few lines of coke to take the nerves off before he pushed her to the ground to suck his cock. I wanted to see if it was as big as folks said. It was bigger. My daughter screamed when she saw it. She tried to run away, but that was a mistake. Maurice went crazy. Smacked her hard across the face and skull fucked her. She was gagging. I should have felt bad for my baby, but I was turned on. My cunt was drenched. He used the same amount of force on her ass too. No lube. Just straight up fucked her virgin ass until his anaconda was covered in a cherry juice and shit. He then took his shit stick and shoved it up her tight cunnie. His huge black balls slapping her ass so hard, I know she will be bruised tomorrow.

Hooker phone sex incest mommyWhen he dumped his spunk in her barely teen twat, he yanked her up by her legs and held her pussy lips together so none of his baby batter leaked out. After he was confident his swimmers reached her eggs, he shoved his bloody shit covered monster cock in her mouth and made her clean it off. I must have cum a dozen times watching him violate my baby girl’s fuck holes. He told me she is going to sire him a slew of pretty whores who will earn him top dollar. Probably true. I’m actually looking forward to playing with her pregnant pussy in a few months. I don’t care if it makes me a bad mommy. I will breed any one of my young bitches for the right price. Maurice may be a crazy old mother fucker, but he does have the best drugs in town and the biggest fucking dick around. If I was only 30 years younger, maybe he would fuck me too.

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Pimping Ain’t Easy

cum filled cunt cleoThe other night I went to the club and there he was in all his glory. There was no denying that he was a full fledged PIMP. He wore all white, the hat and coat were fur, he had the cane, the the shades, the strut, His pours oozed PIMP. I had to get a picture of him just to share with the girls and he posed for me gladly. Then he followed me around the club all night long trying to get me to be one of his girls. He promised me the sun and the moon. His antics were very entertaining and he was persistent to say the least. There was no way in hell I was going to let him pimp me out, I am not giving any one a cut of my money. But he did drop a shit load of money on me that night so the next day I agreed to meet him and let him take a few snap shots of me. I should have known his apartment was done in all white too. He tried to impress me with his lavish life style. Funny PIMP, he doesn’t think I know that all this was bought by dumb bitches willing to work the streets and give him a cut? I let him take his pictures. When he asked me to suck his dick I couldn’t help get wet, I love sucking cock. And then I had an idea. I said yes and got on my knees. I gave him a blowjob like he has never had before. I brought him to the edge several times, teasing him with my mouth and making his knees buckle. When I finally let him blow his load, I stood up and smiled, holding out my hand and telling him the pictures were a thank you for last night but the blow job would cost him. The look on his face was priceless, but he paid up. Silly little PIMP….

Training Day

hookers for hire evonne

There is no better way to spend a Sunday then training new sluts to do my bidding. Spending the entire day with sweet pink cunts all over me. I teach them to please me in every way, their pleasure is irrelevant for what they will do for me and that is make me lots of money with those hot bodies of theirs. Training and molding them is a process that begins with the art of seduction, their seduction. An art I have perfected over the years. Molding them into my personal fuck toys so that they do anything and everything that I say is the best part of my well laid plans. I have two new blonde beauties that I am training today and they have no clue that they are now mine. The hidden camera is rolling, like it always is and I am getting every bit of the action on film. So far their eagerness to please this dripping wet cunt is beyond what I had expected. Little do they know that tomorrow night I am sending them to the lodge to bring back an older man that is loaded and has a taste for sweet young pussy. Soon he will be mine to blackmail and manipulate as well and they will be earning their keep for time with me.

BBC Phone Sex Cum Dump Whores

BBC phone sex cougar cum whoreMy friend Bobbie and I are what you call black cock loving whores. We are not exclusively BBC bitches, because we are cum dumps above anything else. So the color of one’s schlong doesn’t matter as much as its content-yummy cum. Bobbie told me one of her truck driving BBC’s was looking for a cougar type hooker for a gangbang. She knew I was perfect for the job. I don’t always take money for sex, but if it’s offered up, I’m not saying no. That’s drug money. Guys often like to pay for sex because it assures them they get what they want. What they don’t understand is that white trash whores like us, do anything anyway. The nastier the better.

white trash phone sexBobbie and I arrived at his place, collected our money. We were owned for the next 4 hours. Her black daddy needed to test me out first. Make sure I was a good whore that he didn’t need to break first. I’ve been used by black men since I was knee high. My cunt and ass can handle sizeable dark meat. I showed him I could deep throat a huge cock, take it in the ass, and handle a jet stream of cum. I think even Bobbie was impressed I knew my way around a black dick. Before I could wipe the jizz from my chin, there were like 50 black dudes circling us. Two dirty white whores to service 50 black dudes; yeah we were gonna earn that money.

hookers for hire bbc cum dumpStarted out with them gangbanging our mouths. Sometimes as many as 8 huge ass dark cocks were crammed down our throats at once. We were bug eyed, eyes watering, gagging, cum guzzling dirty whores for these dudes. Bobbie and I both like rough nasty very messy fucking. I could have puked up cum if I had not been a seasoned pro. My mouth was over flowing with cum, when one of the guys insisted we snowball each other. So much spunk we looked like albino lot lizards. After some cum swapping the real gang bang began. Cock after cock shoved in our asses and cunts. Sloppy seconds was an understatement. Buckets of cum poured out our fuck holes. One of the things I love about black guys is how aggressive they get. They were choking Bobbie and I with their hands, slapping our faces with their cocks, double stuffing our asses, pulling our hair, all while hardcore fucking us. They called us trailer park whores, cum guzzling gutter sluts, slaves, white trash, skanks, dirty hos….

