Cum Dumpster Queen

cum dumpster evonneSo many girls think they have what it takes to be a cum dumpster for the guys but not many of them do. If you want to know what a REAL cum dumpster is, gather a bunch of your friends and cum on over to the trailer park. Make sure you have lots of cum built up in those big balls of yours because I want every fucking drop of it. Once we get started we aren’t going to stop until every last bit of energy you have has been drained from your body. I want you weak and satisfied when it is all over, every single one of you. I want my belly to be so full of cum that I can’t eat or drink another thing for days. I want my ass and pussy so full of cum that it is running down my legs when I stand up making a sticky mess. And I want my body glistening from my head to my feet with loads of cum, mating my hair and making me smell like one big puddle of cum. That is how a real cum dumpster does it. Are you game?

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