I Love BBC

BBC sex storiesI love Big Black Cock the bigger the better. I love how it throbs and feels like it is ripping you open. My first taste of black cock got me addicted, his cum was sweet and gooey. When he finally decided to stick his massive cock in my it was pulsing, it felt like it was in my stomach just ripping my walls open but it felt so good. As he pumped me his dick reached places in me no one ever had before, all I could do is play with my clit and enjoy the pounding he gave me as he humped me hard and fast. He held me down and used my pussy biting at my shoulder and gripping at my hips, he had me so open and before I knew it, he made squirt making my body shake hard. When he felt that he started going harder and finally started filling me up with cum, from that moment on I became addicted to BBC. 

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