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Lines up

Gangbang whore


5 niggas walked in they were looking good as fuck. You could tell by how they looked at what they were. They were dope dealers and all the ladies wanted one. Then there was me who wanted them all. I walked dropped out my dress as I had on this nice bra and panty set and I wanted to stand out. I go up to them and ask them would they like to share with me and if they did follow me out. They did just that. We got back to the hotel they put some lines up and we start taking the line I begin to suck their dicks one by while one is fucking from behind. They begin to take turns  fucking me and chocking me with their cocks and I keep going sucking the cock. and getting my pussy fucked and then one slide their dick and my ass. they keep going until all holes are filled.


Facial Showers

Cum Guzzling SlutI love it when guys cum all over my face especially when its a large load. I had my dealer come through because I needed to score. Of course, he brought some company but when he came to the door I made sure I answered the door naked just like he liked it. As soon as the door shut I dropped to my knees and begin to suck his dick while playing with his homeboys. Sucking so good that his friend begin to moan so I swapped and started sucking his dick while massaging his. From then I tried to put both dicks in my mouth at once and sucking hard long deep strokes making sure I gag every time because he likes it when he thinks I’m choking. I keep going and going as I am also fingering his ass. He begins to moan so I go harder and begin to finger his friend ass as well. They both begin to cum all over my face. Come on over and give me a facial.

Promise to leave you satisfied

Cum Dumpster


When dealing with me I get nasty for that white girl. You want to fuck this cunt and jizz all in this cunt I will do it. You want me to suck you and your friends cocks and till you jizz all over my face, or maybe until I swallow every drop like cum guzzling slut I am I will do just that. Would you like to me lick your asshole I’m down to do that? Open the doors to bring your girlfriend in Ill handle that and eat her cunt while you fuck this ebony cunt from behind.You need a slave to punish and answer to you, master I will abide with everything you do. You just tell me what you want and I will do just that and the best thing about it all you will never hear the word no.  Give me a call and let me treat you to a good time and I promise you won’t regret it.

Tag youre in

Gangbang whoreI went to the club and got drunk as fuck. There were about five niggas there giving me the eye. I couldn’t choose one so why not have them all. I went o the first one and started sucking his dick right there I felt it all eyes on me and you think I gave a fuck ? No not one. I grabbed one of the other guys pulled him behind me and I yanked my skirt and he started fucking the shit out of me from the behind and it was good so I tagged the next guy and ohhhhh he was even better and as I was bout to cum. Here comes the next the dude coming to fuck me crazy and boy was it good. He fucked me so good but I had to get the next dude in and as he came behind I started sucking my juices off as the next nigga finished and now tag you’re in give me a call so we can see what you will do.

Tap On

Ebony Girl Fucking ALyssa


My dealer was into some stuff that I never experienced before but it worked for us. One day he came through with my white girl. She had me in a great space and I was in my own zone feeling good. I started sucking his cock. His cock was the perfect size for me not to big not to small I could do just enough with it. I hoped upon him and started riding that dick and he loved it but he gave me a toy and just as I was about to put in my pussy he said no it’s for me. I started riding his dick backward and then I put it in his ass and he started fucking me even harder and we kept going and I kept going he grabbed my hair begging me not to stop so, of course, I didn’t. I went harder and til he busts all up inside my pussy. Ever since then, I keep a toy on me to fuck all these guys good and hard. If you want to experience this give me a call and I’ll be here waiting.

Mezmerized Delusions

Black girl phone sex Alyssa

The reason I can’t get high anymore because I woke up having a dick in my mouth, a dick in my ass, and a mouth on my pussy. I woke up moaning. The bed was so wet I knew I came at least ten times this felt so good. One of the dudes said you like this you slutty ass bitch. I choked on the dick as I’m trying to say. He said bitch you don’t speak. He kept fucking my mouth and I’m moaning because it feels so good as he’s fucking my ass and getting my pussy ate and I yell I’m about to cum. Another voice yells no bitch you can’t cum until I tell you bitch. I try to hold it in. She keeps eating my pussy and he is fucking my ass and as I’m about cum, I feel I’m about to cum and I begin to squirt. Then I hear a vibrating sound and realize its just my suction on my clit and dildo up my. Give me a call and make this delusion a reality.