After four hours of being used, we weighed about an extra 20 lbs in cum. Our asses and pussies were swollen and sore. Bobbie puked up cum in my car. Guess she is not the seasoned cum guzzler I am. But we made good money for doing what we enjoy. The life of trailer park whores is never dull.

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Live Phone Sex With An Addicted Abused Whore

Live Phone Sex SilviaI became a live phone sex operator because there are some nights I am so fucked up I cannot even stand up. Those are the nights I get my ass beat so bad that I cannot show my face outside my trashy apartment. So there I am, beaten and fucked up on coke, and I really need to get my pimp some cash and get my cunt worked over. That is when I get all my dirty phone calls. They want to know just how nasty I am. What will I do for them? What is the furthest I will go to make them cum. When you have me on the other end of that phone, anything goes baby! I cum just for you! I cum when you cum!

Want to know what I am into? How far how nasty? I will go as far as I am told. I am a good cock fed whore. A dumb cum guzzling slut. Just here to make my cunt wet and my nose stuffed with candy. I love stretching out my long sexy legs and imagining them wrapped around your waste as you slowly enter me. Stretching out my cum crack. Pushing in far, so far, so deep, so hard! Me begging you to please never stop. You looking down at me as you fuck me so hard and slap my tits, slap my face. Call me a whore, a useless tramp! Than spread my ass cheeks and fuck my pink rosebud! Pump it hard as I pinch and bit my own tits for you. Than when you explode all over my face shove it so far down my throat that it cums through my nose! Make me taste your dirty spunk for hours! Now that is the kind of phone chat I love!Cum Guzzing Whore Silvia

Live Phone Sex All Night Long

Live Phone Sex HadleyI was doing live phone sex before I was old enough to even realize what I was doing. I remember being forced to talk dirty on the phone to all kinds of people I did not even know! Daddy was such a mean fuck and he sure did like making me do things to make that dick hard. There really were no live girls doing phone sex. You called up and got this recording of some dumb bitch fucking. She always sounded so fake. Daddy made a killing off of me, his little live phone whore. Eventually they all wanted to meet this hot voice, so when I met the loser I am married to now, I just ran off with him. But he still wants to hear a whore cum on the phone, so he made me get this job. I love it! I’ll fuck my nasty cunt while he is jacking off and the pervert on the phone is jacking off too. Now that is an orgy! And I actually have fun telling guys in the middle of the night how much I love to fuck. My hubby throws a nice fat line down for me, and I masturbate all night! Then when I come down he makes me beg for him to give me more, as long as I suck it right off his cock! I would love to fuck you on the phone tonight. We could even get so high that it takes hours of filthy fucking dirty talk to make us both cum. I love being such a nasty whore! This phone sex line stays open as long as my cunt is wet, and if you had not guessed already, my pussy is wet all night long. Just let me grab my blow, snort it to my head, and than wash it down with the head of your cock baby. Talk to you soon!Phone Sex Line Hadley

Cum Dumpster Silvia Stout, Would Not Spit That Hot Load Out

Cum Dumpster SilviaGrowing up as a cum dumpster for my perv pop was not always fun and games. But I made the most of it. I learned that getting high made his nightly cum dump deposits more bearable. Even sometimes enjoyable. Pops learned early on if he got me stoned or pumped up on meth I was less likely to refuse his filthy cock. If you can imagine becoming a druggy whore with piggy tails, you would know how much of a addict I am now.

Not all my memories are bitter sweet though. Pops did have a few times he integrated good parenting with his dark desire to violate his baby girl. I remember my favorite bedtime story. It was about a young girl who shared my name, Pops said that made me almost famous! He would creep into my room and share his beer and blow. He would feed me his cock as he would recite my poem.  Pops changed some words, but you may recognize the famous poem as “Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout, would not take the garbage out” written by Shel Silverstein.Phone Sex Line Silvia

This cum dump whore is named Silvia Stout

And she would not spit that hot load out

She’d lick your ass and pump your cock

Beg for more – well that’s no shock

And though the Pimps and Johns would pout

She just would not share, or spit it out

So it filled up her cum dump

With hot liquid gold

Swishing and swashing

So good we were told

She’d savor the flavor

But refused to share

They would all beg and plead

But our selfish whore did not care

She craved that thick substance

That’s right could not live without

So this phone sex line slut Silvia stout

Would not spit that hot load outHookers For Hire Silvia