Mr. Fix it

Ebony Girl Fucking

It’s so hot in this house and nobody is doing house calls at the moment because well you know Corona. I need someone to come and fix this and it’s going to cost. And I don’t know anyone who will turn down this tight, chocolate, wet pussy, and of course this fat ass. So, I call up Mr. Fix it, you see I call him Mr. Fix it because well he fixes it all. You see his big black cock can fix every itch I never knew that needed to be scratched and his tongue will have you climbing up the wall. Oh yeah, he can fix my ac too. I call him up and say hey Jamal, its Alyssa I got some kush come through she misses you. He comes and of course, I answer naked because it’s too hot for clothes. He complains about the heat and I explain my ac went out he goes right to fixing it. Once it’s complete he comes back in and I go give him a hug and I notice he already hard. So, I drop and slowly put all 9.5 inches in my mouth, arching my neck so I can deep throat. As he moans, he lifts me up and puts me on his shoulders and begins to eat my pussy as it’s his last meal. After I cum he flips me over and starts hitting me from the back and he is punishing me because he hates when I go so long without calling him. You see I’m a fiend for a lot of things his cock being one but at least this one I can control.

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