I heard the stairs creak and knew he was coming for me again. My body ached and vomit came from my lips letting me know what ever was going to happen would. My pussy was open and drenched ready to be exploited by this ghostly figure and his friends. I was so high out of my mind that I did not care who he was or that I owed him a lot of money for the snatch I had stolen. I knew he would make me pay for stealing his stash and I had no Idea what the punishment would be and or if I could take the consequences of my actions but no matter what they were I knew it would be hell…
Picking me up by my hair and taking me down the stairs my head ached and I needed a fix really bad. I subjected myself to knowing that I was going to be sucking and fucking cock all night to get this growing need out of my system. Sucking cock was pleasurable and I enjoyed it immensely. The taste of sea salt from cum helped to decrease the need for the crack that was in my system. I was a filthy crack whore and I knew that but it would not do to underestimate the ghost. He was the boss in this town and one of the top kingpins in the city. He was known for his gruesome antics on the street. I heard once that he split the head open of a homeless guy just because he looked at him funny. He was paranoid alright! He got the name ghost from appearing in dark alleys and slicing a Nigga and then disappearing into thin air! I had done the worse deed of them all by stealing and to make matters worse he was my blood. My father had told me it was money over everything! Family loyalty had no way in the street! I knew he would pimp me out or kill me until he thought my debt was paid! Throwing me on the mattress and slapping me across the face he pulled his pants down to reveal his bulging cock. Stepping closer towards me he said “suck you little bitch and if you bite me the bullet from this nine is going to reach your skull!” I began to swallow and as he stood moaning he said. That’s right bitch, you are going to make daddy a lot of dough.” I would succumb to my life and it was the need of “sweet caviar” that would start my life as Daddy’s Money making bottom Ho!

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