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That’s Some Dirty Phone Sex 4 Ya!

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So I have this new job at school where I clean up the locker rooms and wash the team’s uniforms and dirty towels and junk (talk about DIRTY phone sex for ya!). But I love my job because the basketball team is fuckin hot as Fuck and I get to peep at them while they are changing. Well today I was peeping on them as usual but they caught me watching and decided to humiliate me as punishment. All those sexy boys surrounded me and pulled out their cocks, I thought they were going to make me suck their dicks but what they wanted was way worse! They all started pissing on me! I was on my knees and they were all around me in a circle just pissing right in my face and hair! I couldn’t get away, everywhere I turned there was another cock spraying piss everywhere! When they finally ran out of piss for me that’s when they started forcing me to suck their dicks, I was so scared but also really turned on, I just couldn’t help it. I love being used like a whore over and over again. By the time the gangbang started I was dripping wet and so so ready to have a cock stuffed into every eager fuckhole I was really getting into it when all the sudden the door flew open and in came the entire squad of cheerleaders! They were laughing at me and calling me a whore, taking pictures and recording the whole thing! Now I’m an online sensation at school, everyone knows who I am and everyone is talking about it. But whatever, I don’t care because I have all the boys at school wanting to Fuck me now that they have seen how good I am at sucking dick! Even the teachers want me so I’m gonna be busy all year long!

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Drunk Girl Fucking Role Play

drunk girl fucking cleoNothing gets crazier then a bunch of  drunk girls. especially when the girls are nasty and horny and have absolutely no limits. The stories are insane.

Our latest adventure came about very innocently. We had nothing to do over the weekend so we decided to rent the first season of  Colony. We went to the store and loaded up on munchies and beer and hunkered down for an all night veg out session.

About three hours into our series we were very tipsy and started talking about Earth actually being invaded by an alien species. One thing led to another and we began to talk about fucking another species.

Before I knew what was happening we were all stripping. Someone went to the bathroom and got the make-up. Here we were, a room full of drunk girls applying makeup to each other’s bodies and transforming each other into aliens. It was all very erotic.The feel of soft and fluffy make-up brushes kissing our flesh lightly and making us all hornier then hell.

Role play was a natural evolution of our drunken imaginations. In no time at all we were creating alien languages and off the wall methods of breeding and mating rituals.

A bunch of drunk girl fucking in the oddest most alien ways we could imagine. All while getting drunker by the minute.

There was tits and ass and pussy and painted bodies all over the place. Half of us making no sense at all peaking a garbled, made up language. Trying to emulate the sexual moaning noises that our alien race would make. Some of us couldn’t even stand up we were so drunk.

Someone recorded the entire thing and here we sit watching our antics, laughing while we wait for the guys to arrive with more beer so we can share it with them and we can all get drunk and fucked again. This time with some interesting alien cock, we hope. phone sex line cleo01

Dirty Phone Sex with a Cum Filled Cunt

dirty phone sex lilibethDirty phone sex calls are the only ones I take! I think you can tell by the site I am on and by reading some of my blogs that I am not the vanilla kind of woman. I am a road hard, put away wet, trailer park slut. Guys ask me how dirty do I get. My response is always, “Dirtier than I bet you could even imagine.” I was raised in the sticks of West Virginia as a sex slave and breeding whore for my family. I was their cash cow. I have seen it all, done just about it all; so I am never shocked by what a caller tells me. Likely what a caller thinks is the dirtiest thing he has ever down, is just a Tuesday night for me. A caller thought he could shock me last night with a tale of his cum eating experiences. He has been eating his own jizz since he was a little boy. He never whacks off into a tissue or a sock. He just spooges in his hand and conceals the evidence by licking it up. Not shocking to me at all.

cum filled cunt lilibethJust this week, I had a cum filled cunt. Not just a load from my husband. I had 22 loads of cum inside  me from a gang bang my husband orchestrated. He loves to watch me take on as many cocks as possible. I was snorting lines of cocaine off of my teen daughter’s tight young ass, while I got dumped full of man batter in my ass and pussy. High as a kite, I decided that all that yummy cum should not go to waste so I started pissing it out onto saucers. It is amazing how much cum my pussy can hold. I birthed a few cum babies there was so much jizz inside me. Sure, I could have licked up my own cream pie, but I have done that a million times. Instead, I fed my brats a protein treat. I have 3 boys and 3 girls, so I filled 6 saucers for them. My babies got to taste mommy’s cream pie before bed. Even my sons thought the cum that had been up in mommy’s pussy tasted yummy. Too dirty for you? If your dick is hard, the answer is NO.

Live Phone Sex Whore For Fun

Live Phone Sex


How would you like a live phone sex session with a fucking hot gangbang whore like me. My love of filthy fisting, double penetration pussy stuffing surpasses your kinkiest phone whore. I love some filthy ass sex and fucking while menstruating is hot as hell. After all what is more lubricating than menstrual blood? 

I can not speak for other women, but I get so fucking horny while on my period, and period sex turns me on. I am also the perfect anal sex whore for you ass men out there. You will be blown away by my cum guzzling slut abilities. 

Now if there is something super taboo and filthy that turns you on, I want you to tell me all about it! I love finding new ways to please my men.


