Big Dick Sucker Roleplay

Big dick suckerHe came over as I was coming out of the bathroom in nothing but my towel. My big, hulking, handsome black friend who was working on my fridge had let him in. Well, I already knew what he was there for, but the instant boner when he saw me coming out of the bath like that was it. We were on each other in a flash, kissing our way to the bedroom. I wound up on bottom as we swallowed each others’ dicks. My friend walked in, I guess to make sure he’d found me, and was pleasantly surprised by what he found. He walked over and ran his hand over my guest’s cheeks, then started massaging both his cheeks. He bent down and ran his tongue up and down my guest’s ass, making him swell and thrust harder and deeper into my mouth. My friend’s tongue found that tight little hole and started to lick and penetrate it, and my guest groaned as his cock throbbed in my throat. My friend put a finger, then 2, inside my guest, and my guest went about buck-wild as his prostate got a fantastic massage. Then, my friend put the thick mushroom head of his enormous cock at the entrance and started to push in. No sooner had the head penetrated than my guest was blowing his load straight down my throat. After a few more thrusts, I came up into my guest’s throat. We carried on like that for hours!

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