shoot your shot

freaky phone sex

I am all bout freaky phone sex, and I have plenty of real-life stories to keep you on your toes. You were so shy in the club, and you were so genuinely sweet. It was adorable. I loved that I was turning you on, and you were hiding your boner. At first sight, you probably thought I was a prim and proper girl. Maybe a church girl, huh? Well, I am the daughter of a pastor, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good. Actually, it is quite the contrary. I am even nastier because of it. Sunday services involved me pleasuring the ushers backstage at church. I have always been filthy, so when you thought you had to be a gentleman to shoot your shot, I couldn’t resist laughing. I took you to the public restroom there in the nightclub and gave you such a nice blowjob. We didn’t wait long to fuck. We fucked there in the stall, in the cab, and all the way home to your bed. I’m not an angel; I am a nymphomaniac that wants to be fucked.

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