Pantie Lovers

phone sex line cleo1Panties are so erotic. They spend the entire day between my legs filling with the musky scent of sex. Every girl loves panties and I have so many pairs I can wear a different one every day of the year. Today I am filling every pair of panties I can get my hands on with pussy juice and cum. I wish I had a man here to fill my ass with cum so I could put a pair on and let all the cum flow out of my ass and into the panties. But I guess I have to make do with what I have. My cum filled panties have so many uses. I love to stuff a dirty pair of panties in my mouth while I am getting fucked or fingering my cunt for fun. Not to mention the extra money I make selling my panties to horny old fuckers that like the smell too. I also have a couple of guys that like to use my cum covered panties to jack off mixing their cum with mine on the silky crotch. Wanna cum watch me while I dirty my panties?

Anal cum dumpster with Henrietta

Anal cum dumpster

This Tranny slut wants to be your Anal cum dumpster! I love having my tranny pussy hole licked and fucked! I love walking around the truck stop parking lot, looking to make some cash. I will ride with you for as long as you can afford me. I will suck your cock as you drive this big 18 wheeler! Sucking your cock and playing with your balls as you try to control this beast of a truck is so fucking good. You had to pull over before you came in my mouth. You would have wrecked if you didn’t pull over, but now I know you want to stick that throbbing rock hard cock inside of my tranny pussy! Oh yes, fuck my dirty tranny asshole!

We’re Having An Easter Egg Cunt

phone sex line evonneEvery year I get to organize the adult Easter festivities for the trailer park. This year I went to the dollar store and bought a whole shit ton of those plastic eggs. Some of them will have little bottles of alcohol and some will have slips of paper in them which will entitle the owner to what ever sexual favor the paper has printed on it. These range from a simple kiss to a blowjob to anal fucking and fisting. You name it and it is in an egg. I am not only the Easter bunny with a fuzzy cotton tail and big bouncy tits but I am also the Easter egg cunt that will be hiding the eggs and passing out the goodies to the lucky winners. And that Golden Egg, well you will have to wait to find out what the lucky one that finds that will get…I love making the holidays kinky and naughty fun for everyone!

A Cum Filled Cunt on a Gangbang Whore

cum filled cunt LilibethMy cum filled cunt is very popular in my house! It doesn’t matter whose spunk has filled my twat up, I have a husband and 6 brats who all vie to lick me clean. I was a dirty whore last night. Not only did I fuck my three sons, but I fucked their friends too, while my daughters watched. Each boy had a couple friends over for the night since they have no school today or tomorrow. A slumber party turned into a boy bang party for a sexy MILF. I woke up with my cunt still oozing all that boy cream. Personally, I am hoping I got knocked up. I can still birth out a few more brats. I would love some more little sex slaves to service me and my husband.

I fed my brood breakfast this morning once we got up. I fed them creampie. They lined up like greedy little cum whores, even the boys, and licked my pussy clean of all that cream. My pussy felt empty with all that jizz gone, but my sons’ friends were hard as rocks watching my family eat from my pussy on the kitchen island. I got to be a gangbang whore again for those boys. I know lots of women talk about getting black bred and owned. Many women love a black gangbang, but I just love those young cocks. The ones that are hairless or in the peach fuzz stage are my favorite. They love a dirty mommy. They can fuck like energizer bunnies. But like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter who has cum inside me, I never have to take a bath. My well fucked pussy gets a tongue bath from 3 young boys and three young girls. Oh and one 54 year old horny man. If you like creampie phone sex, my pussy is the most well fucked pussy around. And, it is definitely the most filled!

Let’s have dirty phone sex!

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I’m a nasty one. Maybe that’s why I get the dirtiest calls…the ones that are downright filthy! There are no boring vanilla calls with me! I have a certain set of standards and things that keep my pussy satisfied. One…your cock can’t be small. 8 inches minimum! If your cock is dark…black or mixed then you’ve already got me! I mean…who am I kidding? I will take ANY cock thrown my way! Well unless it is an itty bitty sissy cock…then I can’t help but laugh and laugh at that. Those are always fun because I get to get gangbanged by some huge black cocks while some loser sits back and watches me havin a damn good time! He’ll even be begging to suck their cocks too…maybe just maybe we’ll both be on our knees sucking the cum right outta a nice juicy cock…I don’t know I guess we’ll see what this kinky day leads to! All I know is I am HORNY as fuck and need a nice big dick to fill me up!

Toilet Play for World Water Day.

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World Water Day is always a fun day for me. As you know, the bathroom is my favorite room in the house. Conserving water makes that even more fun. Why flush when you have a human urinal waiting with her mouth open for your liquid hydration. It’s much more fun to stick your cock in my hot, piss slurping piehole than some ceramic throne, isn’t it? Plus I lick you all nice and clean, right after I get a chaser of creaming cum!!!

And if you need to take a steaming dump, allow me to service you afterward. It takes gallons of our natural resources to flush that filthy toilet tissue when it is so easily solved by letting me gently but firmly lick every wrinkle on that puckered ass clean. Mmmm, I love the taste and I bet you get a stiff cock from my tongue probing your sensitive poop hole and the back side of your nut sac.

Every Day is World Water Day for me!!! You’ll find me waiting in that public restroom. All you gotta do is ask me for my help. Make a girl wet and the whole world a little wetter!!!

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