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Ebony Girl Fucking ALyssa


My dealer was into some stuff that I never experienced before but it worked for us. One day he came through with my white girl. She had me in a great space and I was in my own zone feeling good. I started sucking his cock. His cock was the perfect size for me not to big not to small I could do just enough with it. I hoped upon him and started riding that dick and he loved it but he gave me a toy and just as I was about to put in my pussy he said no it’s for me. I started riding his dick backward and then I put it in his ass and he started fucking me even harder and we kept going and I kept going he grabbed my hair begging me not to stop so, of course, I didn’t. I went harder and til he busts all up inside my pussy. Ever since then, I keep a toy on me to fuck all these guys good and hard. If you want to experience this give me a call and I’ll be here waiting.

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