daddy’s princess

creampie slut

I love being the best little slut I can be! especially for daddy. he caught me skipping school to get gangbanged and was very unhappy with his little girl! when we got home he cracked open the only beer left in the 12pack on the floor and took off his belt. my little cunnie got so fucking wet! “bend over you fucking slut” he demanded. “mmm yes daddy” I bent over his knee and my little schoolgirl skirt slid up I felt a poke in my little kitty I could feel the heat from his hard cock already! with a whip of his belt I whimpered ” harder daddy” and he lost all control he threw me over the armrest of his chair and took out his massively thick cock. ” daddy is going to have to punish you. you fucking slut!” my pussy was already dripping cum with just the sight of his thick meat! he shoved his 11-inch cock in tight little pussy and just went to thrusting into me like a dog in heat! it wasn’t long before my dad who hadn’t had sex in over a year came in his little girl’s pussy!

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