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Need A Little Irish In Me

cum filled cunt cleoIt’s St Patty’s Day! I am not Irish and really don’t need an excuse to go out and get trashed. But I love that tonight the guys are going to be out in full force, in the beginning of the week, drunk as fuck and looking for trouble. I am going to find me a hot Irish man, light skinned, red headed, freckled and ready to fuck a hot and trashy Latina bitch. When I say I need a little Irish in me I am not talking about a little dick, oh no. I want a big white Irish cock to fuck all my brown holes. I need to be stuffed full all night long. My tight brown ass and pussy are waiting to be filled of Irish cream tonight. I want to taste the luck of the Irish deep in my throat, I want to feel it all over my body silky and smooth. I have a nice and slutty green mini skirt picked out and a pair of thigh high boots that are fuck me fabulous. Ready or not boys, here I cum and you will be cumming to, I assure you!cum filled cunt cleo2

Fuck Me Already

I’ve been sitting out on the lawn all day, in my chair soaking up some rays. I am so sick of all the guy going by just hooting and hollering but never having the balls to come over and take a piece of my hot ass. Apparently my barley-there bikini is not enough – I am gonna have to bump it up for these fuckers so that they take a chance trying to fuck me – a chance I will easily give them. I don’t care how old or disgusting they are, as long as they have a cock and a tongue to satisfy this slutty little clit of mine.

I take off my bikini top and stick my tits out. It wasn’t long before one of the cars going by slowed down for a better peek. And what a lucky girl I am – it wasn’t just one guy, it was two… I pulled my bikini bottom to the side and spread my legs to make sure they got the message. They pulled right into the yard, bouncing up over the curb. I knew their cocks would be hard before they could get their doors open. I also knew my daddy was watching from inside the house, and thats always an extra turn on.

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The two guys got out of the car and walked over, cocks raging in their jeans. They were dirty and sweaty, just the way I like my men. Before I could get up out of my chair, one grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock right in my mouth. I sucked away like a good little tramp, and the other guy took his place behind me and grabbed my bare ass with his grimy hands. He yanked my ass up as I choked on the cock in my mouth, and plunged his cock deep inside. I couldn’t help but wish I had removed my top earlier in the day – I mean what does it really take for men to get the message that this pussy is here for them to take?

Selfie For You

Is she gone yet? God damn that frigid bitch wife of yours sure does get in the way. I think I just saw her car head out – hopefully long enough for you to cum and pay me a visit. I need that big cock of yours. If that isnt enough, here’s a picture of me to get your dick hard and your ass over here to fuck my tight horny pussy. I know you want to shove your fuckstick in my tight young cunt, and not that dried up old bitch who spends all your money.

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I am naked and waiting, rubbing one out on my bed. The front door is open, and daddy is gone, so just let yourself in. I don;t even want you to say my name, just take off your clothes and grab me like the cum whore I am. Fuck my mouth and I will suck your balls and lick your ass – everything you think about all day long and you know you can’t get anywhere else. Look at my pink nipples – just waiting for you to pinch them and abuse them.

My pussy is so wet and I want to feel your hot cum squirt deep inside of me. I know it makes you nervous – fucking a neighborhood tramp like me – but I also know you can’t get enough of the dirty kinky things I do for you. I know how to please a man and am always as horny as fuck. I know you keep my pictures in your phone and hide them from her. It turns me on knowing your stroke your cock while you look at them. I love taking naked pics for you, baby, the only thing thats more fun is getting your cock buried deep inside me.

BBC Phone Sex Cum Dump Whores

BBC phone sex cougar cum whoreMy friend Bobbie and I are what you call black cock loving whores. We are not exclusively BBC bitches, because we are cum dumps above anything else. So the color of one’s schlong doesn’t matter as much as its content-yummy cum. Bobbie told me one of her truck driving BBC’s was looking for a cougar type hooker for a gangbang. She knew I was perfect for the job. I don’t always take money for sex, but if it’s offered up, I’m not saying no. That’s drug money. Guys often like to pay for sex because it assures them they get what they want. What they don’t understand is that white trash whores like us, do anything anyway. The nastier the better.

