All twisted up



Drunk girl fucking Alyssa
The best dick I’ve ever had has been when I was drunk. That night I mixed my Vodka, My Tequila, and my brown all night I mean when I say fucked up I was. This guy and his friend walked up to me and they said I was looking good that night. I grabbed his dick and his friends dick to see what it was like. They both were perfect, you know not too big but not small either. I didn’t even stop and think I just unzipped the pants and dropped to my knees while sucking his cock and from there I began to play with his friend’s dick. I then bent over while lifting my dress up motioning for him to start fucking me from the back. As I’m being fucked from the back every pump forces his friends his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. Just as he begins to cum I suck it all down while continuing to suck. Then Turn around and start sucking his friend’s dick and while allowing him to fuck me from behind. Just as they were about to cum we were asked to go upstairs from the party. I agreed but not until I finished them off. Now I’m up in the room with no one to join me. Care to cum?

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