Mr. Fix it

Ebony Girl Fucking

It’s so hot in this house and nobody is doing house calls at the moment because well you know Corona. I need someone to come and fix this and it’s going to cost. And I don’t know anyone who will turn down this tight, chocolate, wet pussy, and of course this fat ass. So, I call up Mr. Fix it, you see I call him Mr. Fix it because well he fixes it all. You see his big black cock can fix every itch I never knew that needed to be scratched and his tongue will have you climbing up the wall. Oh yeah, he can fix my ac too. I call him up and say hey Jamal, its Alyssa I got some kush come through she misses you. He comes and of course, I answer naked because it’s too hot for clothes. He complains about the heat and I explain my ac went out he goes right to fixing it. Once it’s complete he comes back in and I go give him a hug and I notice he already hard. So, I drop and slowly put all 9.5 inches in my mouth, arching my neck so I can deep throat. As he moans, he lifts me up and puts me on his shoulders and begins to eat my pussy as it’s his last meal. After I cum he flips me over and starts hitting me from the back and he is punishing me because he hates when I go so long without calling him. You see I’m a fiend for a lot of things his cock being one but at least this one I can control.

I’m an anal sex whore

anal sex whoreI’m a trashy stripper cunt anal sex whore that lives to party. I live up to it all loving on my glass dick like it was a real cock in need of sucking. I suck up that smoke and get the high of my life as I lay back and get my cunt drilled by BBC. I take so many big black cocks in a fucking day that I can’t even tell you the number. Fuck I am so out of my god damned trashy whore mind that the fact my pussy is gaped and swollen won’t even bother me. Well as long as the crack rock keeps burning. I love a little heroine also on the side and boy when they inject it in my cunt lips, I am able to fuck the biggest fattest nigger dicks out there without a fucking problem. But hey why would it be this cunt is loose as fuck and little white boy dicks just isn’t going to feel a fucking think in this sloppy wet cunt. But I know a few cuckolded white boys that love fucking me with all those fuck wads stuffed inside me sliming up my hole. A dirty white boy loves a cum filled cunt and I can’t really blame him.

A Yummy Black Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntGuys love it when black girls have a cum filled filled cunt. I think they like to see the contrast between their white milky seed and my black pussy. I hooked up with this guy last night for some party money. He just wanted to use me as his cum receptacle. I am cool with that. I am a nasty trick. I let guys use me for money. Whatever they give me, I put up my noise or shoot in my arm. I have been a junkie ho since I was a little girl. This old white dude last night had jungle fever and a big wallet. I let him pump is old white dick into my chocolate cunt for about ten minutes for some easy money. The fucker was a nasty freak too because he wanted to taste his own cum up my cunt. He got down on the grown and licked his thick ropes of cum out of my freshly fucked pussy. He did not just want to taste his cum. He wanted to snowball with it too. I made him toss in an extra $50 to get freaky. If money or crack are involved, I am all in. I will be the nastiest freak you ever met. I let the old fuck snowball his cum with me, took his money and then I went to get high.

Crack whore anal: she does it all

Crack whore anal

Crack whore anal is the key to the rocks. He asked and I delivered. He was sitting in the back of the bar by the bathroom. He pulled a baggy out his pocket and waved it in the air . He then motioned me to come over and I followed he then got up and went to bathroom. So I followed him there. He looked at me, shook the baggy and lifted up my skirt. He slaps my ass and smiles. ” You wanna take a hit first bitch?” I said yes and removed my pip from my pocket. He kept rubbing my fat brown ass. As I took pulls from the pipe he poked my puckered hole with his finger. ” Bend over the sink. No the toilet.” I complied and put my face towards the toilet bowl. ” Lick it you stupid nigger bitch.” He pulled another gram out his pocket. So I licked it. He grabbed my hair and shoved my face closer into the toilet. Seconds later I felt him thrust into my asshole. ” Take it you Crack whore. You’d do anything for these rocks huh?” He pulled out his cock pushed me out of the way and jerked off to finish on the toilet seat. He pulled another 3 grams out his pants and said ” Lick the cum off that seat.” I looked at him then the rocks and complied. I lick all his load off the seat.

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