white trash phone sexBobbie and I arrived at his place, collected our money. We were owned for the next 4 hours. Her black daddy needed to test me out first. Make sure I was a good whore that he didn’t need to break first. I’ve been used by black men since I was knee high. My cunt and ass can handle sizeable dark meat. I showed him I could deep throat a huge cock, take it in the ass, and handle a jet stream of cum. I think even Bobbie was impressed I knew my way around a black dick. Before I could wipe the jizz from my chin, there were like 50 black dudes circling us. Two dirty white whores to service 50 black dudes; yeah we were gonna earn that money.

hookers for hire bbc cum dumpStarted out with them gangbanging our mouths. Sometimes as many as 8 huge ass dark cocks were crammed down our throats at once. We were bug eyed, eyes watering, gagging, cum guzzling dirty whores for these dudes. Bobbie and I both like rough nasty very messy fucking. I could have puked up cum if I had not been a seasoned pro. My mouth was over flowing with cum, when one of the guys insisted we snowball each other. So much spunk we looked like albino lot lizards. After some cum swapping the real gang bang began. Cock after cock shoved in our asses and cunts. Sloppy seconds was an understatement. Buckets of cum poured out our fuck holes. One of the things I love about black guys is how aggressive they get. They were choking Bobbie and I with their hands, slapping our faces with their cocks, double stuffing our asses, pulling our hair, all while hardcore fucking us. They called us trailer park whores, cum guzzling gutter sluts, slaves, white trash, skanks, dirty hos….

After four hours of being used, we weighed about an extra 20 lbs in cum. Our asses and pussies were swollen and sore. Bobbie puked up cum in my car. Guess she is not the seasoned cum guzzler I am. But we made good money for doing what we enjoy. The life of trailer park whores is never dull.

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Anal sex whore


Anal sex whore

Day drinking is my shit. Well really everything to do with drinking and shooting up is my kind of fun. I like to turn up and get crazy. Yesterday afternoon I was stumbling down the sidewalk. I was shit faced and I don’t really remember how I got in the taxi. But I wasn’t going to fight it. I had been drinking and was horny. I wanted his big black cock shoved into my tight country white girl ass. I kept begging him for it harder, Deeper, Longer. That nigger had such a big fat cock. He tore my ass up. He fucked me for hours. My ass is a gaping hole and is sore. But I don’t let that stop me. I am sobering up now and I need a fucking drink, some coke and a big dick to fill up my holes. Who is next on my wild ride? Im wanting more and more big black nigger dick.



Cum Dumpster

I left home at a young age. My mother always wanted a female baby but my father wanted a male. I have always been confused on what sex I am. My mother dressed me up as tranny whore and let men fuck her son up his ass. My father hated me and beat me, told me I was nothing.

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My younger years have stuck with me to this day. I am reminded of how my father would make me get on my knees and suck his cock, “You want a pussy? Then you need to learn how to suck cock like a dirty whore.” I giggle as I cough up some cum from my last client. I coughed up cum and sit it out on the cock I was working now. Fuck I am such a dirty Tranny whore. One more cock and I can get my smoke. My smoke makes me numb and more fun to fuck.


Fucking myself

Sexline HadleyUp all night and needing a hand with that fuck stick baby? Well you are in luck. My old man has whiskey dick again and passed out watching some dumb fucking show. So here I am in the kitchen bored. I started to party with my powder and poured a drink. I made sure my phone was charged. You know just in case anyone is out there in need of a good fuck. Looking through my closet I found an old vibrator that still has batteries!

So sitting here in the kitchen I can see the neighbors house. That man next door always looks in my window through his and I can see him staring right in to my house. So I climbed up on my kitchen counter and started to work that toy into my cunt. Fuck he started to rub his dick through his pants as he watches me fuck myself so hard. My cunt is so hot and wet! This toy goes nice and deep and slips and slides right into my snatch. How bout it baby? Why don’t you call me before I cum all over the sink!

Live Phone Sex With An Addicted Abused Whore

Live Phone Sex SilviaI became a live phone sex operator because there are some nights I am so fucked up I cannot even stand up. Those are the nights I get my ass beat so bad that I cannot show my face outside my trashy apartment. So there I am, beaten and fucked up on coke, and I really need to get my pimp some cash and get my cunt worked over. That is when I get all my dirty phone calls. They want to know just how nasty I am. What will I do for them? What is the furthest I will go to make them cum. When you have me on the other end of that phone, anything goes baby! I cum just for you! I cum when you cum!

