Truck Stop Facials

cum eating phone sex

Today at the truck stop we had facials. All of my bitches lined up on their knees and waited patiently as the line of men jerked their cocks off on them. It was quite the sight. Seeing all those big thick pieces of meat being stroked vigorously hands and arms just a blur. As they all jacked their cocks off on their faces. They all stood there on their knees. Mouths hanging wide open hoping to catch a drop or two on their tongues. You could tell the whores that were greedy for the cum they were offering to help. Extending their mouths even further sucking them fuck rods in between their lips. It was like a volcanic explosion. Once one cock erupted they all started to blow. It was a fire works show of hot jizz shooting up into the air and landing on all the sluts faces. By the time  it was over they were covered in a blanket of cum. Dripping off of them. As they turned to each other and began cleaning off their faces with their mouths. Even some of them men took part in the clean up. It was a damn hot show.

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