Any Age Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireIt is no secret that I have a family of hookers for hire. Any age you want, I can deliver. Even if I have not given birth to the right age you want, I have access to any age you desire. It pays to have a few extra on standby. My husband got a request for two super young ones. He wanted to destroy them, so my husband and I made the decision to find him some expendable girls. My husband knows a coyote. He helps bring Mexican illegals over into the US. It is all about the money for coyotes. The highest bidder always wins. So, a family may pay a coyote to take their daughters to Texas, but if some one else pays more for those young pussies, those girls never see Texas. My husband talked to his coyote friend and made him an offer. The next day, we had pictures of our purchase. My husband made the arrangements with the client and I knew my job was to get the girls ready and cleaned up when they arrived. They arrived strung out. I guess the coyote uses heroin, so their precious cargo will sleep in a shipping container. They came to us in one of those U-Haul Pods. Cute darlings, but a mess. I had 24 hours to turn them into princesses. I can work a lot of magic though in 24 hours. I polished them up and delivered them to the hotel. I was required to stay because I would have to get rid of them afterwards. I am not a snuff queen or anything, but I can take the borrowed sexy prostitutes that get too used up to circulate again with our clients and sell them to another guy who traffics them again. I did feel a little sorry for these girls. But money is money, and they were not my daughters. If mothers will sell their girls to a stranger why can’t I?

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