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sexlineMy sexline is anything goes anytime. Guys ask me all the time if I am no limits. Of course, I am. Read my blogs and my bio. I have never had limits in my life. Why start now? My middle daughter is pregnant. Despite all sorts of birth control methods, she got knocked up. She is still in high school and the daddy could be her own daddy or some random John. It could even be a schoolboy. She is a whore. She was thinking about getting rid of it, but my husband and I discussed it. If she does not want to raise her little bastard, we will. Of course, we will groom the little girl or boy for incest. If a little girl, she will eventually join the ranks of the sexy prostitutes in this family. Plus, we will make bank off her pregnant body.  Johns pay great money for pregnant whores, especially jailbait pregnant whores. My husband and I decided that since she is not showing yet, we can auction her pussy off for impregnation. Men love to impregnate young girls. Any girl really. It makes them feel virile and manly. I get it. While my daughter is not showing, we will profit off her pussy as much as we can. And we will enjoy every moment of her knocked up cunt too. Pregnant girls are hornier. Their cunts are wetter. And their pussies are even tighter. Would you pay for the privilege of knocking up a young girl or banging a preggo girl? How much would it be worth to you?

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