Eat it up


Cum guzzling slut


Eat it up, eat it like it’s your last meal. As I bent him over I ate his ass like it was my last meal. After I finished I grabbed my strap on and began to fuck him in the ass. I could tell he enjoyed it so I pulled out and grabbed his dick. I began to eat his big cock, swallowing his whole cock whole. Deep throating the cock as I began to cough and chock on his cock for the vibration I heard him moan. Then he quietly whispered yes eat that dick up bitch.  I kept sucking his dick making sure to get real sloppy spit everywhere, as he told me to get on the dick. I got up and hopped on his dick riding his cock. Slowly riding and slowly riding because slow and steady wins the race. Then I kept riding his cock and grinding all on the dick as he came all inside my tight pussy. Come on give me a call so I can eat you up.

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