Want to know what I am into? How far how nasty? I will go as far as I am told. I am a good cock fed whore. A dumb cum guzzling slut. Just here to make my cunt wet and my nose stuffed with candy. I love stretching out my long sexy legs and imagining them wrapped around your waste as you slowly enter me. Stretching out my cum crack. Pushing in far, so far, so deep, so hard! Me begging you to please never stop. You looking down at me as you fuck me so hard and slap my tits, slap my face. Call me a whore, a useless tramp! Than spread my ass cheeks and fuck my pink rosebud! Pump it hard as I pinch and bit my own tits for you. Than when you explode all over my face shove it so far down my throat that it cums through my nose! Make me taste your dirty spunk for hours! Now that is the kind of phone chat I love!Cum Guzzing Whore Silvia

Cum Dumpster Cougar Craves Baby Batter and Man’s Milk

Cum dumpster cougarI’m a cum dumpster cougar. Most women need a latte or some crap to wake up in the morning. I need a shot of cum, not espresso, to start my day off on the right foot, well, right knee lol. My sister is in town visiting, and she is the same way. We got called cum dump sisters all the time when we were younger. I arranged a little impromptu orgy this morning for us at the trailer park. Invited big black cock, and plenty of white guys too. I’m not a size queen. I’m just a dirty whore, so as long as your dick can shoot a creamy load of jizz, I don’t care what your size is personally.

Most of the men in my community start their day off shooting their cock cream all over me anyway, so having 20 guys show up for a morning orgy was not out of the ordinary just cuz my baby sister is in town. The good cum whores we are, we unzipped pants, pulled out cocks, and put our greedy cum loving mouths to work. Guys love cum guzzing gutter sluts. Side by side we took hot thick creamy loads of jizz to the face. We swallowed buckets of cum for breakfast, even snowballed a few gallons of sticky goo with each other. Sisters share everything, especially penis pudding.

orgy phone sex cum slut sistersWe were puking up cum, pissing out jizz, even shitting out spunk from our asses, and loving every moment of it. Nothing better than a good man blast or 20 to your face first thing in the morning. My sister swallowed so much cock chowder she spit it out into a plate for us to savor later. We gonna be serving that jerk sauce over our lunch in a few hours. Our sperm donors didn’t have much time to douse our cunts in their nut butter because they have real jobs, but promised to cum back after work to convert our cunts and asses into cum dumpsters.

But we got enough splooge to get our morning started off properly. Since we are professional cum dump whores, we will be playing with some baby batter while the men are at work since my neighbor needs me to babysit her brats today. Baby gravy or man’s milk, doesn’t matter to me. I will be a sperm bank for anyone’s cum, even Fido’s. So who wants to help me spend my day trying on albino lipstick?

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Big Dick Sucker Jamie Will do Anything for Free Drugs

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I black out all the time when I drink. Is that something I should worry about? I’m just having fun so I don’t really think so. If no one is getting hurt why should it matter? If someone hands me a shot or a pill I’m going to take it. Drugs and drinks can be expensive so it would be stupid to say no when they’re free. Don’t get me wrong I’ll pay for them if I have to, but I prefer not to. Getting drugs for free gives me a huge rush anyway so it’s half the fun. Even if sucking a big 10 inch cock only gets me the smallest line of coke, it was worth it.big dick sucker
Everyone knows about it, that’s how much I do it. My reputation isn’t great, but that really depends on what you consider good. People say I party too much or that I’m a slut behind my back. They think I don’t know, but I’ve heard all the rumors. Guess what? I still don’t care. Nothing they say about me could ever make me want me to stop. To be honest I actually love my reputation. Guys that have never met me before have already heard about me and that’s make it easier to get free drugs off of them.
Twice already this month some random guys have walked up to me at a party, pulled me into a empty room, and whipped out their rock hard pricks. They heard about all the things I’m willing to do or have done so we don’t even need to talk about it first. I love that! Talking can ruin everything. Why should I waste time with that when I can get off, get drugs, and go back to partying sometimes without saying a word?

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