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bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are hot to share. I never get tired of sharing my nigger exploits. Black men love an old trashy whore. The other day I was in need of getting my swirl on. I put on a slutty outfit and marched down to the bus stop. In my community, you can always find some brothers there. Usually young, hung and full of cum for a dirty old cougar. It was double jackpot day apparently. I discovered two black dudes down to fuck. I told them if they fucked me good, I would drive them to work or wherever it was they were going. “Shit, girl. You think we care about going anywhere when we getting some fine MILF pussy,” one of them said. Soon, we were back at my trailer getting better acquainted. They whipped their dicks out looking for approval. Fuck me sideways. They had fire hoses in their pants. Those weren’t cocks; they were trouser snakes.

bbc phone sexI did my best to deep throat every thick throbbing inch. I felt like I was in some science fiction alien movie. My throat was moving like some mutant was going to burst out from within and run across the kitchen floor. They were skull fucking me into oblivion. It’s a challenge to find meat this old whore can’t take, but this duo had almost 2 feet of cock combined.  If my throat was having difficulty swallowing those swords, I knew my cunt and ass would too. But, I am a seasoned BBC phone sex slut, so I never turn away nigger dick. I impaled my pussy on a foot long nigger cock while I deep throated the other. But the real challenge came when they double penetrated my old fuck holes. It is amazing how tight you feel with monster cocks stuffing you. I convulsed and shuttered with every thrust. My ass was bruised from the impact of their big black balls. I was filled with so much cum you would have thought an army of men fucked me.  I love being a nigger trailer trash whore.

trailer trash whore

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