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It’s Horny Hump Day!

anal cum dumpsterI am horny as fuck so I have decided that today is Horny Hump Day! I have already started my day off with a bang too, I went next door and sucked my neighbor’s dick then I let him fuck my ass and fill me up with the first load of cum for the day. I didn’t stop there either, I went straight from his house to the xxx store down the street, they have glory holes there and I wanted to get a taste from every single one. Mmmmm it was delicious, there were so many cocks and they were all willing to pump my hungry mouth and gaping asshole with more and more cum! I worked those glory holes until I had a belly full of hot cum and more was dripping down my legs, then I went back to my place so I could get really nasty. I love the taste of cum so much that I never waste it, I wasn’t about to just leave it in my ass, it’s way too yummy for that! As soon as I got home, I squatted over a bowl and shit all that cum out so I could eat it up with a spoon. I’m about ready for round two though because I can never get enough!

Mother/Daughter Trailer Park Whore Orgy

Trailer trash whore dirty mommyThe life of a trailer park whore is never dull. My daughter decided to introduce me to her latest beau. A cute punk rocker boy. He has a thing for rode hard put away wet cougars. Well that would be me! And my daughter and I have shared many men together; some my boyfriends, some hers. When I met this flavor of the week, there was instant chemistry. I was on his cock like white on rice. Didn’t take him long to shoot his young spunk all over my face either. He immediately said he had some friends waiting outside, who love cougar cunt too, especially paired with young pussy.

My daughter informed me she has been gangbanging this guy and his friends for a week or so now, but when she told them about her hot mom they wanted to see for themselves. Plus, like all hot blooded boys, they wanted in on our mother daughter action. Can you blame them? I told my girl’s beau to invite them in. Lot more than I expected, but young, dumb and full of cum is NEVER turned away at my place, no matter how many. I had them rock out with their cocks while my daughter, her boyfriend and I warmed them up with a pre orgy show. It was a pretty nice visual seeing all those young studs stroking their cocks as I ate my daughter’s pussy and got fucked in the ass by her man. I just kept thinking of how much cum those hot young things could cover me in!

orgy phone sex circle jerkThey couldn’t stay on the couch stroking their fuck sticks for long. While my face was buried in my daughter’s muff, they gathered around us and started circle jerking. A cum dumpster’s delight is having a gangbang of young boys cover her in jizz. My daughter is a cum dump whore too. I love sharing spunk with her. We like to snowball that thick white jizz together. I’ll suck it right out of her fuck holes and spit it in her mouth to swap back and forth. We share everything after all. Her boyfriend is a keeper. Not only did he fuck me ass better than anyone has in a while, but he has the tastiest spunk around, not to mention a band of fuck toys who enjoy tag teaming a mother and her daughter.

We had cocks in every hole, cum draining out our cunts and asses, cum matted on our bodies everywhere… and we could have taken more. We puked up cum later that night, but I don’t mind puking from too much jizz consumption. A small hazard I guess of being a professional cum dump Cougar.

Fuck Me Already

I’ve been sitting out on the lawn all day, in my chair soaking up some rays. I am so sick of all the guy going by just hooting and hollering but never having the balls to come over and take a piece of my hot ass. Apparently my barley-there bikini is not enough – I am gonna have to bump it up for these fuckers so that they take a chance trying to fuck me – a chance I will easily give them. I don’t care how old or disgusting they are, as long as they have a cock and a tongue to satisfy this slutty little clit of mine.

I take off my bikini top and stick my tits out. It wasn’t long before one of the cars going by slowed down for a better peek. And what a lucky girl I am – it wasn’t just one guy, it was two… I pulled my bikini bottom to the side and spread my legs to make sure they got the message. They pulled right into the yard, bouncing up over the curb. I knew their cocks would be hard before they could get their doors open. I also knew my daddy was watching from inside the house, and thats always an extra turn on.

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The two guys got out of the car and walked over, cocks raging in their jeans. They were dirty and sweaty, just the way I like my men. Before I could get up out of my chair, one grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock right in my mouth. I sucked away like a good little tramp, and the other guy took his place behind me and grabbed my bare ass with his grimy hands. He yanked my ass up as I choked on the cock in my mouth, and plunged his cock deep inside. I couldn’t help but wish I had removed my top earlier in the day – I mean what does it really take for men to get the message that this pussy is here for them to take?

Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizzard SexI have been feeling EXTRA nasty lately. It seems no matter how many cocks I get I want more! I decided what I needed was a trip! I put on my red leather and 5 inch fuck me pumps. I went down to the truck stop. I picked the biggest guy I could find. And asked for a ride! Of course I had to PAY first. That meant spreading my legs and letting him fuck my ass. Then we were on our way! The next stop I jumped out and found another ride. I had to suck his cock then he fucked me while he was still in the driving seat! And when his riding buddy woke up I fucked him too! Load after load! I took almost 24 hours. And as many cum loads before I ended up right back at the same gas station! It was a VERY nice trip! Although I couldn’t tell you where we actually went. But that is the life of a lot lizzard.

Cum Dumpster Clean Up!

Cum DumpsterI was just cumming back from lunch on Friday. I had a Cunt FULL of cum! I was hoping I had time to put on some underwear before our big meeting. But I didn’t have time! So I sat through the entire meeting puddling cum! And when I stood up… It ran all the way down to my shoes. I knew I had to clean up before I went down to the help desk. I bumped into Brian the cute new guy, as I was heading out of the office. I REALLY wanted to stop and talk him into a quick fuck. BUT … No time for that now. Of course the Ladies bathroom were being cleaned. So I just popped into the men’s room to clean up right fast!. I threw my leg on the counter and started trying to wipe all the cum up. And that is when Brian came rushing in. The look on his face! Seeing me like that! Ass hanging out. Pussy in full view. I just smiled at the hard cock trying to wiggle out of his pants! I asked him if he needed the bathroom. And Brian said NO. He just sat in something. I almost died laughing when I noticed the spot on his pants. He had sat in my chair! I got a wicked smile on my face and asked If I could get some help. And Brian rushed right over to clean the cum out of my cunt with his mouth! I think I am going to have to have a standing order for a cunt cleaning every day! He is really good at it!

This bitch likes it nasty!

anal cum dumpsterI am one nasty bitch and my very favorite thing to is to be your anal cum dumpster! I crave big fat cocks in my ass morning, noon and night, I can never get enough and I’m not afraid to get nasty with it either. Just this morning I had a friend over, he woke me up by shoving his cock down my throat and half drowning me with his piss. Then he rolled me over and shoved his cock right up my ass! But you know what? I loved it!! I love being treated roughly like that and I never want to change. I even licked my own shit off his dick after he came inside me, I love the taste more than anything. I want to be your new nasty ho, trust me, you won’t find a nastier chick than me!

Selfie For You

Is she gone yet? God damn that frigid bitch wife of yours sure does get in the way. I think I just saw her car head out – hopefully long enough for you to cum and pay me a visit. I need that big cock of yours. If that isnt enough, here’s a picture of me to get your dick hard and your ass over here to fuck my tight horny pussy. I know you want to shove your fuckstick in my tight young cunt, and not that dried up old bitch who spends all your money.

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I am naked and waiting, rubbing one out on my bed. The front door is open, and daddy is gone, so just let yourself in. I don;t even want you to say my name, just take off your clothes and grab me like the cum whore I am. Fuck my mouth and I will suck your balls and lick your ass – everything you think about all day long and you know you can’t get anywhere else. Look at my pink nipples – just waiting for you to pinch them and abuse them.

My pussy is so wet and I want to feel your hot cum squirt deep inside of me. I know it makes you nervous – fucking a neighborhood tramp like me – but I also know you can’t get enough of the dirty kinky things I do for you. I know how to please a man and am always as horny as fuck. I know you keep my pictures in your phone and hide them from her. It turns me on knowing your stroke your cock while you look at them. I love taking naked pics for you, baby, the only thing thats more fun is getting your cock buried deep inside me.

