make me get on my knees

sloppy wet pussy

 Are you ready for some fun ? make me get on my knees and show you how its done.

I want to show you my sloppy wet pussy, hear it ,and smell it. I’m a blonde and yes baby blondes do have more fun.

 This evening I was watching some porn because of how horny I was, and I always get soaked. One of my boyfriends came over and we watched together . He told me he knew I was watching before he arrived. My wet pussy gave it away. I’m obsessed with how he makes me get on my knees asks for a blow job every time I’m around him I know I’m getting the job done. I rub it all over with my long tongue and start throat fucking him so fast ,While I play with his balls and finger his ass hole.

 He gets so hard and then flips me over and I rub that soaking juicy wet pussy all over him while we watch some porn. My night went so great and ended with some liquor and weed. Getting high makes my orgasm last so much longer .

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