Givining Up The Ass

phone sex line cleo1A new manager took over the trailer park. A big black man that looked like he was on the prowl. He had a menacing way about him that pulled me in. I found myself imagining what he looked like under that tee shirt and jeans. I watched him talking and wondered what it would feel like to have his lips pressed up against mine. And was his cock as impressive as I imagined it to be?
It has been a while since I had a good big black cock inside my brown Latina pussy. Just the idea of fucking him had me so hot and horny that I stayed up late several nights thinking about it while masturbating with my fingers knuckle deep in my dripping wet cunt.
My rent was due and I had to go to the office. I had the money but I wanted to see if I could trade pussy for the rent as a way to get his fuck stick shoved deep inside me.
To my surprise he said he would take ass for the rent. I thought he was using the term l;loosely but he was being very specific.
He literally wanted to fuck my ass.
When he took his massive cock out of his pants, throbbing and hard, dripping pre-cum, I almost backed out.
Bending over I felt him shove his dick deep inside my tight ass stretching it wider them I thought was possible.
I may not have rent again next month.

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