BBC Phone Sex Cum Dump Whores

BBC phone sex cougar cum whoreMy friend Bobbie and I are what you call black cock loving whores. We are not exclusively BBC bitches, because we are cum dumps above anything else. So the color of one’s schlong doesn’t matter as much as its content-yummy cum. Bobbie told me one of her truck driving BBC’s was looking for a cougar type hooker for a gangbang. She knew I was perfect for the job. I don’t always take money for sex, but if it’s offered up, I’m not saying no. That’s drug money. Guys often like to pay for sex because it assures them they get what they want. What they don’t understand is that white trash whores like us, do anything anyway. The nastier the better.

white trash phone sexBobbie and I arrived at his place, collected our money. We were owned for the next 4 hours. Her black daddy needed to test me out first. Make sure I was a good whore that he didn’t need to break first. I’ve been used by black men since I was knee high. My cunt and ass can handle sizeable dark meat. I showed him I could deep throat a huge cock, take it in the ass, and handle a jet stream of cum. I think even Bobbie was impressed I knew my way around a black dick. Before I could wipe the jizz from my chin, there were like 50 black dudes circling us. Two dirty white whores to service 50 black dudes; yeah we were gonna earn that money.

hookers for hire bbc cum dumpStarted out with them gangbanging our mouths. Sometimes as many as 8 huge ass dark cocks were crammed down our throats at once. We were bug eyed, eyes watering, gagging, cum guzzling dirty whores for these dudes. Bobbie and I both like rough nasty very messy fucking. I could have puked up cum if I had not been a seasoned pro. My mouth was over flowing with cum, when one of the guys insisted we snowball each other. So much spunk we looked like albino lot lizards. After some cum swapping the real gang bang began. Cock after cock shoved in our asses and cunts. Sloppy seconds was an understatement. Buckets of cum poured out our fuck holes. One of the things I love about black guys is how aggressive they get. They were choking Bobbie and I with their hands, slapping our faces with their cocks, double stuffing our asses, pulling our hair, all while hardcore fucking us. They called us trailer park whores, cum guzzling gutter sluts, slaves, white trash, skanks, dirty hos….

After four hours of being used, we weighed about an extra 20 lbs in cum. Our asses and pussies were swollen and sore. Bobbie puked up cum in my car. Guess she is not the seasoned cum guzzler I am. But we made good money for doing what we enjoy. The life of trailer park whores is never dull.

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Cum Dumpster

I left home at a young age. My mother always wanted a female baby but my father wanted a male. I have always been confused on what sex I am. My mother dressed me up as tranny whore and let men fuck her son up his ass. My father hated me and beat me, told me I was nothing.

Tranny phone sex


My younger years have stuck with me to this day. I am reminded of how my father would make me get on my knees and suck his cock, “You want a pussy? Then you need to learn how to suck cock like a dirty whore.” I giggle as I cough up some cum from my last client. I coughed up cum and sit it out on the cock I was working now. Fuck I am such a dirty Tranny whore. One more cock and I can get my smoke. My smoke makes me numb and more fun to fuck.


Live Phone Sex All Night Long

Live Phone Sex HadleyI was doing live phone sex before I was old enough to even realize what I was doing. I remember being forced to talk dirty on the phone to all kinds of people I did not even know! Daddy was such a mean fuck and he sure did like making me do things to make that dick hard. There really were no live girls doing phone sex. You called up and got this recording of some dumb bitch fucking. She always sounded so fake. Daddy made a killing off of me, his little live phone whore. Eventually they all wanted to meet this hot voice, so when I met the loser I am married to now, I just ran off with him. But he still wants to hear a whore cum on the phone, so he made me get this job. I love it! I’ll fuck my nasty cunt while he is jacking off and the pervert on the phone is jacking off too. Now that is an orgy! And I actually have fun telling guys in the middle of the night how much I love to fuck. My hubby throws a nice fat line down for me, and I masturbate all night! Then when I come down he makes me beg for him to give me more, as long as I suck it right off his cock! I would love to fuck you on the phone tonight. We could even get so high that it takes hours of filthy fucking dirty talk to make us both cum. I love being such a nasty whore! This phone sex line stays open as long as my cunt is wet, and if you had not guessed already, my pussy is wet all night long. Just let me grab my blow, snort it to my head, and than wash it down with the head of your cock baby. Talk to you soon!Phone Sex Line Hadley