Anal Cum Dumpster for her dealer

anal cum dumpster

Whenever I am short on money and need my fix, I can trust my dealer to give me what I’m craving in more ways than one. I love to take all of his cock and get pounded over and over again till I make him bust. I’m such an anal cum dumpster, and I wouldn’t want to ever stop myself from doing big lines of blow from my dealer’s cock. It is so satisfying to make him bust all over my big tits. The warm cum gliding down makes me so happy. I can’t deny myself from tasting every bit of it and slurping that cum.

Hot jizz in my ass is so good. I get on all fours and can take my dealers’ dick. I’m paying off my debt and also adding some fun to my night while doing so. I love the high I get from the drugs, and I love the benefits I get from fucking my drug dealer.

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